Wednesday, June 4, 2008


dunno why i'm upset also, i don't really use veoh much. but still a bit geram cos they banned us. are there really sooooo little people using veoh here??

was trying to watch the Zettai Kareshi trailer... but they wouldn't let me~ now i'll never know whether it's good or not~!
overdramatising. i watched on youtube. doesn't seem appealing... cheh!

i have a growing addiction to butter and sugar toast. in the last 24 hours, i have consumed a grand total of 8 pieces! just realised it while i popped my 6th piece out of the toaster. now, after finishing my 8th, i still feel like more. more... MORE ~ i need more toast!!! haha. it's bad. went to see the doc yesterday for sore throat and he said something about my right tonsil. i need to drink more water.

later today i am going to exercise my right to be a walking, talking lamp post. tis my fate, i am amazing at it... what with the practice i've had. lol. sigh, why like that.

-more toast please-

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