Saturday, July 12, 2008

emo , singapore

so emo la.
teo is going to uk,
zin is going to singapore,
yap is going to uk,
ck is going uk,
me is stuck in malaysia.
every time i think of what i will be doing for the next few years, i can feel myself tearing up before i stop myself by thinking of other things. like if i don't think, i'm okay. if i do i wanna cry.


i probably shouldn't have started blogging about it. just made me feel all the more depressed. had a bout of crying just replying messages to aiming n teo. wtf. am shocked myself. i've held up great the last 2 weeks. plh was the one calling back n crying on the phone. don't know what triggered it. sigh. am okay la. can't even tell myself it's hormones cos i just finished my period. post-menstrual-symptoms? i'm off to a barbeque in an hour or so...have to stop crying now and de-swell me eyes. chey. nose also blocked tim! what to do, like this.

don't worry i'm okay!
if you asked me if i'd ever be this way a month i ago, i'd tell you never in a million years. doesn't that sound familiar? lol. never underestimate the ability to type 'lol' under any circumstance. but honestly la, i'm okay. just suddenly felt like crying. that's all.

come let me blog about happy things!!! i still haven't blogged about singapore, so i will! just anyhow post pics and captions lar ok? ...why am i even asking you. my wish la.

waaaa... why is the line being so fucked up. i keep loosing msgs on msn and it won't let me upload my pics. i'll continue later tonight then. cya.

okieeeee... photos!

now isn't that pretty?
had our dinner with ellie's sisters at sushi tei.
i love the little enclosed circles...

me posing with the menu so you will know it's sushi tei...but obviously defeated it's purpose cause you can't read it clearly from the menu :)

bee feeding ellie wasabi!
from her expression, ell obviously does not like wasabi at all. hehe.

ell, me, ju standing outside our cubicle/circle to be photographed shamelessly.
we are tourists what! (with the exception of ju)

exiting also must take pic. nyek :P

after that ju and her sisters left us to walk to esplanade alone cause they all think it's pretty pointless. all the way from... i forgot. but it was quite a distance.

'the supposedly happiness or other feeling and mundane chore'
appreciating art on our way to esplanade.

little perspex boxes of oddities.
pretty no?

colourful otherworldly cloth creatures.

everything was really nice, save for a weird one involving ugly pencilled scribbles and doodles on the walls. didn't get that one at all... i actually thought someone went and scribbled nonsense on the wall at first sight. then i saw this little sign reading "do not touch artwork" o.O

outside the durian.
loads of people toting SLRs and tripods, snapping away.

ehh... on our way to the merlion.

shadow-x boxing shadow-e
we are damn boliao.

me taking pics for other tourists.
cheyy... see my pose :P

i'll skip the lone merlion pic, cause everyone has seen that.

xinli being watered down happily.
horribly oily hair alert! i was out the whole day okay...

'yeeeeeer, don't spray me!'

from beatrice, i have learnt the meaning of 'merlioning'.
guess, guess!
ok hint. what does the merlion do??

merlioning= vomiting.

nice lighting!!
tried to recreate this effect with ell but dunno whether it's the position, her height or my lack of skill, it totally didn't work out. lol

awaiting her knight in shining armour.

pretending to await my knight in shining armour because i thought it was a pretty pose but ending up looking grumpy and pissed that he's late.

wahahhaha.... my face looks smaller than hers!!!
...i know la, very ban cute. don't vomit kays

stupid walking people spoiling our pretty photo.

then we took like an hour to get home via mrt cause we took the red line instead of the other colour which i forgot. sien.

playing on elderly people's exercise equipment on the way home. lolx.
photographed by the bench.

we is GLOWING!
me luvs singapore zoo.
~let's go to the zoo~
haha... got this song stuck in my head the entire time and probably a few days after.


effing cute otters!!!!!
there's this 1 otter that's either a little mad from being enclosed for so long or has performing inclinations who swims to and fro and does backflips repeatedly. like in sets of 50 or more. i can't tell cause it was doing backflips when i got there, doing them when i left and still doing them when i came back after 2 hours.

ju n ell

kanga and roo.
kangaroos there don't jump. they kinda walk... like put their forefeet in front then drag their back legs towards the front. not entertaining at all.

ellie refusing to go inside the crate for a picture.
kesian whatever that had to come all the way to singapore in that crate.

me and goatie with ju running over to get a photo together.
pure cuteness i tell you. it lets you stroke it and all.
reminds me of that goatman from narnia. heheh.

ell with the cuteness.
it was walking about everywhere and wouldn't stop for pictures with us so when it paused to eat, we all went and took photos with it.
silly little goatie. wonder if it's meant to roam free or it escaped from somewhere.

er... some aboriginal village thingey.

baby monkey!! munching on something that looks like a pandan leaf.

bored orangutans lazing.

me with my zebra entrance ticket and zebras.

ju and bea pretending to be fascinated by the cheetah who doesn't give a shit about them.

tall tall giraffe who has two lumps of flesh on its head which has no use whatsoever.

pretteh blue birdies.
you have no idea how much i ran and squatted trying to get a picture with these fellas.

bea n ju fearlessly putting their hands into a mouth of a tiger.

winnie and omar.
i don't know which is which but they are damn loving la.
how come there aren't any regular orange tigers??

hippo with the fishies.
they are very boring things to look at.

mr. lizard crossing a sidewalk and getting chased and papparazzied(can't spell it) by me.

er em... marmoset i think. also very the cute!

"hhrrmph, stop staring and go away."
forgot what this thing is called but it looks damn grumpy and scary la.
look at the perpetually grumpy expression... and that tail... like a ginormous dreadlock.

my familiar, the sloth.
sometimes, we lazy and slow-moving people will step over whatever's in our way to get what we want. in this case, watermelon! stupid bat.

but sometimes, we know how to share if you're nice to us :)

"omfg, what the hell is that?!?!"
what did it see, i wonder.

ju creeping up on it sneakily.

meaningful stuff to ponder about.

between the stoic pelicans.
when we were a few metres away, i asked ell whether they were real and she said with conviction that they were very obviously fake. lolx. they are real ok!
i really wanted to poke one with my finger... just to see if it would topple off or fly away.

ju with the tuxedo-clad penguins outside.

while others felt more at home in their little air-conditioned cavern.


more kids in wheelbarrows.
them kids look like caucasions but speak japanese. wtf so cool okay.

nice signpost.

ell and the closest thing we could find to a lemur in the souvenier shop, i.e racoon.

kbye, end of zoo pictures.

beginning of clarke quay pics.

ell ju bea
'welcome to clarke quay'
tis a pretty place with pretty lights.

bungee ball thing that i wanted to go on but didn't cos no one would come with. hmph.
then after we were a little intoxicated, han said he would but we didn't pass that area again so then we didn't go either. double hmph. maybe next time.

eh... dunno what to cap

heading for the beautifully lighted mushrooms.

i like place and all it's themed restaurants and clubs.

including all the quirky ones :)

can't recall what was so enthralling about what he was telling us about.

pink lanterns!

the most adorable bread ever. so cute, you won't even wanna eat them.
i like the sun and octie the best!

home... where we went to watch my cousin, shen's band play.
good, loud music!

han n i with my glow-in-the-dark gin and tonic.
notice the butterfly wall behind us? so nice.

ju n ell.

it glows! so
imho, gin and tonic is way, way nicer than whisky and coke.

a very happy bea.

a mischievous shen
haha... he totally doesn't look like he belongs in a band.

spot the krispy kreme hat on the dancefloor!
don't ask me why that fella was wearing it.

the bar

pretty lights.

geng dim!
the guy is supercool la... looks like he just stepped out of matrix. lol.

this post shall end abruptly here because i have to go in 5 mins. toodles my loves.


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