Thursday, May 15, 2008

LRTs are damn fast

...or i'm damn slow too polite to push and shove.

plh, ky n i were all standing at approx the same distance from the door when the lrt arrived at central, both of them managed to get in and i didn't!! felt so helpless as i ran after the train thumping on the windows like a crazy nah... stood there like ngong only, watching it gain speed and whiz off. partly due to the fact that i'm abit automatic-doors-o-phobic (elevator doors inclusive). i think it has to do with watching that chick in Final Destination get her head torn off after she got jammed in a faulty elevator door and hearing stories about broken fingers. u know how some people can put their hands out to stop the elevator door or just rush in regardless of whether the doors are closing or not cos they know it'll retract when it hits something? i can never do that!! it's so scary!!! what if it doesn't retract??

but then some other people have even more ridiculous phobias... like fear of getting toes caught in escalators. *cough*py*cough* :P

so anyway, why are the fucking doors so fast?? by the time the people inside get out, there's hardly any time to get in. honestly, i think it didn't stay open for more than 10secs. as if missing the first train wasn't bad enough, after waiting for 5 mins... I MISSED THE SECOND TRAIN!!! wtf. i was standing in front lo.... i got there before the other people did lo.... apalahhhhhh.

went to the curve last friday to watch caryn's fashion show and hunt for swimwear because the only one i have now is ...hmmm... how do i put it?... so-fugly-can-die. yea, that's it.

walking for some charity show, wearing...warehouse?
eh i also wanna be model lar, skali can earn so much.
she said there's gonna be a versace show coming glam. aix jealous.

us while waiting for the fashion show to start,
obviously got nothing better to do.

if my hair was perpetually messed up with volume how nice.
everyday flat flat nia.
very into long sleeves lately, dunno why.
maybe cos there's some part of me that knows imma study in public uni in the end and then cannot wear tank tops anymore.
or it's logical cos i get cold easily?

plh n ky

ky was very the gold bling that day,
(ok well, not that obvious in the pic...but)
hair, gold highlights. check.
eyes, gold eyeliner. check.
fingernails, glitter polish. check.
shirt, gold sequins. check.
bangle, gold bling. check.
shoes, gold. check.

ky has officially converted into blingdom. everytime she picks out something and goes " hey, look... nice right?", 90% the thing has sequins or glitter or bling somewhere/everywhere. lol.

so... i didn't get my tankini after trying on 2389256296 swimsuits with plh. cannot find any that are nice and fit. why am i so thin and boobless???? why~? what's more have to listen to plh complain that the swimsuits makes her look fat when she looks perfectly fine. rawr. by the end of the day, i was effing sien of trying swimwear on already.

got sidetracked midway when i spotted a payless book fair. yoooooo.... so many pretty old books.

me: oooooh... look! ...bookssss (widening eyes)
plh: (are-you-serious? face)

then plh n ky left caryn n i to rummage. it took a lot of effort to tear ourselves away from it in the end. and i didn't even manage to look through half the books there.

see how pretty the books are?
i kept on wanting to buy books just because the covers were nice.
didn't buy this one though...
left the place with 6 books in tow and RM18 poorer.

currently reading "Briefing For a Descent Into Hell" which is about some mad guy in the hospital, his delusions and doctors bickering over what medication he should be put on. a pretty tiresome read because the madman has a thing for long, long sentences and things that don't make any sense. should have expected it from a madman. picture UFOs, rat-dogs, and cannibalistic entities.

the big, hyper, ever joyful child and ky. lol.
she's damn hyper la... can chat for the whole ktm journey back with ky while i'm comatose there.

you know how my house is a complete jungle with chirping birds and pretty butterflies and padding cats and weird bugs and scampering squirrels?
we also have a beehive now!
everytime i look at it, i get this tingling sensation cos it's so eeeyer.
we've had beehives in the past but they always leave after some time... now they're back.
too bad they're not honeybees.
otherwise my house got fresh honey d.

also, there was this time when i thought i saw a teeny tiny hummingbird. it appears every morning on the most fragrant of flowers. i know that cos i used watch it in awe while i waited for my ride to school. it was soooo tiny(a little larger than my thumb)! and also fast. i assumed it was a baby hummingbird or some minute subspecies cos of the way it flew around and the little whirr of wings when it pauses in front of flowers.

so one night, i saw it again...was a little weirded out since hummingbirds don't usually appear at night but seeing as i wasn't waiting for anything then, i ran inside to grab my cam and tried to photograph it. oooh... mini hummingbird!!!! it was night time so it was way too dark and i had to use the flash. i felt so bad for flashing the humming thing!

damn excited lor when i zoomed in for a closer look at the little then-presumed-to-be hummingbird...



it's like a cross between a shrimp, a moth and a swordfish.
revoltingly ugly and definitely NOT a hummingbird.

i don't feel bad at all for flashing it. in fact, if it actually agonizes the bugger, i would gladly shine a spotlight into it's eyes!!!! but everyone knows moth's will fly towards circular lights and i don't want it anywhere near me.
they are so powdery and gross and irritating and come in XL,XXL,XXXL,XXXXL...etc.
YER... felt like squishing the damn thing into mush for deceiving me, but the thought itself is EEEEWW cos i've squashed moths before and it's not pretty.
eating porridge as i'm typing this...feel a little nauseous already, imagining it.
enough talk about grotesque moths!

another belated birthday present came my way recently...
mon got me chocs :)

(excuse to photograph my nails :P)
85% cacao... wonderfully bitter.
slowly making my way through the whole bar. halfway there already.
i've taken a liking to letting it melt a bit on my fingers cos it turns into a lovely dark dark sauce, which is pretty but doesn't taste like much.
thanks! meluv.

then ell got me bangles from singapore for no particular occasion. luv.

i now have a shitload of bangles...wahaha.... so happy.
what if one day i don't like bangles anymore? then how??
but i foresee that day will never come. lolx.
imma be the noisy bangle girl.

i've devised a clever technique to painting dark nail polish... which is to paint perfect little squares regardless of the shape or length of my nails! muahaha. say goodbye to irregular shapes and nonsense about nails looking ugly in black/red cos they're too big and are different sizes.
i feel so bad for all you people who hate dark nail polish.

about Ferry Halim, as blogged by cheesie...
he has lovely games.

The Crossing has deers!!! the song playing in the background was so sad i almost teared when i missed and one of the prancing deers fell into the gorge/river. seriously.
[reaches hand out in futile attempt to catch deer]
"noooooo, i've faaaaailed youuuuu~ bambiiiiiiiii~~~"

Winterbells has a white rabbit in snow. so beautifully christmassy~ the first time i dropped the little fella from insane altitudes, i actually held my breath when it went tumbling down because i thought it was gonna smash into the snow and die. but it doesn't die, yay! it just bounds off like it fell from 5 inches in the air.

A Dog For All Seasons has a dog for all seasons, with individual outfits! the cuteness is unbearable...

am also very partial to the ladybird game... dunno why also. the graphics not as nice as the others and it's pretty pointless. but i take great delight in popping bubbles at them ladybirds (which are cute bugs, unlike ugly, fat and hairy moths).

ps. did you know RTM2 shows Simpsons at 2am on (i think) fridays?
what is a channel whose ads consists of PSAs for the BPA doing airing such a politically incorrect cartoon, albeit at an ungodly hour... something wrong with them la.
PSA=public service announcement
BPA=biro pengaduan am

-death unto moths-

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