Monday, April 14, 2008

my name is not lin xin li,

it's LIM XINLI!!!
i wouldn't be so annoyed if they put lim xin li cos a lot of people tend to make that mistake in all my certs and stuff ... but they even got my surname wrong lor. so idiotic. who the hell put the person in charge of this in charge of this ?! they even got wan jiat's (5As ok) name wrong. it says wan jit on the plaque and wan jint on her cert. the weirdest thing is... the names on the booklet for the awards ceremony were all correct. cis. have the decency to double check names and print them out for things like this lar.
another thing that annoyed me is that my skirt blew up a little on stage. before you start thinking marylin monroe, the skirt had 2 layers and the bottom layer was long and not poufy and blow-up-able ok... but then a few well-meaning aunties came up to me and said, don't wear skirt like that on stage. as if i knew it would blow up la. cis cis. also am annoyed i wore it.

but my annoyance has mostly been dissipated by a humble brown envelope with RM 160 in it. muahaha. but then now i'm reminded that i lost 1k for not retaking my MUET for a band6....stingy maybank, 4 flat and band5 oso cannot get anything mer??! hmph.

soooo.... i haven't been online for a whole 5 days...omgwow... because i have been working for this roadshow.
i think i've said "hi (insert appropriate title), are you a maxis user?" 12387537568 times in the last 5 days. they think that by saying "yes" they are successfully avoiding an irritating amount of promotion but it is quite the contrary... i'm more likely to let you off if you tell me you use digi or whatever. bwahahha.

i was thinking that i haven't been blogging for a whole 5 days already so must blog again fast fast... then i realised i always don't blog for more than 5 days even when i have nothing to do, so it's not really a big deal. ceh.

today i woke up at 12pm... then 1pm...then 2 pm. muaahahhahaha. it feels SO good to sleep in. i think i'd die if i took another week of 10-10-ness. already partially lost my voice and have achy achy feet and body. although cramps could be partly due to period la.

ok- photos~

me and yp
me face so smushed lar. takda suka.

dennis, ellie, yap
itu ellie trying to putt- appears to be a succesful one from the pic but fail nia.

cheong lai yee- fellow TRJer
this is me walking and taking pic of us while she's leaving.
got another nicer unblurry pic but i look ugly in that one :P

simon, i punye boss.
forgot what he was saying then... but i reckon it had something to do with plotting the downfall of my other boss aka getting him to treat us to dinner.

ailing smiling
sometimes she reminds me of that ScaryMovie ghost with white mask when he was high on pot. lolx. he was cute then d.
tried to find the image but can't lar.

alvin, mrX, js
inspect the photo closely.
you will find that while mrX is trying to take a pic, alvin is getting ready to prod his balls with a golf club. lmao. crazy la. didn't realise he was gonna do that when i took the pic.
(mrX is mrX because after a whole 5 days of work, i still dunno what his name is. haha)

me and the EXTRAs girls.
ky, yp, caryn/careen/karin/superwoman, singtian
(dunno how to spell her name la... but she's insanely dedicated and i think she looks like a korean, sometimes a korean ghost. lol)

dennis challenging the longer putt.
them bosses bet on golf when they have nothing better to do.
think this was 12bux a putt.

ky n i
her hair super fluffy and nice to tzush la.

morning time

the ke lian EXTRAs ppl who have to stay back later everyday for a briefing.

while me and ell chill or go home early.
ell said i look like one of those malay people who wear long sleeves during sports events
(on account of the large shirt and long sleeves gua)
but it can't be helped... i'd freeze without.

our lastdaydinner. jeng~
me likey beggars chicken.
ellie mou hou fuk cos she left in the middle of the day due to gastric pains.
the existing peanuts prove we weren't really hungry though. lolx

more pix in ellie's cam....maybe will post later if they're nice la.

ohya... found my long lost friend weiteng again! she was my bestie in form2 lehh... drifted apart after that and heard she got pregnant with a set of bisex twins and got married.
confirmed a few facts: she is married and does have twins but they're a pair of girls. cute can?? round round, fair fair with curly curly hair. twins are so cute lo.

and a belated birthday shoutout to penny, yc, sree and hueywen who all had their birthday on the 11th.

-feet still pain-

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