Friday, June 27, 2008


just came back from our final pre-uni reunion for U65! so nice to see everyone before we all go to out respective universities. yeaps.

i need to blog alot of things but i know i don't have the time. sien. for lack of lappy i will most likely be absent the whole next week doing my "haluansiswa" in UM which is what they think is a canggih name for orientation.

was at am's for sleepover yesterday and we photoshot. er completely went off-plan and gila lar. if i blog it u will die of shock and zadaoness. i swear.
also made cupcakes with alison a few days ago and they were pretty pretty!
watched the awesomest retroTV-to-film movie GET SMART!!! totally kicks Bewitched's ass to neverneverland. i didn't like steve carrell OR anne hathaway but now i do. that's how good it is.
lastly, i still have singapore untouched... but because the lemurs were so fucking cute,

nah show you.
if i start gushing, i won't stop.


tomorrow i'm gonna go cut my bangs into chinadoll bangs. omg right? i'm so chicken i probably won't do it. cos i've wanted them bangs as far as 3 years back already and i've had side-swept bangs for all 3. lol. but i want them so bad i might go get it done although i am aware that my face is very the round (and i'm already very cina). don't care. maybe i'll cut it really really long so if it's hideous i can still sidesweep them... yes yes?

and and... going to watch WANTED besok!!!! angelina hothot jolie~!
like keep watching movies only lately. trying to make the most of the few days i have left to play!!!!



Ai ling said...

the lemur doesn't want to choi you also. XD

- xinli - said...

chey... i would be scared if it decided to choi me. lolx