Monday, March 17, 2008

silvery silver

...are my nails!

nice hor...
my left hand is so pretty... sigh... but my right hand looks like crap.
it's got weird shaped, uneven nails and cuticles. cacat!

splurged and got 3 bottles of nail-polish at once from skin food- basecoat, topcoat and polish.
since i will not be condemned to naked fingernails no more, i will stock up! need to buy a pinky nude one but can't find one i like enough. there was a sparkley gold too~! very tempted. but it kinda makes my skin look yellow... or it might be the lighting. hmmm... will go try again next time. quite like the idea of having gold nails.

then i bought cheap cheap sweatpants also... they were so cheap i had to get 2. plus they had it in babypink and mellowyellow leh~

happy die me.
if they had it in mintgreen also then it would be perfect!
note colours of my blog skin.

bought cheap cheap long sleeved baju and almost bought cheap cheap white balet flats also. so disappointed when they didn't have my size. blek.
also... saw the cutest cookie monster shirt!!!! omg. barely suppressed a squeal when i saw it. got lots of cookies all over the shirt and it was made of those thin, thin, thin t-shirt material. LOVE.
but found it a tad too loose for its style. SAD. actually contemplated buying it anyway and wearing it loose because it was too adorable but decided i'd sleep on it. aiming did u buy it for me aeons ago?? tell me you did. lol.

today my hands were extra sweaty for some unknown reason...

menyampah wei~
if i don't wipe them on anything and just let them sweat for a min, my hand turns into this tap.
i know it's not at all normal sweat cos i once licked it and it's tasteless
and everyone knows normal sweat is salty.
palmar hyperhydrosis is killer!

am thinking up a new blog skin now... because i'm sick of thinking about uni. need to go back to bm tomorrow to get n certify certs! have decided on a theme already. all i need to do now is take a crapload of pics and photoshop like crazy my new header.

here's a little preview.

gingerpuss very the busybody.

eh my bday is coming in 2 weeks time!!!!
faster save money to buy me presents!!!
will think up a list of what i want soon ler.

klar. now i wanna go roast marshmallows over the kitchen gas stove.
yes... at 2am.
thanks to ky, i can have roasted marshies for supper.


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