Monday, April 21, 2008

'my secret identity is malay'

if anyone has noticed, i recently added SuetLi to my stalked list.
finding her is so coincidental la... linked from a nuffnang birthday vid of her speaking french which reminds me of ju. then i discovered she's also a fan of this BambooStereo which is darling and recently discovered the cuteness of Harry and Charlie (i did 1st :P).

she's so funny wtf. and hot.

so u all have to read her also.

but first must watch this!!! lolx

then read this.

funny rite?!

p.s. i know i quoted shan, not suet.
did u notice how chinese ppl's names get distorted this way when they're abroad? like ju was saying last time JL's Lun got dropped n he became Jian... and SuetLi became Suet. which is very weird to me la cos here if they wanna drop one of ur names off, the last part is always the one remaining. like how i'm Li.
AiMing, how come ur not Ai?? u hang around too many asians issit?

-sweat betul-

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