Sunday, May 4, 2008

spoilt kids have all the fun

i quote
"PPS: my parents did something very (=_=) today
they drove my dad's car to xinli's house so she can take pictures and send them to me


this must have been largely due to your influence...
yes, i stoned for about 3.5 secs before registering it. lmao.

being the wonderful friend that i am,
, your dad's new Volvo watchamacallit-model.

damn fucking huge lar... 1st the Estima, now this. i believe it is purely for your benefit (and ours) so you can ferry large groups of people in them! wakaka. super intimidating lar... can do battle with ky's dad's Ssangyong!! all it needs is a carwash and wax... tons of wax... so that it'll be shiny shiny zshing~!

am's mom and The Car.
see i even took time to blurr out the license plate lehh...

btw, dontcha think the tree in the background (mine) is just fabulous??
gives a lovely lovely shade...
which is why normally all the neighbours will park their cars there and random passersby will stop and talk there. benci!

am's dad and the back of the volvo where it says volvo so stupid people like me will know it's a volvo.

yoh... ai ming~ your household only got 3 people... so many cars for what??!

ps. got more pics... send them to u when i c u yea.
come home soon!!!


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