Wednesday, March 19, 2008

my birthday list

did a lot of things today... went back to school to get stuff certified, went for this job interview, bought some cloth and cut my hair. okla... not a lot but all very time-consuming :)

the principal was super busy doing stuff and it all took a while... i hate all this paperwork things lah!!! this is the 4th time i've been to school (bm/spi) to collect certs and get things certified and i just discovered/remembered i need to get certified translations and a testimonial too for scholarships and shit. omg... how many times you want me to go there?! so i'll need to make another 2 trips; one to tell the teacher i need a testi and another to collect it from her when she's done. i'm telling you, 2 days later i'll realise i forgot something and have to go back to get it done. makes me wanna steal that blardy stamp and learn how to forge the principal's signature.

if you're wondering what the job interview was for, it's for some stupid one day roadshow. ya... i know, why need to interview for something you're only gonna do for one day? i didn't know it would be so troublesome ma... need to go for training some more. ish. spells m-a-h-f-a-n. i was told the uniform would be a football jersey and jeans... but now it's tennis wear. ie. white tanktop + tennis skirt. hope it's chun! lucky i just had my period...lolx.

found seemingly authentic CK monogrammed cloth...the uncle said they got it off a warehouse clearance, dunno how true that is but i bought it anyway cos it's damngoodquality + pretty + cheap. also bought pajama cloth to make my bro's pj bottoms cos he's sooooo darn fat his arse can't all fit into his current ones. he's a whopping 53kg lor.... a whole 10kg heavier than me... i think he's even heavier than my mom!

cut my hair at some local hairdressers cos i behtahan the fringe already. actually contemplated going to cut at raymondchoon's cos they did a pretty good job of ams n jesses but figured i might as well cut here since i don't exactly have time to go kl anytime soon... the oddly familiar guy who did my hair cut the fringe a teensy bit too short and i've still yet to wash it so i don't know how it'll look like unprofessionally blown. hmph... am attempting to grow out my hair now cos it appears as if everyone is getting short dos.

haha... ok i gave some thought and will shamelessly tell you what i want for my birthday.
bwahahaha. just for fun la. i got nothing better to do anyway.

can see the glint in my eye onot?

(off the top of my head and in no particular order of preference)

  1. rough/smooth green snake or great plains skink. you know i always wanted a reptilian pet. lol.the snake must be very nice and green; the skink must be pretty and smooth.
  2. nice nail polish :) pink/nude/red/black/whatever.
  3. new handphone... haha...can goad mama into getting one.
  4. clothes.
  5. sewing machine. so i have nifty stitches.
  6. yummy perfume.
  7. jewellery/accessories, preferably brass. i know i'm cheap :P
  8. shoes. heels. pumps. flats.sneakers.
  9. bags.
  10. a glass to drink milk from. lolx.
  11. chocolates.
  12. a good book. fiction pls!
  13. macbook air~ so darn pretty...
  14. HAPPINESS!!!!! all year round, for a lifetime if possible.
  15. maxxie. lmao.
  16. to have any super power i want.
  17. to grow more hair (on my head la ngong) so i will have lebat lebat head.
  18. be able to laze all day, everyday.
  19. a mini. i know i don't drive... i still want one.
  20. not to be stuck here in malaysia forever and ever.
  21. etc...
i'm obviously carrying on to things nobody can give me already so i'll stop.


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