Thursday, June 5, 2008

78 cents

at lunch
plh: let's go find your swimsuit after eating
me: yup k... yer....if i try on after eating mai very ugly?
plh: haha. wouldn't it be great if our boobs grew bigger instead of our tummies when we're full?
me: then i'd be full all the time. and i'd keep eating so that i was forever full. then i'd be fat.

lol. believe it or not, coming from bio students.

all this while i've been frustrated cos i cannot find back that tankini i tried a while back... all the while thinking it's from Forest, which is very stupid cos forest doesn't provide swimwear. lol. anyhow, i found it!!!! YAY! and it's not Forest la ngong xinli, it's Schwarzenbach. people german brand, you mistake for malaysian. but not entirely my blurrness kay, the logo is this lone tree... dunno why i assumed it was Forest cos Forest's logo isn't even a tree. cis.


FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE 16 YEARS I HAVE BEEN LIVING HERE, i was caught in a jam for over an hour. totalabsolutely bizzare. it took 30 mins to travel the distance from the bottom of the hill to the top, barely reaching RJ. i mean, this is RASAH JAYA not kelana jaya, subang jaya or whatever jaya... since when does traffic here behave like this? it then took us another hour to travel the distance of a football pitch. seriously bumper to bumper ok. people were sticking their cars centimetres within each other cos they didn't wanna let anyone cut queue. our lane was sooo packed and non-moving, people who actually just wanted to go home drove over the grassy divider to cut to the other lane(with oncoming traffic). i don't think it jammed this bad when there was a car accident around here or when a huge tree fell across the road... i don't think it'll jam this bad even if there was a flood in RJ (which is highly unlikely).

why? WHY, you ask?


YES! from RM1.92 ---> RM2.70!!!!
makes you think twice before driving out, huh?
once upon a time... i would look out of the back seat car window while my dad was refuelling and watch the little numbers on the petrol kiosk chase each other, but always coming very close at the end. because you know, once upon a time, petrol only cost around RM1 per litre.
but now.... ??!!?!! INSANITY! (even with the subsidy)

and this is why there was a huge huge huge jam. everyone rushed to fill up their tanks full full FULL before the price hike takes effect. so desperate until people were lifting the nozzle a little out of the hole so it would fill more. so traumatic that i believe the number of people speeding around will decrease substantially.

u all should now have profound respect for my homeyness.

stunning story of the day : when we were finally on our way back with zin's full tank of petrol, he didn't once accelerate unnecessarily which is completely out of character. all the while making jokes on how to save petrol. then i mentioned that ellie n i once had nothing better to do so we tried to see if the car would roll downhill along the stretch of road to my house without stopping. we did get to my house, even needed a little brake... in her kancil. so then he decided to attempt that in his gen-2. somehow failed, it rolled to a stop about 3m away from my gate. should've made it cos more momentum right? maybe cos the kancil was going faster as it turned the corner downhill. anyway, zin started rocking back and forth in his seat (even took off seatbelt so he could rock harder k) to try to make the car inch forward. fail. the car so heavy how to rock forward? so then he announced he was going to get down and push. wth. then he got down and pushed. WTH. omfg, plh n i were laughing like mad. now my neighbours are going to think i have crazy friends.

p.s. halo, i just thought u all would like to know that i have had 0 people contact me for scholarship interviews and 0 mail from people stating interview dates. so pathetic can die ok. why i pick pharmacy, why? why i don't like physics and engineering, why? why nobody wants me, why? why am i not filthy rich, why? similar fate for plh as well. no news whatsoever ok. other people already went for like 947329256 interviews already ok. our 4.0 appears to be goddamn useless.



timcvm said...

haha wow... RJ was that bad??

KL was really bad too! I mean there were people rushing to which ever stations they can get their cars too and fill up before the 12am deadline and it caused a massive massive jam in Bangsar especially! It's kinda like a stupid move to charge so much. Everything now is gonna like rise and rise and people will soon gonna be broke!

oh well, this thing is out of our league! gotta leave it to our MAN who is leading the country! =P

kongailing said...

I was in RJ too that day.
Stuck in the traffic jam for two hours. and i almost had a fight with some stupid moron lady driver.

eh, those with 915545344 times of interviews are also 4.0 ar?
yea, i'm wondering, why pharmacy?

- xinli - said...

tim : yep, it was. i'm not exaggerating at all. lol. i think the real jams started when everyone got off work. scary~
sugar prices are gonna be hiked too... sad :(

ailing : heheh... then u know exactly what i was talking about. shoulda refuelled elsewhere huh.
well some are, some aren't. and why pharmacy? i like definite answers and feeling secure. i wish i had the guts to go take some design course. shithead xinli. pray for me will ya? lol