Friday, May 2, 2008

what i have been doing

okla i know, i know... so damn long never blog d. but it's not cos i had nothing to do and was sleeping at home everyday ok?! just didn't feel the urge to blog, so i didn't.

hmmm... so in case you are wondering, here's some stuff i did that i have pics of(cos i always forget to blog about things if i don't have any pics of them).

so i shall begin with ruth's bday! we were supposed to go watch movie but that didn't quite work out so we went for dinner-ish instead.
we went to get her a cake at the Baker'sCottage in town, american choc (if i'm not mistaken) but it seemed so plain next to all the other cakes with swirly choc deco and fruits, so poyo said wanna put strawberry. we asked the cakepeople whether we could add some... "they cost RM1 each though", the cashier told us apologetically. totally ripping us off la! until the fella also felt like we wouldn't get any after she told us that. but anyhow a strawberry would have made the cake prettier...but then 1 strawberry like very plain so we got 2.

and the fella went to put like this!

HAHA.... dunno about you, but we found it damn funny-lookin. we both thought it would be stuck on with the leafy parts on top and clumped together in a corner. literally lol-ed when we opened the cake box cos the fella had her back to us when she decorated and boxed it so we had no idea.

ruth the bday girl with her cake.
see the protruding strawberries!!!

yokepoh feeding ruth a strawberry...
she's got matching red nailpolish :) luv.

cute little kepo girl.
the whole time we were there with the cake and stuff she kept on standing there and looking at us but when we cut her a piece she instantly became very the shy and wouldn't take it. so scared she would cry lo!

RG: Retainer Ganas
dubbed so because she used to wear them and she's ganas (well not really).
actually, the story behind it is she started calling me Ulcer when i got those horrific ulcers and i tried to come back with some horrible thing to call her that has to do with her mouth also but the only thing that was special about them were her retainers. so yeah.
i know, i'm so uncreative!

ulcer n retainer

everybody while parked outside ruth's front gate at 12+am.
because we suddenly remembered we didn't have a pic with all of us innit.
damn susah to take group pic inside the car la. guarantee someone will look like crap and reject the photo d. either the head too big or too small or covered or whatever.

oh and remember when i mentioned the awards thing where my skirt blew up?

mushroom vs. normal
btw, the white haired dude is a former principal i think. Reverend Brother Felix Donohue.
his name so cun. lol. i guess this was way back when all the principals were Revs and all.
whatever happened to that tradition??

another thing,
i'm doing yoga now~
hoho. so zen right??!!
actually have only started last week and this week the class was cancelled cos it's LabourDay so technically i've only been for the class once. lmao. it appears this is a more exercise-oriented yoga class so it's less zen and more sweat but there's still the customary relaxing music playing in the background. i'm so crap at it la! especially noticeable since i'm starting my lessons with the very flexible ballerina ky!!! haha. so pathetic.

that day i was supposed to go to sleep early so i can wake up early and teman my grandma to the hospital for xrays (cos she fell down and we were afraid there would be fractures but turns out she's fine :)) so i went to bed at 2am... but then cannot sleep at all!!!! so i erm...


beware of DevilBunny!!!!

...and ShadowMonsta!!!!!!

and that's all...
there aren't that many silhouettes you can play with only one hand.
plus it's damn tiring trying to get it just right when you're lying on the bed and trying to get your hand's silhouette to fit in the window while keeping the other hand freakin still so it won't be blurry cos the camera is crap at night shots.
i gave up after 5 mins of random play.
although i must say it was very useful cos i fell asleep promptly after that.

if you're wondering what the green light says,

yes... i rolled around in bed for that long.

this, my friends, is ruth's car's sideview mirror.
or rather, what's left of it.

me: omg ruth, what happened to your mirror??
ruth: a bird langgar-ed it. i think it died.

apparently, she was on her way to kuantan (or back, i can't remember cos it doesn't play a major role in this story) speeding on the highway when this humongous bird came flying past and whammed into the sideview mirror. i'm told it was the size of a chicken. what the bird was doing flying so low i do not know. well, it must be really huge or going really fast for it to have enough momentum to knock the whole mirror off. suddenly, i remember jess telling me about the time when her dad rammed a cow with his car and killed it. lol. kesian the cow and bird.

anyway, yp n i went to sleep over at ruth's last weekend cos we have nothing better to do. lolx.

here's the stripey duo waiting for their food.

if you are observant enough, you will notice we're having korean! lol. ruth watches too much korean dramas already until she has the urge to try some korean food :)
kimchi is so misleading. the last time i tried kimchi i already thought it was bad, but i gave it the benefit of the doubt and tried it again. cos u know, maybe the last shop didn't serve authentic tasting kimchi or something. but this kimchi tasted just as bad. it's like chicken essense. not the taste... as in, i've sworn off it and tried it again after a prolonged period in case i would change my mind but i still think it sucks. if given the choice of dying or eating kimchi as much as koreans do, i'd rather die. other than that, their food is okla. the beef is nice~ but then i'm biased cos i like red meat. this shop also served a nice drink after the meal... the last one had this weird green drink that was supposed to be good for digestion. this one had something in a bland grey colour.

me: excuse me, what's this?
waiter: rice juice.
me: rice juice??
waiter: ya.
me: -.-"

is it just me or does the word 'juice' only connect with fruits and vegetables?
it tasted sweet. like a cross between sweetened juk sui(porridge water) and barley.

yp (invading my mattress!!) n ruth.
love this room cos it's so nice and pink but it's a horrible place to sleep in in cos at around 8am the sun is completely in your face.
will take note of things like this when i will need to choose rooms wherever. lol

souveniers from india.
she went months ago but happily forgets it every time we see each other.
so, finally~!!! actually she didn't intend to give me so many, this isn't a set... but i very tak malu(like ruth...omg takmaluness is contagious!!! how??) so i compiled this set.
nice hor~?

hmmm... what else... went for wai's bday steamboat+ afterparty where he got totally drunk like f and got eyeshadow put on him on the pretext of getting something dirty off his eyes. funny as hell. when someone threw a ball of paper at his head and shouted " shooting star! make a wish!!", he did... with hands clasped tightly and silent muttering. -_-"
all pics in ell's cam. post later!

went shopping in kl few days ago and bought so many cheap stuff yo! blog about them in another post.

-ruth's mom makes nice tosai-

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