Friday, June 27, 2008

bangs, your dead

was surprisingly not as nice as i imagined it would be. very dissapointed in it. don't like the plot, not very believable, potholes everywhere, a little painful to watch. but angelina jolie is fucking hot and therefore i forgive them. lol.

yesterday i accidentally swallowed a lime pit when i was slurping up the last of my limau ais. sucked really quick and it bulleted into my throat before i even swallowed. a few hours after that i felt like vomiting. shitty. today i have a macy gray's voice. haha. dunno whether they are all related or not.

news on my bangs. china-fied! not bad lor actually... should have went for it ages ago. sis squealed at me and said i look like those cartoons people draw of chinese people. grandma said i look like a japanese. and while i was having it cut, am n ell kept asking me to chop the bottoms off as well, to which i replied it'll look too much like Edna from The Incredibles. lol. which would really be the case had i done so. ehehe. no pics. use your imagination.

i'm leaving for uni on sunday and i haven't started packing at all!!! weeee -.-

Je Ne Veux Pas Travailler~! happy happy song. just wish i could understand the lyrics and sing along properly... :)

-uni here i come-


just came back from our final pre-uni reunion for U65! so nice to see everyone before we all go to out respective universities. yeaps.

i need to blog alot of things but i know i don't have the time. sien. for lack of lappy i will most likely be absent the whole next week doing my "haluansiswa" in UM which is what they think is a canggih name for orientation.

was at am's for sleepover yesterday and we photoshot. er completely went off-plan and gila lar. if i blog it u will die of shock and zadaoness. i swear.
also made cupcakes with alison a few days ago and they were pretty pretty!
watched the awesomest retroTV-to-film movie GET SMART!!! totally kicks Bewitched's ass to neverneverland. i didn't like steve carrell OR anne hathaway but now i do. that's how good it is.
lastly, i still have singapore untouched... but because the lemurs were so fucking cute,

nah show you.
if i start gushing, i won't stop.


tomorrow i'm gonna go cut my bangs into chinadoll bangs. omg right? i'm so chicken i probably won't do it. cos i've wanted them bangs as far as 3 years back already and i've had side-swept bangs for all 3. lol. but i want them so bad i might go get it done although i am aware that my face is very the round (and i'm already very cina). don't care. maybe i'll cut it really really long so if it's hideous i can still sidesweep them... yes yes?

and and... going to watch WANTED besok!!!! angelina hothot jolie~!
like keep watching movies only lately. trying to make the most of the few days i have left to play!!!!


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

lang tengah

brace yourselves for a pic-obese post mah friends.
i was gonna procrastinate it some more but i'm going to singapore the day after tomorrow (been) then i won't feel like blogging it anymore when i come back or would have forgotten all the funny things i wanted to blog about and only remember stuff caught in pics. then my wonderful memories would be forgotten, so to speak... zomg, my stupid genting trip from lightyears ago notchet post also. lol.
actually got alot of things i wanna post about. if i don't get lazy by the end of this blog i will mass blog larh. cheyy :P or i could condense.
so here we are! haphazardly thrown together all the pics from everyone (almost), brought to you by yours truly.


i shall begin by saying : if you can, take a plane.
that being said... it was a super duper long and boring ride with stops at dodgy warungs which was pretty tiring for me cos the bus ride was from 9.30pm to 5.30am... and my regular bedtime is 4.00am. lol. if you're really good at sleeping in buses, by all means... save the money. the trip back was considerably better cos i was pooped and slept through most of the journey :P upon arrival in KT, we trooped to mcD to scrounge for breakfast only to find it closed. CHEH why not 24 hours geh?! so then we made do with 7-eleven instant noodles ler... after which our resort bus came to get us to bring us for breakfast- again.

farney signboard at the bus station.
if you should see a girl wearing skimpy clothing while drinking booze and gambling with a sissy who happens to have not paid his zakat in the month of ramadhan, on a friday during praying hours and in public, please call "6252525 - penguatkuasa syariah~". to be sung in the tune of that pizza hut commercial. lmao. u know, 7252525 pizza hut special delivery~!

the resort bus.
lookie, it is one of those cute caterpillar buses!
me likey.

and get this... we got the whole damn bus to ourselves lehhhh!
(excuse the ugly overnight-faces)
for about less than 10 minutes of the ride there lah cos after the breakfast stop some other people joined us.
haish... ingat we very big. lolx.

and so we were driven some 30 minutes longer to the jetty from KT where we got down and headed over to the nearest jetty looking place which was this brick boat-stop of sorts...but noooo. our jetty is not that way, says mr.busdriver. it's on the left.

apa bleh buat...
small island, small resort = small boats, small jetty.
the jetty also doubles as a amusement park for naked fishing village kids who climb up the side of the river via tree roots and jump off string swings into the river.
classic wei.
did not take photos of them, nor posting any because it'll appear a little paedophilic, although really there's nothing appealing about their scrawny brown asses.

the 10 in the speedboat.
from left, clockwise : cy, pc, plh, zy, ywk, teo, i, ky, zin, pow
kinda regretted sitting inside cos the weather that day was wonderfully cloudy. ideal for sitting at the back! thought we could always sit there on the ride home but it was a pain cos it was very the sunny then. cis.

and how long is the boat ride there??
oh... about 40 mins.


oooohhh LOOK! that's Lang Tengah right!!!!
getting closer

(looks damn close no? took ages to get there still)

seeing it...
tengok itu air!!!!!

zomg, then it turns GREEEEEN
i'm so jakun.
never even photoshop the pics ok... it's that colour really.

and if you look closely at the drowning jetty,
you will find that what's helping it stay afloat is really....

deflated balloons. wth.


sorry, my brain is too used to pd waters.
this is just too amazing to me.

upon sight of the jetty, all us bus people who were still wearing shoes fast fast take off shoes n socks lar. manatau, our landing did not involve it at all. it was a direct boat --> beach. dry as a... raisin. not really dry, but not wet at all.
(i'm inclined to add here that i just found out in singapore that CRAISINS exist... and they are dried cranberries and taste like sunsweet prunes o.O)

everyone looking like illegal immigrants successfully being smuggled into the country.

the beach is tiny! we joked during lunch (or dinner, can't recall) that it's like the LOST island. lame i know. we are lame people and we were bored. let it go, ok? :P so, we're the 'others' who just got bluffed here by ky who practically helped us planned the whole trip (thnx) cos of the atmosphere + there's just a few rows of chalets and not many people...and there's no way of knowing what's inside the island. cheyyy.

see got smoke within the jungle lagi!
no dinosaur roars and shaking trees though.

fastforward changing into beachwear...
must take obligatory photo with the resort signboard!

ah teo sneaking up on me n destroying my supposed solo photo.
stupid teo.
although i made ky take multiples of this scene, all not nice d!!!
i look the nicest in this one lor. photo-crasher!!!!! benci.

getting wet, not really.
me being damn fucking fair n pasty.
wahaha... u people who want to be fair are so jealous.
but honestly it's quite shitty when pictures look overexposed in bright sunlight because you're in them.

ugly fringe-action.
how nice if i had a nose instead of a blob of flesh where one should be.
also, ywk, stop acting cute.
if you have noticed my cacat smile and it bothers you, get used to it.
due to unforseen circumstances, i had a very painful ulcer strategically located were it could be hurt by the slightest of mouth movement so all my smiles henceforth are wonky. so you can be sure them circumstances were definitely unforeseen cos if i forsaw them, i would never have let it happen. yup.
ahhhhhh tis my fate to be haunted by ulcers throughout my life~
but i am thankful t'was but one after hearing the horrifying story of 7 simultaneous ulcers from teo my fellow ulcer-ridden friend.

eh eh... forgot to mention, before we found our rooms this resort employee gave a lengthy, long-winded briefing which had every sentence beginning with 'and then' and every other sentence ending with 'ok?' sounded really damn annoying. all resorts should have articulate people give briefings, especially if you are to have angmos understand you, ok?? and then, it also helps if you are hot and shirtless. lmao. which he was not la, obviously... or i would have forgiven his andthenok-ism.

we went a-snorkling after lunch and there will be no photos because we didn't exactly know whether it would be safe to bring cameras along and happily forgot to buy bread. big mistake. we went to the marine park off redang and there were damn a lot of pretty fish which we could not feed cos we had no bread. sucks. but being my very first virgin snorkle, had fun lah. felt super safe in the life jacket despite being in uber deep waters. but i think i had a kick out of being able to float above so many metres of water and swimming with beautiful fishies more than checking out the corals...which is really sorta the whole point. lol. haih see la... no photos cannot remember anything. i feel like there's a time gap when i'm going through the photos. like, what was i doing between this and this? i remember wanting to pee before even getting off the boat and then having to walk really far to the toilet after 1 hour of snorkling n holding it in. i saw a squirrel sneakily climbing into someone's unattended picnic basket while i was standing outside holding plh n ky's life-jackets and snorkling gear so they could pee first -_-

pictures from pow's cam which goes underwater without cover or anything. why my cam not like that? i swear if i had an underwater cam i would randomly stick things into the sui gong (water tank) just to take pics of them. like bloo... or barbie... or Ginger....wahahaha. ginger must be ecstatic my cam is not water resistant.
The Marine Park!

fishies a-swimming with unknown leg at shallow waters.

many many unknown legs and pretty fishies and corals.

if i continue, all my captions will be the same. haha
see all the colourful fishes?? see all the corals?? see all the random limbs??

morose pic.
dead corals and sea cucumber and black fish.

haih the pictures do no justice.

ah right, it took 40 mins to get to redang from lang tengah. no shit. what is it with this trip and 40 mins? or has my mind gone awry and decided to register any given time period as 40 mins...? somehow i keep remembering everything took around 40mins as told by the driver. rather spooky. but not as spooky as chin's trip to langkawi which involved spooked coconut leaves and near-death parasailing accidents. damn geli. but shall not elaborate because it was so freakin freaky, i told a lot of people already. just bear in mind, don't simply play with things... especially on deserted beaches. eeeyer. goosebumps.

and now... pictures of the resort area at night so you will have an idea of how it's like ;)

zis is our dining area cum canteen.
quite nice...awfully sticky with seawater at the end of the day though.

zis is our tv 'room' which isn't really a room but more of an area where you get to watch the tivo 24 hours/day. got astro some more. the glitch is, you can never enjoy a waft of sea breeze and watch your favourite programme nicely at the same time. during the day, there's these blinds behind the tv which i find is ingenius cos then people can't watch your stupid face watching tv.
we watched a little prison break there. adore millerluv. wth, i even dreamt of miller on my bus ride home the day after. such is my love. lmao.

if you are observant, you would have noticed my preference of activity (watching tv vs. eating) judging by the length of my description. wahaha. but i didn't really watch tv there ok, in case you start thinking i'm one of those people who go on vacation to do things they do at home.

the karaoke room, reception and i dunno what else.
so sad cos we don't even know what the insides of the karaoke room look like. every night a group of people will cram in there before us.

it appears this sign is synonymous with dive shops here. from ellie's pics, i know redang also got. so geng dim, must take pic. hoho. kinda like the 'nice to see, nice to hold' poem of souvenier shops... the sex versus diving quote should be pretty widespread.

resident motherfucking huge cicak.
there are quite a few in the area but one was so kelian to have been caught by heartless college boys who threw it into a sand pit and the ocean to watch it swim. they are no better than the kitten-killing people! ech.

ending day1, we finished laying games and being bored n sleepy just to find it was 10pm. 10pm!!! so damn early. sigh. cannot justify sleeping so early. which reminds me i forgot to take pics of the game hut where they have mj and carrom and foosball and pool. basically it's between the souvenir shop and public toilets where there were a seemingly unending stream of vomiting folks on day2.


me and my room door.
i swear my glasses not wonky. shitty face.

attempt day2 at my resort sign pic.
fail cos the colour of my baju is almost the same colour as the sand and i.

if you are bored of seeing me then find something more entertaining to do cos there will be more photos of me to come. wahaha.
someone was looking at my camera and asked ' why your cam so many pics of you?'
like what kind of question is that? my cam of cos my pics la, stupid benar.

random angmo whom we later learned to be german caught in my pic... get out of the way lah. did i mention how much i love the life-jacket orange in all the photos?
heck, i might not hate orange anymore.
so anyway the point of this photo is to show you the rope which leads into the ocean. yes, i am making references to LOST. manatau there's an underwater control center off-shore?

aloha ky
imagine living here and reclining everyday doing nothing.
syok. boring, but syok.

aku, dia dan frame-invader

day 2 snorkling.
where we go around the island and snorkle.
not exactly sure which spot that was...hehe. what's SNL anyway?
our beach is the one on the left which they have nicely enlarged so it looks like the biggest beach on the island when it is not :P

cy and gf
just for the heck of it

people waiting for the boat to bring us around the island.

i'm back from singapore!!! damn fun but that goes in another post.

i know my suit looks weirdass. sigh. why like that.

i brought cammy that day cos i found out it is safe to.

life-jacket orange!!!
excuse wind hair and the illusion of biceps.

round and round the island, goes the little boat ~

my fave pic of the couple. nice, no?
life-jacket orange = happy happy colour

okieee underwater pics~!!!

blue mass
they wiggle in the water

after a while we got kinda bored of snorkling cos stuff at the marine park were way better than here so we CAMWHORED UNDERWATER. bwahaha. syiok man. i think all the other snorklers would think we're 38 as hell. if only my cam survives underwater. sigh.

it is i, with red pinocchio nose being pushed and kicked underwater because life-jackets float. dunno why the whistle decided to hover at that exact position and angle so it will make me look stupid. but my hair not bad, no? no floaty weird shapes.

blub blub ywk blub blub
solo cos he's not wearing a life-jacket and thus does not need weighing down.

peacey plh looking retarded. lolxx. i think the black goggles are much more flattering.

ky happy happy with leg sticking out at a weird angle.
woooo... and if u inspect the pic closely, you can see me in the background.
at least i think it's me... but i'm pretty sure it is cos no one else has weirdass ankles like me.

i tell you, right now the stupid blogger or my connection either won't let me upload pics or takes ages and ages to do so, like it did for the last 5 underwaters. so damn menyampah. when people bergiat wanna blog they don't wanna let people blog continuously.
ok...finally. continue.

zin the dimple boy

teo the life-jacketless.
everybody very jealous cos his pic very nice and underwatery.
but we all cannot really swim so couldn't remove life-jackets for fear of drowning. lol.

also, i wish they would make some kind of padding like they have on bag shoulder straps so the strap that goes between your legs isn't so thin and abrasive. wth. petpet damn uncomfortable lor! have to keep pulling it to the side then cannot remove also cos then we might drown. i sound paranoid with the whole drowning-risk now, lol. but really, if for girls the petpet very uncomfortable already then sure hellish for guys la. dunno how they tahan.

ehm.. no singles of cy n pc or pow n zy cos cy n gf were wandering off and not partaking in the camwhore session and pow decided not to included pics of himself and zy in the photo collection.

we were so engrossed that we asked one of the snorkle guides to take underwater group pic of us. bwahaha. he had flippers on and no life-jacket so he could kinda dive underwater where we formed a ring and flip over and take our pictures from below. ideally, the pic would be fabulous - a circle of snorklers. he looked pretty pro diving and flipping and taking pic. but alas....

fail nehh.
i don't think i'm even in the frame... but can't really tell cos i forgot who was next to me and it's pretty hard to recognise people in goggles and life-jackets.
we didn't check pic and ask him to take again cos diving and flipping seems pretty strenuous plus abit paiseh so all we have is this. lolx. we asked him to take video also...lmao... but the video even more fail than the pic. like a first-person view of what drowning would be like.

zin carrying plh though you can't really tell.
me n ky pushing 'em down.
pow n zy has a fab pic with this action but they didn't include it in the set so i don't have it and i'm lazy to ask him to send to me so you all imagine la a very nice pic of pow carrying zy underwater n also, zy has nice legs.

ky and me looking super duper retarded.
why are my eyes closed la?!
this is a good example of bad underwater hair.

rounding the corner


oh and on the way back we saw 2 fucking turtles. so cool. the speedboat summo purposely stop so we could watch them reemerge from the water.

theres a few group pics with everyone innit but i look weird in them so wahaha i'm not posting.

then later in the day we went jungle trekking to somewhere they call Rockview.

see the plh cannot not smile d wor. tsktsk. spoil the mood. everyone is supposed to be gloomy and mysterious cos they're lost! hmph.

zomg.... very very hard trek without warning. good thing we brought sneakers! honestly now, the sweat can flick off in drops that kind of exercise.

sooo penat!
plh was supposed to show xin ku face but she is incapable of not smiling in photos. it's in her genetic make-up or something.

resting cos very very tired and i don't exercise regularly. if zoom on my neck and chin can see the droplets of sweat glistening in the sun lor!
what's more, the trek guide quite literally runs up the jungle like it's not a 60 degree climb.
he's like the mountain man.

then after much are-we-there-yets ....

can finally see the ocean again!!!!!!

this is were we emerged from.
i can't believe i didn't get a pic of what the first view out of the jungle looks like.
this one isn't even from my cam. lol.

on a rock. like, duh.

pictures will sorta thin out after this cos i'm so tired of being stuck in this post and getting everything else backlogged. but i wanna show you sooo many! haish. dilemma.

i wont show too many of me in Rockview (although i took tonnes) because after sweating on the trek and having it blown around, my hair looks damn shitty. like some of the pictures are super nice but spoiled by messed up hair. hate! i'm telling you this because i'm waiting for my pics to load. so damn slow mannnnn. is it cos they're larger than normal or it's just being shitty to me? makes blogging a bore and a chore. wahh.. i can rhyme man. wth right. can tell how impatient i am with the whole load process.

this is all 10 of us... on a the ocean.

and this is the big scary rock where the guide proceeded to leap and jump all the way up to the cliff like he was dodging puddles on a street.

and this is him on the tip of the cliff with his shirt off and tanning.
can you tell how bloody far i zoomed to get this pic? notice how it's all pixelated and shit.

and this is cy and ywk climbing up to where he is. amazing. so it isn't impossible after all.
ywk came down with a bleeding knee though. slipped and did not fall to his death o.O

everyone was so darned pooped and didn't wanna hike back that when we saw 2 boats heading our way, we all shouted, "TOLONG!!!" repeatedly as loud as we could in hopes of getting ferried back to our beach via speedboat.
seriously, we did.
then the person driving the speedboat asked us to jump into the water cos he couldn't come up too close to the rocks.
and then we jumped into the water and swam over.
nah just kidding.
(about the jumping into the water part. everything else is true)

got pics of ky and plh doing balance yoga on the rocks as well but they didn't turn out so great so i'll pass. fret not, we have more on the beach!

me on rocks with crap hair but u can't really tell cos i'm so far away.
i have nice legs! bwahaha.

hike back.
we were left behind and the guide didn't bother to wait for us. cis!
what if one of us fell into the ocean or something???

tree roots and i

spot the xinli!

plh n ky on their boat... which is actually tied up and next to the beach.
lmao. we are so boliao, go climb into people's empty boat.

gosh, am i bored with this post.

and now, beach yoga.
i'm only posting one of each cos i'm lazy. intended to post NGs also cos they were hilarious but i can't be bothered anymore. maybe posting in parts is a better thing? like i should have done a day1, day2, day3 sorta post. hmm.anyway you should know doing balance yoga in the sea is much harder cos the effing waves will make you wobble.

i can't do this one cos after i've successfully hooked my foot into my left arm, my right arm can't reach it. lol. some day...

ky's balance
i can do this 1! lolx

my near-tree

the yoga buddies.
are you surprised the kiampa pic from my msn display didn't come up??

the boys playing volleyball with other boys.
kept losing. lol.

our little stretch of beach

the customary sunset photo.
we tried to watch it go all the way down but it was cloudy. shitness.


almost leaving.
look, the white boat's waiting behind us...

ky on a coconut tree

plh, zin and their lovechild,
conceived and born on the island.
wtf, the baby's head looks bigger than plh's.

actually it's some korean couple's. the baby was so cute they couldn't resist.

the baby is like "eh, what's wrong with you people?!"


haha... can you tell i'm rushing this?
anyways before i end... it kinda spoils the mood but i really wanted to talk about this.

WTH is this la!!!! clownfishes have no feet okay?!
can't you make it's tailfins into feet???
summore can wear shoes!!!
there are other posters depicting this silly thing in doing silat in a black silat robe, horse-riding, and more. i beh tahan the horse-riding one. i know the clown-fish is cute, but can't you find some other sea-creature to use as your mascot? fyi, i didn't even see any clown-fish while i was snorkling. do they even have clown-fish in terengganu? tsk tsk tsk.


finally finished this godforsaken post.