Sunday, March 9, 2008

form 6

results are coming out in a few days time... tuesday eh... which is not a thursday and comes before wednesday which is when the spm results are coming out. so weird... normally they do it after spm.

so...from tuesday onwards i can stop pretending i have nothing to do and get busy filling those blardy forms and photocopying documents and really thinking about what i'm going to do for the next 4/5 years.
i'm so ecstatic about it all

dunnoleh... in my head i already kinda sorta decided i wanna go do vet med if i manage to get it... then my mom is pretty discouraging because of my hands (which decide to itch, grow rashes and peel when they touch things they don't like) which would not really suit a vet's job.
she's all : " go do pharmacy la... u so damn lazy and lethargic u can go sit in a pharmacy behind the counter and do nothing when u grad." aiseh man...
then my sis is all " go do accounting la. good money...everywhere need accountants. or do design!
i tot i will have this funky sis who can design my wedding gown... then hor, she got her own boutique...n i can go take whatever i want next time. so fun" what?!

i'm so jealous of all those people who know exactly what they wanna do and where they wanna be in x years time. you know, like people who've dreamed of becoming pilot/doc/teacher when they were really young and still really really want to do that now... at least they have a goal... something to aim for. it's a big letdown if they realise they can't do it but there's the whole vision.

" so what you wanna do? "
so sad.

haish... but i really miss form 6 la. so weird i know... i think it's partly the i-dun-wan-time-to-move thingey. geez xinli.
come la i blast you with pictures...

yc me plh
which was before yc got a scholarship and dumped form 6 for her engineering course.

i'm no2 !!
100m sprint.
eh i'm pretty good at sprinting ok? i got bronze for 200m sprints and silver for relays leh.
i remember someone said i did well because the wind was blowing behind me and if it were blowing in the opposite direction i would have lost.
totally baseless... because the track was round, silly.
and even though i only ran 200m at most, i ran round a bend!

peihua me yokepoh
coolie with 2 "mascots"
i dunno why they insisted on getting 2 pretty ladies to dress up in traditional garb and calling them mascots lo. in my head, all mascots are big and spongey or furry and probably very ugly inside.
but i remember the grey house (i know lo... why do they have grey house? normally people use bright colours right... but they have alot of houses named after paulian ppl which i cannot remember because they have classy, uncatchy names and i'm not a true paulian.) had a robot!!!
the robot was really cute and cardboardy :)

my class
upper six five.
all the teachers like to make jokes about how we're the crappiest because 'duh we're numbered 5 from a total of 5 classes. but we all know we're not the crappiest really. just not the best ;)
as to how they managed to put me here... i also dunno.
a bit disappointed at 1st cos plh, zin, zy n ky got put in one class while i had to go to another.
a whole new round of ixora syndrome again...
but i like my class, like i did ixora too. somehow i always get stuck in the class with the most love for each other :)

left side of the class, where i don't sit

right side of the class, where i sit.

somehow time passes relatively quickly in form6 if compared to what i remember from sec school. which doesn't quite make sense since we only really study 4 subjects almost everyday.

my cheaplak plastic desk which i vandalised.
my ulcer damned cute right?
i had to put that arrow there in case people wouldn't realise it was an ulcer but a mere blob with a smiley face.
plus i'm not dark and 'black star' is not a metal band i join.
ruth's table has a red dot and black square with 'red dot' and 'black square' written under them, so...u get it.
the skull is cute though, right?

frizzhead ky busybodying in our class :)
she's quite the popular in stpaul.
and if you'll notice, this is a different class from the one earlier.
we float like casper.

minwai-manager n yeewen-eskimo
dunno doing what, i forgot.
ky in the back yakking with jiayie. hehe.
actcute-eulei being thoughtful behind yeewen.

crying because i bullied him.

keenhong, yokepoh and unknown arm.
mengada d poserpoyo... when i wanna take pic of her she hide.

minwai me
i like this pic cos my head looks so small in it. haha.
i love taking pics with people who have bigger heads than me!
(boo am ell plh ruth...etc)

super-humble-hardworking-fella-in-denial yonlek and retainerless ruthie
i love them, they're both balls of joy n very effective boredom-busters.

camwhore keenhong and troubled-by-math yonlek
i had to sift through pics to find ones without keenhoong in it so as not to appear like i'm forever taking pics of him u know... that's how much of a camhoarder he is. like the u65 version of plh. haha!

ballpoint tats i drew for fun
me so fair! :P
xinli ruth yokepoh

my numerous notepad thingeys from recycled exercise papers n stuff.
notice how they're all puffy and wavy? i almost always manage to drench my things in water :)
are you tiring of the sien-ness that form6 brings?
i got more proof of boredom!
lemme show you my favourite doodles!!

parameciums. lol
this was about some survival law concerning niches... forgot d.

answers... dunno why i like this 1

typical things with stereotyped colours
barney haha.

stuff that are blue...
i know yonlek's not blue... she went and wrote her name there and framed it for no apparent reason while i was halfway done.
spoil oni nia.

stuff that are red!

just for fun...forgot what period this was from.

random things in red :)
started out during bio... as you can tell by the fucus and spyrogyra.
got pacman ghost! lol

left-handed narcissism.

bio again, red again

and another!
see this is what i did during class...
cos i sat pretty far back and while other people furiously copied notes from the projection, i pretended to copy notes oso lor. otherwise teacher will think you're not paying attention ler. she already doesn't really like me to begin with :)

so true.

cute hor...hehe
i love alice in wonderland.
invasion from pencil users there; vk n yc.

cute girlie on top of math crap!

38 ju's work

another example of pretend note-writing.
some of it is useful...

small print says 'in plant cells'.
so dontcha go try anything.

see... i'm osteocyte, which is a grown up osteoblast and i live in the HaversianSystem. my house is called a lacuna and my mode of transport is by canaliculi... then my holiday villa,VillaTrebacula is located in SpongyBone.
some cute story yonlek made up.
she's a chondriocyte btw.
we have nothing better to do.
props to her cos she manages to copy everything off the projector (not a lot of people can do that) and crap with me at the same time. fantastic multitasker.

cute ice-cream eating, umbrella holding blob standing in chocolate rain.

i have no idea what that is now...
i think it's an outline of my index finger...hmm...

chem notes
i have so many things in red because i figured i would never finish my red pen since i can every only use it for marking tiny ticks. but in the end i exhausted the red pen oso due to excessive doodling.

the back of my notebook.

that's all folks!
update you on my results if they are satisfactory lah.

ps. all the talk about elections is so sickening lor. that day the boys had a group chat that went on for about 2 hours talking bout politics and updating on the election results. sien die me.


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