Thursday, May 8, 2008


xinli says:
ooh oohh....
i ate happy meal today!!!!

Ai Ming's Crapology says:

xinli says:

guess what the toy is
it's blue

Ai Ming's Crapology says:
what did u get?

xinli says:
guess guess
damn cute d

Ai Ming's Crapology says:

xinli says:
yer no fun

Ai Ming's Crapology says:
okay, let me guess
woi, bloo from the cartoon ma! he's cute

Ai Ming's Crapology says:
so eat more coz i want too


xinli says: -.-

Ai Ming's Crapology says:
yer, giv me that face

what is it la?

a blue pony?
(still can ask whether it's a blue pony...)

xinli says:
dat is the i-just-ate-happy-meal-today-u-ask-me-to-eat-again?? face

Ai Ming's Crapology says:
eat like 2 days later

eh eh... after pasting that, feel like very copycat oni cos ur last post had dialogues also. stupidnya. don't care.

went to mcD today to eat and this blue cartoon in the banner above the menu caught my eye... pointed it out to ky and she said,"they're giving it away meh now?"
lo and behold, there it was... sitting in the little plastic box in the counter next to some hideous super-hero looking thing.

to be honest, i had no idea his name is so posh.
i proclaim my undying love for mcD solid plastic toys because they are always so vibrant and heavy! (exception: hello kitty and other ugly/irritating cartoons)

oooh... what does it do? what does it do??

jeng jeng jeng~

it breaks into half but can be stuck back together magically by a hidden force within!!!!
(magnet lah)

what is the purpose of this?? Bloo, what is your mission in life?!
is it so kids can practice the art of sawing people in half?
is it educating children in the mechanics of magnetism?
is it bringing painless joy to sadists?
tell me blooooooo~ tell meee!

bloo: ...

meanwhile, i can use you as a note holder.
or rather

they should do the whole set of imaginary friends, but instead...

it comes in a set with Blossom, girl with over-sized clothes and shoes & unknown dog.
who are those people??
and notice how bloo looks positively evil in the smaller pic.

just discovered it's a 2006 toy.
[narrows eyes]
give us left-overs....


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