Friday, April 18, 2008

if i were fat...

hypothetically speaking, i would be awesome at dieting because i love veges, fruits and health food, ok?!
for some reason my mom has been buying a lot of these stuff lately... which i LOVE ( well most of them anyway.)

lov ya lots.
i love ya so much that i think these capital letters aren't big enough... so much so that i am considering altering the html so that they are bigger, better and bolder, but not enough for me to actually do it at my current state of sloth. :P still, it's the thought that counts.

so back to what i was talking about,
this yogurt bar is divine~

cos it really tastes like real strawberries and not the 'flavour' like in sweets and ice-cream,
but i really prefer the other one i used to eat... forgot the brand already... but that one has the whole bar yogurt coated, not just one side, plus it's thicker. value for money. lol. i think if the need ever arises, i could probably survive primarily on yogurt bars -as long as there's a wide enough choice of 'em. can't expect me to eat 6 strawberry flavoured muesli bars for a meal rite?
though actually... that doesn't sound too bad.

then there's the muesli biscuits... quite tasteless and when it meshes with your saliva, it feels a little like eating weird-tasting quaker's oatmeal, depending on the flavour. not so nice. not recommended for people who hate oats.... or tastelessness.

and we also have toasted oats... apple and cinnamon crunch! wonderful in small quantities with cold milk. not so wonderful when u are greedy and take too much with too little milk. don't quite fancy the cinnamon, a little too much of it. but i love the dried apple slices!! it's nice cos u can still see that they're apple slices with the red and white bits intact and not just shriveled brown bits.
so really i prefer the milder version of health cereals where they really have cereal and not just oats :) like nestle fitness... yum.

if health food weren't so god damn ex (in my standards) i would be their biggest fan.

today though, i've gorged on 3/4 of a bar of cadbury milk choc... and seriously feel inclined to buy another bar i can scoff down myself. which reminds me i need to fill a tooth. bah!

the kittenses have left the property. so sad right? but they brought it upon themselves! cos the mama cat decided to wean them onto solids with MICE omg. so then she proceeded to catch a mouse and drag it into some hole that is not within our vision and not finish eating it. so we had ourselves a VERY STINKY front porch all stunk up with the stench of rotting rat. fabulous right? sigh... so we had to clean out the place la, and spray air freshener like crazy. evidently, they weren't too fond of the smell so they left.

pic taken a few days before OperationRatRemoval.
isn't it cool how the flashed pic show mamacat's eyes green and the kittens' blue?
i learnt they only reflect if they're looking directly at you.
i should try and flash ginger so i'll know what colour his eyes are.
my guess is they'll flash yellow.

p.s. just finished season1 of Gossip Girl.
edit: or so i thought.
dieded la cos so many hot guys and girls and vintage clothes.
weirdly enough, quite like Chuck as opposed to the goody Nate.
though, Nate is undeniably hotter la. CHACE!!!
this is such a chick flick.

-say yogurt with me-

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