Monday, March 31, 2008


a mommakitty decided to bring it's babies for a visit ( hopefully a short one, cos they're shitting everywhere)

rambling about the junk in the front porch,
5 in total:
2 black
1 ginger
1 calico
1 tabby

felt like keeping one of the black ones to replace the LovelyMissingMarmite... but no cat can replace her!!! she's so awesome with her swishy tail and slinky walks. Marmite, where'd u go?!?!
still remember how we ended up keeping her. as a silly kitten, she had the nerve to come into ppl's house and sleep in ppl's cat-basket with ppl's other kittens! imagine that. i miss sleeping with Marmite ler.

of all the current kitties, i think the tabby is the prettiest.

omg... SO CUTE right?
but not as cute as harry n charlie.
i love how huge and blue it's eyes are!!!
but mom says all kittens eyes are blue geh.
the better to fool you into bringing them in i suppose.
can see Ginger in the b/g watching me play with them... lol.

the calico looks hilariously silly with it's half-black-mask-face.

MommaCat wasn't around but according to bro, she's the friendly meow-back-at-you-when-u-meow-at-her tabby...
her babies are almost just as friendly, in a sense that they don't recoil and hiss at you when u come near and they're pretty ok with u handling 'em.
and a big plus is they don't meow the house down for MommaCat like most kitties do.

thought i'd photograph Ginger with his MiniMe but evidently he's not too fond of kittens in general. he's perfectly aware that there are 5 kitties in the porch but he prefers to pretend they don't exist and minds his own business. his lack of paternal instincts is glaring.

"fine lor... i go play somewhere else"
"ya... go, go play far far"

black meowzers. cuteneh.
looks so blurr and blind-ish.
the gingerkitty is the friendliest tho, it'll come out and play with me instead of hiding away like the others.

while i was playing with the kittenses, i spotted this thing crawling/whatever-snails-do around.

teensy snailey.

honestly, it's quite entertaining to watch it crawl around my hand lor. i know you're thinking now 'this xinli really has nothing better to do'... haha... i have a fascination with little creatures. next day show u pics from my caterpillar phase.

it's sooo tiny you almost can't feel it on your hand. once, i was distracted by something else and hand to flip my hand over to look where it had crawled to. pretty fast for a slow moving molusc this size!

was having fun watching it move when it suddenly stopped and stayed on the back of my hand for quite a while. after squinting at it, i found that...

it was taking a dump on my hand!!!
must say, this is the 1st time i've seen a snail shit.
after i realised what it was doing and grabbed my cam it was done already.
it actually comes out in a little squiggle, kinda like fish dung, from the front of the shell where the head comes out...
i guess snails don't have anuses.

then it wandered off in a stately fashion, leaving it's feces behind....
as if it had every right to shit on my hand.

promptly turned back towards it's pile of dung after a few centimetres though, and hid back inside it's shell right next to it.
probably incredibly ashamed/sorry for doing what it did... hah!

but then it didn't come back out of it's shell after a whole 30 secs... so i got bored and flicked it back out into the garden.

-the end-

Friday, March 28, 2008

harry and charlie

compilation of crap cos i haven't blogged in a bit.
will give you warning that i can't be bothered to string things together comprehensibly so everything will be abrupt. bleks.

first off, pics from sunday... can't tell whether i'm happy about the day or not cos we didn't really work a whole lot considering a lot of time was spent in the car between destinations, but then made us OT, the crapheads. supposedly will pay OT, though probably wont be alot ler.

the bunch of us
hueywen, yokepoh, laiyee, ellie, xinli
minus ky cos her mom came and we didn't really want to make her mom wait while we took pics. plus her mom had that 'i'm so gonna kill u' face. lol.

laiyee n i
we go way back; TRJ times.

hueywen, laiyee, yokepoh, me
kita punye tennis skirts and shirts with threes.
i dunno why they put threes on the shirts, intended to ask but never got around to it.

i think flash mobs are very interesting... they should do one like the grand central freeze in malaysia but i bet it'll break some public gathering rule. i watched a whole lot of flash mob vids after this 1 and my conclusion is, there's a lot of mad people around. one my favourites is the 100person japanese flash mob who goes around chasing random people and freaking them out. also think the fountain-worshipping is pretty original... though it would have been a lot better if they spontaneously knew the exact time to worship instead of the whistle. the bang one seems to be pretty popular, very matrix-ey... i also wanna be part of a flashmob leh... a freezing one! lolx... the closest thing to it i've done is dropping dead with a bunch of others in the middle of the hutan rekreasi during a RCS camp, but that wasn't spontaneous and well... it wasn't a flash mob. lol.

i love swallows la. wanna have loads of swallowy things... oh and skeleton keys are also pretty.

currently reading the fabulously boring...

i say so because i have been reading it lately and have started doing so (on n off) for over a year now. amazing rite?! its boring enough for me to manage to not finish it and put it down for a few months, but interesting enough to keep me going back. IMHO, it is a very delicate balance that is really hard to manage :P

see the tiny words, and even tinier footnote font. this book has footnotes that fill almost the whole damn page, ok? can you even still call them footnotes? they're like little stories within stories within stories within stories... about fairies and fantastical kingdoms and books of magical history and such. sometimes i dunno why the author bothers telling me what 'magical book' that little excerpt was from. it's not like i'm gonna remember it 2 pages later.

they don't just fill almost one whole page, they go on for a few pages in that teensy font size. lol. currently on page 581 of the 1006 and it's getting more interesting... cos i personally hate mr norrell and they're starting to talk less about him.

still haven't got around to taking pics for my header despite having nothing to do really.

have been appointed AutomatedEssayChecker by my friends recently... now i know all their life-changing events. some i never knew... touching lehh. generally people don't really tell you these stuff for no reason.

can now solve rubiks cube in an average of 5mins. personal record- 3min 45 secs. woot. and that's with a wonky cheaplak cube that gets stuck on certain turns.

bought 3 tops, 1 pair of shoes, 1 bag and 1 pair of pants for a grand total of 100bux today. i'm so cheapskate. bwahaha.

been binging on sweet dried coconut(both brown-chunky and white-slivers) addictive! but now have a sorethroat edi cos i think the coconut absorbed all my water and made me dehydrated or some shit like that. personally think brown-chunky is nicer but the white-slivers are aesthetically pleasing... lol

british and insanely cute.
no, not prince harry and prince charles! tsk.

presenting the video that made 'em famous... -charlie bit me-

"charlay bit me~ and that really hurt!!"
harry is amazingly sweet for not loosing his temper.
...and charlie's laugh is so sadistically cute neh...

there's a million remakes but i think the best spoof of it is this one... ( 'harry' is pretty fit :P)

they(H&C) are sooooooo cute, i've watched their vids like a hundred times already... haha.
love it when harry goes " daddy, watch me... watch meee instead of charlay!" when he's dancing to mika. i think brit accents make everything sound positively cuter.

tim walker is a fantastic photographer!

more of his work here...
do u have any idea how many google-able tim walkers there are?
a lot.

-so whimsical-

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

my birthday list

did a lot of things today... went back to school to get stuff certified, went for this job interview, bought some cloth and cut my hair. okla... not a lot but all very time-consuming :)

the principal was super busy doing stuff and it all took a while... i hate all this paperwork things lah!!! this is the 4th time i've been to school (bm/spi) to collect certs and get things certified and i just discovered/remembered i need to get certified translations and a testimonial too for scholarships and shit. omg... how many times you want me to go there?! so i'll need to make another 2 trips; one to tell the teacher i need a testi and another to collect it from her when she's done. i'm telling you, 2 days later i'll realise i forgot something and have to go back to get it done. makes me wanna steal that blardy stamp and learn how to forge the principal's signature.

if you're wondering what the job interview was for, it's for some stupid one day roadshow. ya... i know, why need to interview for something you're only gonna do for one day? i didn't know it would be so troublesome ma... need to go for training some more. ish. spells m-a-h-f-a-n. i was told the uniform would be a football jersey and jeans... but now it's tennis wear. ie. white tanktop + tennis skirt. hope it's chun! lucky i just had my period...lolx.

found seemingly authentic CK monogrammed cloth...the uncle said they got it off a warehouse clearance, dunno how true that is but i bought it anyway cos it's damngoodquality + pretty + cheap. also bought pajama cloth to make my bro's pj bottoms cos he's sooooo darn fat his arse can't all fit into his current ones. he's a whopping 53kg lor.... a whole 10kg heavier than me... i think he's even heavier than my mom!

cut my hair at some local hairdressers cos i behtahan the fringe already. actually contemplated going to cut at raymondchoon's cos they did a pretty good job of ams n jesses but figured i might as well cut here since i don't exactly have time to go kl anytime soon... the oddly familiar guy who did my hair cut the fringe a teensy bit too short and i've still yet to wash it so i don't know how it'll look like unprofessionally blown. hmph... am attempting to grow out my hair now cos it appears as if everyone is getting short dos.

haha... ok i gave some thought and will shamelessly tell you what i want for my birthday.
bwahahaha. just for fun la. i got nothing better to do anyway.

can see the glint in my eye onot?

(off the top of my head and in no particular order of preference)

  1. rough/smooth green snake or great plains skink. you know i always wanted a reptilian pet. lol.the snake must be very nice and green; the skink must be pretty and smooth.
  2. nice nail polish :) pink/nude/red/black/whatever.
  3. new handphone... haha...can goad mama into getting one.
  4. clothes.
  5. sewing machine. so i have nifty stitches.
  6. yummy perfume.
  7. jewellery/accessories, preferably brass. i know i'm cheap :P
  8. shoes. heels. pumps. flats.sneakers.
  9. bags.
  10. a glass to drink milk from. lolx.
  11. chocolates.
  12. a good book. fiction pls!
  13. macbook air~ so darn pretty...
  14. HAPPINESS!!!!! all year round, for a lifetime if possible.
  15. maxxie. lmao.
  16. to have any super power i want.
  17. to grow more hair (on my head la ngong) so i will have lebat lebat head.
  18. be able to laze all day, everyday.
  19. a mini. i know i don't drive... i still want one.
  20. not to be stuck here in malaysia forever and ever.
  21. etc...
i'm obviously carrying on to things nobody can give me already so i'll stop.


Monday, March 17, 2008

silvery silver

...are my nails!

nice hor...
my left hand is so pretty... sigh... but my right hand looks like crap.
it's got weird shaped, uneven nails and cuticles. cacat!

splurged and got 3 bottles of nail-polish at once from skin food- basecoat, topcoat and polish.
since i will not be condemned to naked fingernails no more, i will stock up! need to buy a pinky nude one but can't find one i like enough. there was a sparkley gold too~! very tempted. but it kinda makes my skin look yellow... or it might be the lighting. hmmm... will go try again next time. quite like the idea of having gold nails.

then i bought cheap cheap sweatpants also... they were so cheap i had to get 2. plus they had it in babypink and mellowyellow leh~

happy die me.
if they had it in mintgreen also then it would be perfect!
note colours of my blog skin.

bought cheap cheap long sleeved baju and almost bought cheap cheap white balet flats also. so disappointed when they didn't have my size. blek.
also... saw the cutest cookie monster shirt!!!! omg. barely suppressed a squeal when i saw it. got lots of cookies all over the shirt and it was made of those thin, thin, thin t-shirt material. LOVE.
but found it a tad too loose for its style. SAD. actually contemplated buying it anyway and wearing it loose because it was too adorable but decided i'd sleep on it. aiming did u buy it for me aeons ago?? tell me you did. lol.

today my hands were extra sweaty for some unknown reason...

menyampah wei~
if i don't wipe them on anything and just let them sweat for a min, my hand turns into this tap.
i know it's not at all normal sweat cos i once licked it and it's tasteless
and everyone knows normal sweat is salty.
palmar hyperhydrosis is killer!

am thinking up a new blog skin now... because i'm sick of thinking about uni. need to go back to bm tomorrow to get n certify certs! have decided on a theme already. all i need to do now is take a crapload of pics and photoshop like crazy my new header.

here's a little preview.

gingerpuss very the busybody.

eh my bday is coming in 2 weeks time!!!!
faster save money to buy me presents!!!
will think up a list of what i want soon ler.

klar. now i wanna go roast marshmallows over the kitchen gas stove.
yes... at 2am.
thanks to ky, i can have roasted marshies for supper.


Sunday, March 16, 2008

ok goal achieved.

i know this is so blown over already giving the fact that it's already sunday and i got my results on tuesday. almost everyone who reads probably already knows what i got for my STPM, but for blogs sake... i will tell you again.

I GOT A CGPA of 4.00!
[jumps and clicks heels]
all As!
[dances around the room]
...even chem!
[calls everyone i know to tell them the wonderful wonderful news]

and that's how i should have reacted. in ecstasy. but for some odd reason, i'm not as psyched as i thought i would be. no where close. man, i was happier when i imagined it... not that i expected to get it at all, i think i had more confidence in getting 11A1s for SPM(which i did not). just regular day-dreaming. why am i not happy to death?? i wish i was. i should be. sigh. this situation is so sad la. i mean, i'm happy i got it lar... not that i don't appreciate it. i just wish i was happier. people seem to be happier for me than i am for myself. how can like that? then when people congratulate me i have to pretend i'm super duper ecstatic about it also cos then otherwise they'd think i wholly expected it anyway and thought it was no big deal. emotionally stunted la i.
i think it's cos it was way too long since the whole fiasco. wasn't especially nervous or anxious when i found out the results were coming out. and i actually heard about it from friends before i got there. when i did get there, the teachers started telling me before i tore open that results paper. no suspense, no tension build up. so mana ada surprise adrenaline rush?

din even celebrate lor. cos i was working this week... go teach kids at this buddhist day care place. where they are all very buddhist... i say that because
  1. the kids greet elders with 'amitabha' in unison a la classroom 'good morning's.
  2. they pray before they eat.
  3. the kids have a meditation session where everybody sits in lotus position in front of the praying altar with those prayer music going on in the background. ( it's bloody amazing cos they actually manage to get hyper kids to sit down and not talk/move for 10 mins.)
  4. they sing and dance to buddhist songs praising buddha and other spiritually enlightening stuff.
  5. they eat vegetarian.
  6. there's a picture of buddha framed upon a wall that's taller than me.
  7. they colour in pictures of buddha and the whole siddharta journey.
it's almost like the buddhist version of sunday school, ya know?
very impressive. teaching is frustrating... shall never become a full-time teacher. might possibly die a few years earlier if i do.

anyhow, i've decided on pharmacy edi la. throw away vetsc. animals too unpredictable, xinli too fragile and passive. mom asked if i'm still applying for it at all, and i said no. cos what if i really do get it? then i'll be facing the whole dilemma all over again. blah. so now i've decided what course i wanna do, i need to think about where i wanna go... dielah.

don't think i wanna stay in a malaysian public uni for the whole 4 years leh. really don't. but if you had asked me what i wanted to do in form5, i would have told you i would rather do anything than form6. and look where i ended up? lol.

oklah... can scratch one more thing off my 'to do' list d.
next, build a time machine. easy.

ps. flies are dropping dead all over the house cos the foggers just fogged the area and they all decided to come and die here. freakin irritating.


Sunday, March 9, 2008

form 6

results are coming out in a few days time... tuesday eh... which is not a thursday and comes before wednesday which is when the spm results are coming out. so weird... normally they do it after spm.

so...from tuesday onwards i can stop pretending i have nothing to do and get busy filling those blardy forms and photocopying documents and really thinking about what i'm going to do for the next 4/5 years.
i'm so ecstatic about it all

dunnoleh... in my head i already kinda sorta decided i wanna go do vet med if i manage to get it... then my mom is pretty discouraging because of my hands (which decide to itch, grow rashes and peel when they touch things they don't like) which would not really suit a vet's job.
she's all : " go do pharmacy la... u so damn lazy and lethargic u can go sit in a pharmacy behind the counter and do nothing when u grad." aiseh man...
then my sis is all " go do accounting la. good money...everywhere need accountants. or do design!
i tot i will have this funky sis who can design my wedding gown... then hor, she got her own boutique...n i can go take whatever i want next time. so fun" what?!

i'm so jealous of all those people who know exactly what they wanna do and where they wanna be in x years time. you know, like people who've dreamed of becoming pilot/doc/teacher when they were really young and still really really want to do that now... at least they have a goal... something to aim for. it's a big letdown if they realise they can't do it but there's the whole vision.

" so what you wanna do? "
so sad.

haish... but i really miss form 6 la. so weird i know... i think it's partly the i-dun-wan-time-to-move thingey. geez xinli.
come la i blast you with pictures...

yc me plh
which was before yc got a scholarship and dumped form 6 for her engineering course.

i'm no2 !!
100m sprint.
eh i'm pretty good at sprinting ok? i got bronze for 200m sprints and silver for relays leh.
i remember someone said i did well because the wind was blowing behind me and if it were blowing in the opposite direction i would have lost.
totally baseless... because the track was round, silly.
and even though i only ran 200m at most, i ran round a bend!

peihua me yokepoh
coolie with 2 "mascots"
i dunno why they insisted on getting 2 pretty ladies to dress up in traditional garb and calling them mascots lo. in my head, all mascots are big and spongey or furry and probably very ugly inside.
but i remember the grey house (i know lo... why do they have grey house? normally people use bright colours right... but they have alot of houses named after paulian ppl which i cannot remember because they have classy, uncatchy names and i'm not a true paulian.) had a robot!!!
the robot was really cute and cardboardy :)

my class
upper six five.
all the teachers like to make jokes about how we're the crappiest because 'duh we're numbered 5 from a total of 5 classes. but we all know we're not the crappiest really. just not the best ;)
as to how they managed to put me here... i also dunno.
a bit disappointed at 1st cos plh, zin, zy n ky got put in one class while i had to go to another.
a whole new round of ixora syndrome again...
but i like my class, like i did ixora too. somehow i always get stuck in the class with the most love for each other :)

left side of the class, where i don't sit

right side of the class, where i sit.

somehow time passes relatively quickly in form6 if compared to what i remember from sec school. which doesn't quite make sense since we only really study 4 subjects almost everyday.

my cheaplak plastic desk which i vandalised.
my ulcer damned cute right?
i had to put that arrow there in case people wouldn't realise it was an ulcer but a mere blob with a smiley face.
plus i'm not dark and 'black star' is not a metal band i join.
ruth's table has a red dot and black square with 'red dot' and 'black square' written under them, so...u get it.
the skull is cute though, right?

frizzhead ky busybodying in our class :)
she's quite the popular in stpaul.
and if you'll notice, this is a different class from the one earlier.
we float like casper.

minwai-manager n yeewen-eskimo
dunno doing what, i forgot.
ky in the back yakking with jiayie. hehe.
actcute-eulei being thoughtful behind yeewen.

crying because i bullied him.

keenhong, yokepoh and unknown arm.
mengada d poserpoyo... when i wanna take pic of her she hide.

minwai me
i like this pic cos my head looks so small in it. haha.
i love taking pics with people who have bigger heads than me!
(boo am ell plh ruth...etc)

super-humble-hardworking-fella-in-denial yonlek and retainerless ruthie
i love them, they're both balls of joy n very effective boredom-busters.

camwhore keenhong and troubled-by-math yonlek
i had to sift through pics to find ones without keenhoong in it so as not to appear like i'm forever taking pics of him u know... that's how much of a camhoarder he is. like the u65 version of plh. haha!

ballpoint tats i drew for fun
me so fair! :P
xinli ruth yokepoh

my numerous notepad thingeys from recycled exercise papers n stuff.
notice how they're all puffy and wavy? i almost always manage to drench my things in water :)
are you tiring of the sien-ness that form6 brings?
i got more proof of boredom!
lemme show you my favourite doodles!!

parameciums. lol
this was about some survival law concerning niches... forgot d.

answers... dunno why i like this 1

typical things with stereotyped colours
barney haha.

stuff that are blue...
i know yonlek's not blue... she went and wrote her name there and framed it for no apparent reason while i was halfway done.
spoil oni nia.

stuff that are red!

just for fun...forgot what period this was from.

random things in red :)
started out during bio... as you can tell by the fucus and spyrogyra.
got pacman ghost! lol

left-handed narcissism.

bio again, red again

and another!
see this is what i did during class...
cos i sat pretty far back and while other people furiously copied notes from the projection, i pretended to copy notes oso lor. otherwise teacher will think you're not paying attention ler. she already doesn't really like me to begin with :)

so true.

cute hor...hehe
i love alice in wonderland.
invasion from pencil users there; vk n yc.

cute girlie on top of math crap!

38 ju's work

another example of pretend note-writing.
some of it is useful...

small print says 'in plant cells'.
so dontcha go try anything.

see... i'm osteocyte, which is a grown up osteoblast and i live in the HaversianSystem. my house is called a lacuna and my mode of transport is by canaliculi... then my holiday villa,VillaTrebacula is located in SpongyBone.
some cute story yonlek made up.
she's a chondriocyte btw.
we have nothing better to do.
props to her cos she manages to copy everything off the projector (not a lot of people can do that) and crap with me at the same time. fantastic multitasker.

cute ice-cream eating, umbrella holding blob standing in chocolate rain.

i have no idea what that is now...
i think it's an outline of my index finger...hmm...

chem notes
i have so many things in red because i figured i would never finish my red pen since i can every only use it for marking tiny ticks. but in the end i exhausted the red pen oso due to excessive doodling.

the back of my notebook.

that's all folks!
update you on my results if they are satisfactory lah.

ps. all the talk about elections is so sickening lor. that day the boys had a group chat that went on for about 2 hours talking bout politics and updating on the election results. sien die me.