Saturday, May 31, 2008

narnia : prince caspian

despite my professed hatred, ok maybe hate is too strong a word, dislike for movies which feature children as centric characters... u know, "chosen ones"... menyampah ( read- the golden compass, spiderwick chronicles, narnia ... etc.), I WENT TO WATCH NARNIA TODAY!!!

honestly speaking, IT'S NOT BAD LOR....
actually it was pretty good.
i eat my words about it being a not-so-nice show. hoho.

i caved cos people were saying it's damn nice and then got a little worried after buying tickets when simon said he went out mid-movie cos he was bored to death and didn't quite get it since he didn't watch the 1st part. but then i thought since i'd read it, it would be pretty ok... halfway through the movie, i realised i remember nothing about the plot, 0_O. when i was 8, my teacher read ' the lion, the witch and the wardrobe' to me and then i think i read the set sometime when i was 10?? can't remember!! my memory is going~ omg. i'm so old. i secretly think i don't like child-centric movies is cos i'm resentful of their youth. wtf. very possible... because i also find seeing young teens about a little irritating. omg. am i alone here? did older people think it was irritating to see me when i was their age?? lmao.

so........ the cinematography was nice, a little LOTR-esque. the kings were cute... peter was mildly irritating, but i like... looks a little like prince william, no? edmund was nice, reminds me of this kid i used to go to school with. caspian...exotic? the queens were... very british. haha. they really did a good job finding typically british-looking kids. i like susan's arrows ... lucy, me no likey. favourite scene- when the big creature held up the gate for them, got shot with arrows and killed in the process but didn't manage to let everyone out before he did. the fella so poor thing lo. ditto for all the narnians who got left behind. SAD. also love the great water-man because he looks so kind and realistic. hehe.


saw so many nice trailers before the movie so now i wanna watch all of them when they come out!!!!
  1. hancock- appears to be very funny and i like will smith.
  2. hellboyII- because the same guy who did pan's labyrinth did it and i love his fantastical creatures.
  3. kungfu panda- ok, this trailer didn't show in the cinema... but i still wanna watch it.
  4. ...shit forgot. i told u my memory is going... but i remembered there were so many nice ones, just can't recall what. die la die la. how to go to uni like this. but i remember this 1 trailer of a m. night syamalan movie where they had an annoying lead (who i think is mark wahlberg) who's annoying to me because he makes annoying puzzled expressions.

alison got me a miniature dkny be delicious for my birthday... so cute. tq~
ju left her shirt-that-was-bought-for-me-but-liked-it-too-much-to-give-it-to-me here. wahaha. imma wear it although i said i hate orange because i like the print. and that orange is agreeable.
it says- "love is a game, insert coin. good luck" cute, no?

ps. am's mom called me to take pics of am's bmw while i was sleeping. past stunness, hoho... am am, ur car must have completed its ahbeng-ification!!! excited onot?

-i wanna hug aslan too-


timcvm said...

haha.. I hated spiderwick too!

but I didn't really enjoy narnia as well.. It was pretty boring and I was pretty much trying to make fun of every single scene I saw... Didn't like the graphics and animation cause there are certain parts where the mouse is the same height as the dwarf and in the next scene it's back being a small lil mouse!

But i think cause its target audience would be those lil kids, i guess, they didn't really put in much efforts to make it a real summer blockbuster!

Haha.. and i'm looking forward to kungfu panda as well, not to mention The Incredible Hulk, Batman 2, Hancock... juz hope i have enuff funds to last me the whole summer! XD

- xinli - said...

i didn't notice the mouse thing at all! haha. but i did think they looked really stupid when they slow-mo-ed the shouts... :)