Friday, March 28, 2008

harry and charlie

compilation of crap cos i haven't blogged in a bit.
will give you warning that i can't be bothered to string things together comprehensibly so everything will be abrupt. bleks.

first off, pics from sunday... can't tell whether i'm happy about the day or not cos we didn't really work a whole lot considering a lot of time was spent in the car between destinations, but then made us OT, the crapheads. supposedly will pay OT, though probably wont be alot ler.

the bunch of us
hueywen, yokepoh, laiyee, ellie, xinli
minus ky cos her mom came and we didn't really want to make her mom wait while we took pics. plus her mom had that 'i'm so gonna kill u' face. lol.

laiyee n i
we go way back; TRJ times.

hueywen, laiyee, yokepoh, me
kita punye tennis skirts and shirts with threes.
i dunno why they put threes on the shirts, intended to ask but never got around to it.

i think flash mobs are very interesting... they should do one like the grand central freeze in malaysia but i bet it'll break some public gathering rule. i watched a whole lot of flash mob vids after this 1 and my conclusion is, there's a lot of mad people around. one my favourites is the 100person japanese flash mob who goes around chasing random people and freaking them out. also think the fountain-worshipping is pretty original... though it would have been a lot better if they spontaneously knew the exact time to worship instead of the whistle. the bang one seems to be pretty popular, very matrix-ey... i also wanna be part of a flashmob leh... a freezing one! lolx... the closest thing to it i've done is dropping dead with a bunch of others in the middle of the hutan rekreasi during a RCS camp, but that wasn't spontaneous and well... it wasn't a flash mob. lol.

i love swallows la. wanna have loads of swallowy things... oh and skeleton keys are also pretty.

currently reading the fabulously boring...

i say so because i have been reading it lately and have started doing so (on n off) for over a year now. amazing rite?! its boring enough for me to manage to not finish it and put it down for a few months, but interesting enough to keep me going back. IMHO, it is a very delicate balance that is really hard to manage :P

see the tiny words, and even tinier footnote font. this book has footnotes that fill almost the whole damn page, ok? can you even still call them footnotes? they're like little stories within stories within stories within stories... about fairies and fantastical kingdoms and books of magical history and such. sometimes i dunno why the author bothers telling me what 'magical book' that little excerpt was from. it's not like i'm gonna remember it 2 pages later.

they don't just fill almost one whole page, they go on for a few pages in that teensy font size. lol. currently on page 581 of the 1006 and it's getting more interesting... cos i personally hate mr norrell and they're starting to talk less about him.

still haven't got around to taking pics for my header despite having nothing to do really.

have been appointed AutomatedEssayChecker by my friends recently... now i know all their life-changing events. some i never knew... touching lehh. generally people don't really tell you these stuff for no reason.

can now solve rubiks cube in an average of 5mins. personal record- 3min 45 secs. woot. and that's with a wonky cheaplak cube that gets stuck on certain turns.

bought 3 tops, 1 pair of shoes, 1 bag and 1 pair of pants for a grand total of 100bux today. i'm so cheapskate. bwahaha.

been binging on sweet dried coconut(both brown-chunky and white-slivers) addictive! but now have a sorethroat edi cos i think the coconut absorbed all my water and made me dehydrated or some shit like that. personally think brown-chunky is nicer but the white-slivers are aesthetically pleasing... lol

british and insanely cute.
no, not prince harry and prince charles! tsk.

presenting the video that made 'em famous... -charlie bit me-

"charlay bit me~ and that really hurt!!"
harry is amazingly sweet for not loosing his temper.
...and charlie's laugh is so sadistically cute neh...

there's a million remakes but i think the best spoof of it is this one... ( 'harry' is pretty fit :P)

they(H&C) are sooooooo cute, i've watched their vids like a hundred times already... haha.
love it when harry goes " daddy, watch me... watch meee instead of charlay!" when he's dancing to mika. i think brit accents make everything sound positively cuter.

tim walker is a fantastic photographer!

more of his work here...
do u have any idea how many google-able tim walkers there are?
a lot.

-so whimsical-

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