Monday, March 31, 2008


a mommakitty decided to bring it's babies for a visit ( hopefully a short one, cos they're shitting everywhere)

rambling about the junk in the front porch,
5 in total:
2 black
1 ginger
1 calico
1 tabby

felt like keeping one of the black ones to replace the LovelyMissingMarmite... but no cat can replace her!!! she's so awesome with her swishy tail and slinky walks. Marmite, where'd u go?!?!
still remember how we ended up keeping her. as a silly kitten, she had the nerve to come into ppl's house and sleep in ppl's cat-basket with ppl's other kittens! imagine that. i miss sleeping with Marmite ler.

of all the current kitties, i think the tabby is the prettiest.

omg... SO CUTE right?
but not as cute as harry n charlie.
i love how huge and blue it's eyes are!!!
but mom says all kittens eyes are blue geh.
the better to fool you into bringing them in i suppose.
can see Ginger in the b/g watching me play with them... lol.

the calico looks hilariously silly with it's half-black-mask-face.

MommaCat wasn't around but according to bro, she's the friendly meow-back-at-you-when-u-meow-at-her tabby...
her babies are almost just as friendly, in a sense that they don't recoil and hiss at you when u come near and they're pretty ok with u handling 'em.
and a big plus is they don't meow the house down for MommaCat like most kitties do.

thought i'd photograph Ginger with his MiniMe but evidently he's not too fond of kittens in general. he's perfectly aware that there are 5 kitties in the porch but he prefers to pretend they don't exist and minds his own business. his lack of paternal instincts is glaring.

"fine lor... i go play somewhere else"
"ya... go, go play far far"

black meowzers. cuteneh.
looks so blurr and blind-ish.
the gingerkitty is the friendliest tho, it'll come out and play with me instead of hiding away like the others.

while i was playing with the kittenses, i spotted this thing crawling/whatever-snails-do around.

teensy snailey.

honestly, it's quite entertaining to watch it crawl around my hand lor. i know you're thinking now 'this xinli really has nothing better to do'... haha... i have a fascination with little creatures. next day show u pics from my caterpillar phase.

it's sooo tiny you almost can't feel it on your hand. once, i was distracted by something else and hand to flip my hand over to look where it had crawled to. pretty fast for a slow moving molusc this size!

was having fun watching it move when it suddenly stopped and stayed on the back of my hand for quite a while. after squinting at it, i found that...

it was taking a dump on my hand!!!
must say, this is the 1st time i've seen a snail shit.
after i realised what it was doing and grabbed my cam it was done already.
it actually comes out in a little squiggle, kinda like fish dung, from the front of the shell where the head comes out...
i guess snails don't have anuses.

then it wandered off in a stately fashion, leaving it's feces behind....
as if it had every right to shit on my hand.

promptly turned back towards it's pile of dung after a few centimetres though, and hid back inside it's shell right next to it.
probably incredibly ashamed/sorry for doing what it did... hah!

but then it didn't come back out of it's shell after a whole 30 secs... so i got bored and flicked it back out into the garden.

-the end-

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