Saturday, June 7, 2008

hey daddio

to sum it up in 4 words, same old, same old.

old fashioned. check.
indy miraculously escaping death-traps. check.
that mary girl needing saving. check.
stunts performed 20 years ago. check.
old-school punching sounds. check.
yellowed film effect. check.
retro poster typography. check.
lame dialogue. check.
booby traps. check.
far-fetchedness. check.

so retro, ok? like it was made a year or two after the last crusade. it's cute, only if you don't expect much. but you know what i think is hilariously silly?? shia lebeouf looking like he just popped out of Grease. i kept expecting all those people in the diner to start singing and dancing in unison. also, the ugly 'crystal' skull, mutt cum tarzan, and indy's lame dialogues.
what the hell is "But their treasure wasn't gold, it was knowledge. Knowledge was their treasure." can't you come up with a better line than that? seriously now.

eh eh... that day i tried on the most amazing act-wayfarers ok. damn fit my face. didn't touch my cheek at all. i hate my aviator-ish ones a little bit edi. sad. impulse buys no good. then forgot to buy the pretend-wayfarers. hah.

yesterday Ginger went and caught a yellow-bellied birdie, then killed it and dragged it sneakily into the bedroom. 1st time k. normally he doesn't drag dead things into the bedroom, only outside the bathroom. discovered and discarded by bro prior to my waking up (from nap). still can find the occasional feather around. bad clean-up job.

stupid stupid stupid. after more than a month of ulcer-free health, i have one inside my cheek. benci.

tomorrow night i am going to go on a 5 hour bus ride and probably arrive in 4+ hours because it's express and at night. everybody knows express bus drivers are crazed madmen with speeding inclinations. don't exactly feel very the safe. then will only be leaving for lang tengah from the jetty at around 9 or 10 am. o_O. at least 5 whole hours to kill. there's also the question of whether they are gonna raise goddamn bus ticket prices. i mean, we already got the tickets ages ago.... but who knows, they might make us pay extra before we get on?? hope i will arrive in one piece. wish me luck.

i'll be snorkling and getting a tan. i'll be sooo tanned you will never recognise me when i get back. i'll be the ganguro version of me. no wait, ganguros have bleached hair. hmm. i'll be the tibetan version of me.

- i want to know-

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