Saturday, March 1, 2008

feb don't go...

no, don't.... NOOoOOoOOoOOoOOoOO!!!

what is happening... MARCH ALREADY?!?!?!

rewind can ah?


btw... damask things are so beautiful. damask walls, damask cuffs, damask cushions, damask bags, damask napkins, damask curtains, damask cards, damask cups, damask anything.

and i just found this amazingly pretty damask print...
now there's damask with animals! pretty right?!

there's dragonflies and squirrels and robins and butterflies and sparrows and flowers and rabbits and pigs and labybirds and toadstools and bees and deers and...and... skulls!!
what the skulls are doing there, i do not know... but they make it so much more awesome :)
it's so cool how they manage to incorporate it into the print and still manage to make it look fully damask-esque.

got bunny damask oso leh!!!


-if i could save time in a bottle-

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