Friday, February 29, 2008

the puppini sisters

are LOVELY!!!

u know i love almost all things vintage... fashion, crap, movies, print, cars, etc..
now i have the music :) they make everything sound so dated, in a good way. u watch AmericanIdol and stuff where people are trying to take old classics and updating them, making them current... but what The Puppini Sisters are doing is back-dating them, giving them the vintage treatment. heart <3
i think i fancy 'i will survive' and 'crazy in love' more than the originals :)

all their posters and album covers are so 1940s and pin-up-esque without being completely over the top and trashy. they are really imbibing all that is '40s!!! check out their official website. it's so cute. lol. it's the modern Andrews Sisters.

Stephanie O’Brien, Marcella Puppini and Kate Mullins
(they're not sisters!)
adoring the red-lipstick, luscious hair world.

"Remember! Always make sure your hairnet matches your apron and your oven gloves and beware of sticking your face in the line of heat from the oven door. Mascara'd lashes have a nasty tendency of welding together in extreme heat." -Kate.

" must accept that we do not blush bronze on meeting a handsome young man- no, no, no! the pinkiest rosiest hue of blush is perfect to create that 'I've just fallen in love" look. May we recommend you buy a powder blush in such a hue and of course, one very large blusher brush to apply it, reapply, and apply some more- far too much is NEVER enough!" - Stephanie.

"The secret to al dente pasta may well just be the italian touch. Have you tried singing 'That's Amore' whilst cooking, to give yourself the italian edge and thus trick the pasta into thinking it's being handled by its rightful master?..." - Marcella.

haha... we should all sing 'That's Amore' the next time we cook pasta!!!

and what could possibly be more '40s retro than Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy?
though it might seem a bit familiar. note xtina's 'Candyman'. lolx
anyhow, watch!

-ruby woo is not a person, it's lipstick-

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