Monday, April 21, 2008

'my secret identity is malay'

if anyone has noticed, i recently added SuetLi to my stalked list.
finding her is so coincidental la... linked from a nuffnang birthday vid of her speaking french which reminds me of ju. then i discovered she's also a fan of this BambooStereo which is darling and recently discovered the cuteness of Harry and Charlie (i did 1st :P).

she's so funny wtf. and hot.

so u all have to read her also.

but first must watch this!!! lolx

then read this.

funny rite?!

p.s. i know i quoted shan, not suet.
did u notice how chinese ppl's names get distorted this way when they're abroad? like ju was saying last time JL's Lun got dropped n he became Jian... and SuetLi became Suet. which is very weird to me la cos here if they wanna drop one of ur names off, the last part is always the one remaining. like how i'm Li.
AiMing, how come ur not Ai?? u hang around too many asians issit?

-sweat betul-

Friday, April 18, 2008

if i were fat...

hypothetically speaking, i would be awesome at dieting because i love veges, fruits and health food, ok?!
for some reason my mom has been buying a lot of these stuff lately... which i LOVE ( well most of them anyway.)

lov ya lots.
i love ya so much that i think these capital letters aren't big enough... so much so that i am considering altering the html so that they are bigger, better and bolder, but not enough for me to actually do it at my current state of sloth. :P still, it's the thought that counts.

so back to what i was talking about,
this yogurt bar is divine~

cos it really tastes like real strawberries and not the 'flavour' like in sweets and ice-cream,
but i really prefer the other one i used to eat... forgot the brand already... but that one has the whole bar yogurt coated, not just one side, plus it's thicker. value for money. lol. i think if the need ever arises, i could probably survive primarily on yogurt bars -as long as there's a wide enough choice of 'em. can't expect me to eat 6 strawberry flavoured muesli bars for a meal rite?
though actually... that doesn't sound too bad.

then there's the muesli biscuits... quite tasteless and when it meshes with your saliva, it feels a little like eating weird-tasting quaker's oatmeal, depending on the flavour. not so nice. not recommended for people who hate oats.... or tastelessness.

and we also have toasted oats... apple and cinnamon crunch! wonderful in small quantities with cold milk. not so wonderful when u are greedy and take too much with too little milk. don't quite fancy the cinnamon, a little too much of it. but i love the dried apple slices!! it's nice cos u can still see that they're apple slices with the red and white bits intact and not just shriveled brown bits.
so really i prefer the milder version of health cereals where they really have cereal and not just oats :) like nestle fitness... yum.

if health food weren't so god damn ex (in my standards) i would be their biggest fan.

today though, i've gorged on 3/4 of a bar of cadbury milk choc... and seriously feel inclined to buy another bar i can scoff down myself. which reminds me i need to fill a tooth. bah!

the kittenses have left the property. so sad right? but they brought it upon themselves! cos the mama cat decided to wean them onto solids with MICE omg. so then she proceeded to catch a mouse and drag it into some hole that is not within our vision and not finish eating it. so we had ourselves a VERY STINKY front porch all stunk up with the stench of rotting rat. fabulous right? sigh... so we had to clean out the place la, and spray air freshener like crazy. evidently, they weren't too fond of the smell so they left.

pic taken a few days before OperationRatRemoval.
isn't it cool how the flashed pic show mamacat's eyes green and the kittens' blue?
i learnt they only reflect if they're looking directly at you.
i should try and flash ginger so i'll know what colour his eyes are.
my guess is they'll flash yellow.

p.s. just finished season1 of Gossip Girl.
edit: or so i thought.
dieded la cos so many hot guys and girls and vintage clothes.
weirdly enough, quite like Chuck as opposed to the goody Nate.
though, Nate is undeniably hotter la. CHACE!!!
this is such a chick flick.

-say yogurt with me-

Monday, April 14, 2008

my name is not lin xin li,


it's LIM XINLI!!!
i wouldn't be so annoyed if they put lim xin li cos a lot of people tend to make that mistake in all my certs and stuff ... but they even got my surname wrong lor. so idiotic. who the hell put the person in charge of this in charge of this ?! they even got wan jiat's (5As ok) name wrong. it says wan jit on the plaque and wan jint on her cert. the weirdest thing is... the names on the booklet for the awards ceremony were all correct. cis. have the decency to double check names and print them out for things like this lar.
another thing that annoyed me is that my skirt blew up a little on stage. before you start thinking marylin monroe, the skirt had 2 layers and the bottom layer was long and not poufy and blow-up-able ok... but then a few well-meaning aunties came up to me and said, don't wear skirt like that on stage. as if i knew it would blow up la. cis cis. also am annoyed i wore it.

but my annoyance has mostly been dissipated by a humble brown envelope with RM 160 in it. muahaha. but then now i'm reminded that i lost 1k for not retaking my MUET for a band6....stingy maybank, 4 flat and band5 oso cannot get anything mer??! hmph.

soooo.... i haven't been online for a whole 5 days...omgwow... because i have been working for this roadshow.
i think i've said "hi (insert appropriate title), are you a maxis user?" 12387537568 times in the last 5 days. they think that by saying "yes" they are successfully avoiding an irritating amount of promotion but it is quite the contrary... i'm more likely to let you off if you tell me you use digi or whatever. bwahahha.

i was thinking that i haven't been blogging for a whole 5 days already so must blog again fast fast... then i realised i always don't blog for more than 5 days even when i have nothing to do, so it's not really a big deal. ceh.

today i woke up at 12pm... then 1pm...then 2 pm. muaahahhahaha. it feels SO good to sleep in. i think i'd die if i took another week of 10-10-ness. already partially lost my voice and have achy achy feet and body. although cramps could be partly due to period la.

ok- photos~

me and yp
me face so smushed lar. takda suka.

dennis, ellie, yap
itu ellie trying to putt- appears to be a succesful one from the pic but fail nia.

cheong lai yee- fellow TRJer
this is me walking and taking pic of us while she's leaving.
got another nicer unblurry pic but i look ugly in that one :P

simon, i punye boss.
forgot what he was saying then... but i reckon it had something to do with plotting the downfall of my other boss aka getting him to treat us to dinner.

ailing smiling
sometimes she reminds me of that ScaryMovie ghost with white mask when he was high on pot. lolx. he was cute then d.
tried to find the image but can't lar.

alvin, mrX, js
inspect the photo closely.
you will find that while mrX is trying to take a pic, alvin is getting ready to prod his balls with a golf club. lmao. crazy la. didn't realise he was gonna do that when i took the pic.
(mrX is mrX because after a whole 5 days of work, i still dunno what his name is. haha)

me and the EXTRAs girls.
ky, yp, caryn/careen/karin/superwoman, singtian
(dunno how to spell her name la... but she's insanely dedicated and i think she looks like a korean, sometimes a korean ghost. lol)

dennis challenging the longer putt.
them bosses bet on golf when they have nothing better to do.
think this was 12bux a putt.

ky n i
her hair super fluffy and nice to tzush la.

morning time

the ke lian EXTRAs ppl who have to stay back later everyday for a briefing.

while me and ell chill or go home early.
ell said i look like one of those malay people who wear long sleeves during sports events
(on account of the large shirt and long sleeves gua)
but it can't be helped... i'd freeze without.

our lastdaydinner. jeng~
me likey beggars chicken.
ellie mou hou fuk cos she left in the middle of the day due to gastric pains.
the existing peanuts prove we weren't really hungry though. lolx

more pix in ellie's cam....maybe will post later if they're nice la.

ohya... found my long lost friend weiteng again! she was my bestie in form2 lehh... drifted apart after that and heard she got pregnant with a set of bisex twins and got married.
confirmed a few facts: she is married and does have twins but they're a pair of girls. cute can?? round round, fair fair with curly curly hair. twins are so cute lo.

and a belated birthday shoutout to penny, yc, sree and hueywen who all had their birthday on the 11th.

-feet still pain-

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

the birthday post

okieeee... finally coming around to doing it :P
almost 1 week after! woohoo~

so this is what i did for my birthday (in chrono)

got a few birthday wishes in advance ( on 1st apr ) , a card from yl and presents from plhkyzinywkpowczy
1 thought my birthday was on the 1st, 1 was too sleepy to stay up till 12, 1 suddenly woke up at 3am on the 1st and suddenly thought it was the, 1 figured he would forget the next day, 1 assumed i would be too busy after 12am...and lotsa random friendster msgs.

then was also april fooled with my birthday... someone(ywk) thought it would be funny to cancel my birthday celebs and another(ell) told me my present was outside hanging on the gate and made me go out look. el stupido! teo came bearing a cheesecake he made and present at 12. thanks alot for driving all the way from semenyih. sorry i reminded u it was around chengbeng :P lotsa lotsa ppl msgd me happy birthdays... more than the usual(>20ppl)...thankyews for remembering or if you didn't remember but did set a reminder!! and a few called :)

then went to sleep like super early la... i've been sleeping relatively early(before 3am) lately dunno why... then woke up before 7am!!! wahhh... crazyness. dunno what got into me. then the worst part was cannot really go back to sleep after that, so i ended up rolling about until 9 when i beh tahan anymore and got up. watched cartoons with bro cos the fella sick and didn't go school again. then played UNO! it's been ages since i've played. still remember last time it was super popular when i was a kid and we would play for no apparent reason.

he's sooo losing.

the aiming's mail arrived in the post. EXACTLY ON TIME wei~
how awesome is the mailman?

her envelope is super cheaplak with loads of cellophane tape everywhere. 1st i thought maybe it got ripped in between aus and msia, hence the post ppl mended it,
but actually i think... she did it.
cos this is what it looks like inside
what? pieced together used A4 papers??
all the black carbon rubbed off on the shirt and made it dirrrty.

went to watch 27 dresses later in noon with ruth, yp, ell, ky & sree.
nice show!
but then dunno why everything looks dated in the show. like they made it 5 years ago or something. like, yer...what's with that boss?? what does she see in him?! not hot at all lor. then the hot guy, for some unknown reason, looks like those actors from early baywatch days. hahaha. is it just me or what?
ju, when u get married must design nice nice bridesmaid dress ok? i don't wanna wear atrocities like that purple collared thing!

after the show we went to have dinner gether-gether minus sree.

RG, ulcer, poyo

ky, ell, li



if u cannot tell from the pics already, it was pizza hut la. somehow i always feel like eating there but when i go it's always so-so nia. went there a few days ago with mom n bro and there were a herd of waiters n waitresses standing around at the entrance and a few angmos and other coat-wearing people. intimidating as hell. apparently the big bosses were visiting... so everyone was extra smiley and extra polite and extra hospitable, the food was extra fresh and there was not one single lump in the mushroom soup. they kept coming around and asking whether the food was okay and whether we wanted to order anything else... lol.

rushed home to CUT CAKE

if u click on the pic for a bigger look, my grandpa looks damn creepy behind me.
so creepy right??!! like something out of a horror movie.
note his eyes and posture. SCAREY!
he's always scaring people he shuffles soundlessly into a room.

then rushed off to era for dinner again. celebrating seetho's bday which is on the same day as me. damn alot of people there lor. 1/3 tables of the people i completely dunno d. -_-"

got lalas!

d birthday boy n girl.

wai, me, ell
didn't know he was standing there during the pic lor. another ghost.

the restaurant had this half bald man with long hair come out and sing birthday song.

see the biggest box on the table with the hideous wrapping paper (consisting of bikini babes and floating eyes)?

actually tipu nia... he went through so many boxes and layers of newspapers and POLICE TAPE!
funny as hell... cos when he finally got to the present and discovered it was a mobile phone he thought it was fake d.
no idea what model though. lolx

bigbig group photo.
don't bother enlarging cos it's blurry and tiny anyhow.

at this point, think it was after 12 edi...mon sent a voicesms of a birthday song which i didn't hear cos it was too noisy then but did when i got home. couldn't help but laugh the whole 30 secs. omg didn't know u sang -.-" oh and played guitar. lolx

got home after 12 in a decidely crimson hue.
i'm utterly crap with alcohol.

then celebration #3 - weekend makan.
with plh,zin,teo,ywk,pow

drive so fast i take pic oso blur.

was told it was in sepang which is already pretty far away...
but when we got to sepang, pow came out to bring us there and it was EVEN further!! bagan lalang or something.
so sien leh. i cannot understand people who drive like 2/3 hours to eat then 2/3 hours home cos >1 hour edi i feel very extreme.

pretty evening sky.

when we finally got there it was already like 8.30pm or something and the place we were supposed to go to was PACKED!!! pengsan... so we went to another place a little way off, but that place was ALSO PACKED. not packed as in if you were to sit down, you would have to wait ages for food, but packed as in you need to wait an hour to sit down. -_-" didn't know that place was so popular lehh. the 2nd place was right next to the ocean and had a little replica boat landing you could eat on...nice leh... too bad it was already reserved. shitheads.

so we ended up in the 3rd place (which was also next to the ocean where you could listen to the waves and feel the sea breeze and shit but they didn't have a replica boat) where no one had eaten at before so it was essentially an experiment. still had to wait AGES for food and when it came it was warm... plus wasn't awesome, cis! no wonder we didn't have to wait for a place...but the lala was pretty good :P i'm biased though.

our mess
sorry no pics of before cos too hungry edi.
seeing this pic, i'm reminded that THE NASI GORENG IS CRAP!
i cannot tell you not to eat there ever cos frankly i will never know how to get there again.

after the disappointing dinner, we went to wander at the SEPANG GOLDCOAST~ stunned or not? copycat betul. i didn't know it existed until that day... actually i didn't know there was a beach in sepang. ehem...
they're having something grand planned out there, building something like...

the Palm Islands in dubai.

except... it's a lone coconut tree.bwahahaha.
what an original idea!

but honestly, very nice there...
very resort-y feel :)

all this leads you to the beach.
where they have...

places you can dine al fresco,
can't take pictures of the stars that night, but trust me, it was sooo pretty.

little atap huts

so inviting right? wanna go there and live.
we assumed that this is a little sample of what's to be on top of the sea...
we're gonna share and buy one and holiday in it~ bwahahaha.

twas nice to walk in the sand, listen to waves and look at stars.

my camera is like CRAP at night lor. seriously.

...and here's my birthday hoard

  1. uber childish handmade card with long long letter - childish yonlek :P
  2. gaudy colourful mug with feet and my name on it - sree
  3. cool studded thin black belt - bro
  4. so me wooden swallow cutout necklace- ell
  5. "don't hate me because i'm awesome" shirt - am
  6. flowery earrings- ell,
  7. tiny butterfly earrings- am
  8. brown tank top with my name embroidered on- ell
  9. yummy perfume from body shop- teo
  10. cute owly shirt which was chosen due to lack of cat shirts- yp, ruth
  11. frosted pink skinfood nail polish - plh, ky, zin, ywk, pow, czy
  12. glittery black skinfood nail polish- ruth, yp
  13. skinfood pressed powder- plh, ky, zin, ywk, pow, czy
  14. painstakingly beaded card- ell
  15. photo-card containing an ugly photo of me with a gazillion pimples, omg - am
  16. witty n very honest card :P which came by post- ruth, yp
  17. pending- pen, ju, jess, mon,...etc
noticed i purposedly numbered each individual thing even though it came from the same person so it seems like i got a whole load of stuff? lmao.

let's see then... cutting off from my birthday wishlist
  1. rough/smooth green snake or great plains skink. you know i always wanted a reptilian pet. lol.the snake must be very nice and green; the skink must be pretty and smooth.
  2. nice nail polish :) pink/nude/red/black/whatever.
  3. new handphone... haha...can goad mama into getting one.
  4. clothes.
  5. sewing machine. so i have nifty stitches.
  6. yummy perfume.
  7. jewellery/accessories, preferably brass. i know i'm cheap :P
  8. shoes. heels. pumps. flats.sneakers.
  9. bags.
  10. a glass to drink milk from. lolx.
  11. chocolates.
  12. a good book. fiction pls!
i cut shoes n bags also cos they were presents from me. haha.
not bad not bad...

anyhow, had a happy birthday~

-much love-

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

happy birthday to me...

happy birthday to me
happy birthday tooo meeeeee~

ok i'm lying... actually now, as i'm typing, it's 4th already. so tired and happy 2 days ago i had to rest cukup cukup before blogging. then i found out that i'm soooo late for this scholarship and when i did some last minute paper arranging and form-filling, i fucking realised i need PHOTOs for it!!!! omg... diedness. by that time it was already past 10pm and all the photo developing shops around are bloody closed. i'm so pissed at myself for being self-indulgent, lazy and a compulsive procrastinator. see now i have to cross my fingers that the shop is open by 10am sharp tomorrow morning and that they can print my photo for me fastfast cos i need to go to kl to send them darn forms cos i'm damn late and freaking post don't open on weekends. yohhh... hate. i'm sooo terrible with dates.

blog my birthday later when i'm not worryfree!
thanks for the gifts.