Saturday, May 3, 2008


yay... today i'm gonna be bimbotic(oh how i wish i fit the qualifications! :P) and post about the very cheap things i bought and camwhore. bwahaha. the mengada-ness is compelling and my cheapskate nature is still going strong.

ell and i in chin's car with 95% tinted windows. yes, he's one of those people.
the windows are practically opaque from outside and very hard to look through (for me anyway). it's a wonder he can see through them at night! but apparently he can... lol. i had to squint super hard when we were trying to look for parking in the carpark. near-impossible feat, i tell you.
hell, he's even got the white xenon headlights... dunno whether the dip angle is non-blinding or not though. hmmm...

note: i actually have make-up on the upper eyelids also... but alas, cannot see in photos. always like that... unless i go crazy with the liner/eyeshadow... but then like very over in person. sigh... why my eyes like that? as if small not enough.

random picture of scary goth shop in timesquare.
yes, it's like a bloody jail! it says "members only" on a plaque above the hanging red chains and the other doorway has a goth chick (who looked like she finished a whole stick of black eyeliner at one go) standing there holding yellow chains across the gate. scary! loads of frilly gothic lolita stuff inside and a magnitude of buckles and leather. they even have a LCD mounted on the wall there with j-rock playing in the background. ooiseh. respect these hardcore gothics la.

met up with yokesan and friend, then shopped whole day. went to find charlotte and penny after that at setapak for their supper, my dinner. finally got my bday present from penny dear: tall transparent glass for milk! dunno why, but i like to see what i'm drinking through the glass but almost all the cups in the house are opaque mugs. actually she got me a glass for my last birthday also but i tak puas cos it's freaking heavy beverageless itself. thanks pen~ no pic... because i stashed it inside ellie's carryall and forgot to take it from her when i got home. i'm aware she lives less than 2 mins (or 30secs if you are driving) from my house but i am xinli. xinli is very the lazy d ma. hehe. besides, there's currently no fresh milk in the house to model it with.

oyah... ys said my purse with the cute little fawn is lovely but the "kancil" is awful and reminds him of malacca! IT'S NOT A KANCIL!!! but now everytime i look at it i think of a kancil. blardy hell...

kesian chin- appointed bag carrier.
he's so suay d lar... that day his car got rammed by a bulldozer after being stationary for more than 5 secs at a traffic light. fuckin funny lar... ell n i was laughing inside the car when he stormed outside in the rain. i mean, how many people can truthfully say their cars were rammed by a bulldozer and not be exaggerating?

come i show you some of the things i bought!!!

my new shades from vincci. hoho. gold framed aviator-ish.
wanna buy kooky humongo-shades with white rims but cannot find a nice one that fits.

damn fucking cute pink sweater with ribbons from F.O.S.
my pj pants are not ugly and my fingers do not look skeletal in the pockets!
you are imagining things.

if you are thinking...
"yoh why you buy shades like that... looks damn funny on you"

they are not funny looking!
THIS is funny looking!!!!

i love this pic la... so kooky.
like hippie boho lydia shum specs.
now my specs looks damn normal right??

okieee next, this jacob dress/blouse?

original price $85.00
F.O.S. price RM15
discounted, 2 for RM23 which makes it a whopping RM11.50
pasar malam also don't have lar!
i am aware it it a size L, no i'm not insane.

cos i'm very the mengada today, come come i model for u!
WARNING: images with explicit signs of poser-ism
photographer: Mr. ST aka Self-Timer

look no. 1
it's got pleats on the waist and the ribbon can be tied at the back also
i'm wearing a tube inside because i'm boobless. sad.

look no.2
simply pulled back with ribbon for a halter look
look's pretty decent from the back.
here's a better view of the neckline ;)
hair tied up at this point cos was starting to feel damn hot and starting to sweat edi
why my house no aircon??!!

look no.3
suddenly the shades pop up from nowhere.
ugliest look on my opinion... empire waist pulled down to my normal waistline.
this is basically the most accurate representation of the dress size. lolx.
if i don't tie the ribbon, i look like...... i can't even think of a word to describe it.
super duper loose.

look no.3
favourite one...
the sleeve parts are so damn oversized i can actually criss cross them! o.0
fits lovely!
also love the pic because for some unknown reason, i look like i have eye make-up on.

said fave... so surely there will be an excess of pix :P

sempat vignette it lagi

so grecian !
narcissistic !!!! lmao

tried to show you my shoes lar... fail
out of frame d.

so here they are!!!
cute flattish semi-kitten heels.
see the kepo ginger!
not even one shot without the fella.
these shoes cost me an insane amount... RM 15!!!!
you say mad or not?!
and i can honestly say, no other flats have ever fit my fleshless feet so well. normally there's a gap on the side but evidently, they are non-existing here.
i am fated for cheap things.

got a whole lot of cheap cheap things also la but very lazy to photograph them all...
so bye.
thanks for layan-ing


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