Friday, June 27, 2008

bangs, your dead

was surprisingly not as nice as i imagined it would be. very dissapointed in it. don't like the plot, not very believable, potholes everywhere, a little painful to watch. but angelina jolie is fucking hot and therefore i forgive them. lol.

yesterday i accidentally swallowed a lime pit when i was slurping up the last of my limau ais. sucked really quick and it bulleted into my throat before i even swallowed. a few hours after that i felt like vomiting. shitty. today i have a macy gray's voice. haha. dunno whether they are all related or not.

news on my bangs. china-fied! not bad lor actually... should have went for it ages ago. sis squealed at me and said i look like those cartoons people draw of chinese people. grandma said i look like a japanese. and while i was having it cut, am n ell kept asking me to chop the bottoms off as well, to which i replied it'll look too much like Edna from The Incredibles. lol. which would really be the case had i done so. ehehe. no pics. use your imagination.

i'm leaving for uni on sunday and i haven't started packing at all!!! weeee -.-

Je Ne Veux Pas Travailler~! happy happy song. just wish i could understand the lyrics and sing along properly... :)

-uni here i come-

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