Thursday, August 28, 2008

crap internet


so crap i can't even online now lo. so damn shitty. damn effing shitty.
sometimes it goes totally bonkers and makes over a 100 opera tabs pop up so fast you wont have time to close them or fix it. freaks me out cos it gives me the impression my laptop got infected or something.

just heard some announcement about collecting the muslim's food card for some puasa month adjustments. ramadhan is coming... not so hyped about bazaar malay food anymore now that i'm eating malay food every effing day. bleargh.

oh can online d -.-

anyway, the 2 scenarios now are :

1. the food might be better cos like in bazaars during ramadhan, the food is ALWAYS better than regular malay food.

2. the food will be worse cos they can't taste or eat what they cook. what will happen to our lunch and breakfast? will it be horrible haphazardly prepared meals or what??

[deep movie trailer voice]

wahh.. can't stand the suspense. and why the hell am i blogging about college food. it's raining now. super conducive environment for sleeping man. like i can drop onto the bed and be in slumberland instantaneously.

and now offline again. you say shitty or not?!?! ^%*^(*&)$@!#^

and now... let me show you one very freaky cereal box toy.



this comes with your everyday box of Honeystars!
are they meant to scare the hell out of little kids? cos if they are, they've done a darn good job. looks like your average serial killer asphyxiated by a plastic bag... 


i really didn't want to get the freaky joker but the only other thing left was the scarecrow who does his 'speedy upper cut' -.-


this is the joker himself giving you a kick and shaking his fist in the air. no, actually his fist doesn't move at all. he just kicks when you push his leg forward, which isn't really kicking, it's you pushing his leg forwards. ah well, action figurines.


"lets have a stare competition, my dears."
confirm win la joker...


lol. damn pointless la this post. just so you know, the internet sucks to the maxx and imma rip out all my hair before it ceases its suckiness.
i wont even be publishing it now cos it sucks so bad i can't reconnect. wtf. bye


instead i'm publishing it now, the day after i wrote it, in the afternoon because you can only ever online in peace in the afternoon when everyone's either at class or asleep or whatever. effing irritating.


Sunday, August 17, 2008



put on your sunday clothes, we're gonna ride through town
in one of those new horsedrawn open cars~




can anyone not love wall-e?


not such a great fan of eve, i lean more towards the die-hard roach :) oh and also the cleanliness-obsessed bot. gahh, cute. loved all the classic songs placed in futuristic movie like this, the wacky dysfunctional bots and wall-e's junk collection~ pixar is amazing for being able to infuse so much emotion and cuteness into a bunch of metal parts, especially a piece of rusted garbage collecter. i mean, look at it's big wet puppydog eyes.... awww. and since when did eletronically generated robotic voices become so adorable?

and, and what's with the short movie with presto the magician and his bunnyrific accomplice at the beginning? cuteness overdose man. not that i'm hating it :)


btw, i'm soooo out i have yet to watch dark knight! and i just only found out about a majorly dramatic shooting which happened in seremban a few weeks back o.O apparently this action-movie-esque shooting took place in era-square involving the murder of a restaurant owner by a professional hitman. WTF HOW COME I DIDN'T KNOW?!?!?!?! why didn't anybody think to tell me??? kick-ass drama okay. 4 shots were fired and this dude who was getting into a car to go home got shot in his leg before he got into his car cos the hitman thought he was gonna go chase after him!!! is that or is that not action-movie material?? like damn pro ok. go shoot people to death in the midst of a crowd and still manage to make a clean getaway. blood and gore galore. HOW COME DRAMATIC THINGS LIKE THIS CAN HAPPEN IN SEREMBAN?!?! suffice to say, i'm never going to era-square at night again in case i get caught in a cross-fire and die.

... after typing that, i realise it's so bizarre even i can't take myself seriously.

and did i mention i hate ulcers? sigh. it's like they have a vendetta against me or something. stupid ulcer decided to pop up for a visit (for a non-predetermined period of time) on the left of my tongue where it brushes against the side of my teeth wtf at all times. bloody annoying lo. honestly i dunno what i did to deserve this... okay fine, i do. i bit it. happy?


anecdote of the day:

i saw my cat looking over his water bowl for quite some time so i went over to check out what was so interesting about the water in his bowl. imagine my surprise when i found a semi-transparent fish swimming inside the bowl; cos for one, we don't keep fishes in the water bowl for his amusement, two, there's no way he could have caught a fish from the fishbowl outside and transferred it into his water-bowl and even if he was awesome enough to have done that, we don't even have that type of fish in the first place! super amazing la. maybe ginger secretly wants to keep his own fish in a fishbowl?  damn vigorous lo the fish, wriggling left and right super fast. waa so intriguing, must lean in for a closer look right?

... jeng jeng jeng~    

...what is it? 
it's a disconnected lizard tail squirming in the water!!!! omggrossstunness.

ginger is so dead.


Friday, August 15, 2008

holiday's here



now i can go home and laze and laze and WATCH TV! ah, my beloved tv... how i've missed you~ lol i'm making it sound as if there's no tv here for me to watch. there are... quite a few actually. but they have those hospital-waiting-area-stuck-in-a-row chairs - not comfy. and everytime i pass the tv room (1 floor down), some random chick/s will be watching some random malay drama on tv1/2/3 but lately that has given way to some random olympic competition. as i type, there's probably a group of people in every tv room in the whole of UM watching whatever olympic game is on at this time. blah. only interested in pretty gymnastics and gymrama and swimming and diving and synchronised swimming and... hurdles? haha very graceful what.

there's a pair of bright pink underwear in the corridor outside my door and it's been there since noon. dunno who dropped it there o.O they should throw it in the bin.

i had papaya today, very good for digestion and i feel like shitting.

we're having 3 tests after the hol week! jialat. cannot laze with a good conscience.

ooo.. another thing i'm looking forward to is wearing shorts day in day out and not having to change into long pants just to go down and eat dinner. bwahahaha... shorts !!! i wanna wear shorts to lectures lehhhh... formal wear with shorts. nice no??? takblehpakai.

sofaaaaaa~ mummy's coming home!!

p.s. wifi here sucks pretty bad. like wanna-pull-out-ur-hair-in-frustration bad.



Wednesday, August 13, 2008

very the boliao


hoho... guess what i did today that made me very happy??!

1st scenario : our anatomy lecture has switched to another lecture hall because it's getting renovated. woot!

reason for excessive happiness - old lecture hall was built in the 60s with wooden tables and wooden wall panellings and new lecture hall is super cun with very sloped seatings (which might not be so great if u plan to sleep during lectures) like movie theatre and super cool flip-table things that don't flip but swerve in a very ergonomic fashion into position. seriously it's very cool la and/or i have grown accustomed to the dinghy old place so anything else seems like heaven. i swerves wei. like so wonderfully angled that it wont hit the person next to you while swerving although it looks like it will. that place la. it's so movie theatre-ish i felt like taking out my water bottle and putting it into the little cup-holder thing movie theatre chairs have... only it doesn't exist in the lecture hall.

downside is, we'll only be here for august or so long as the old lecture hall is still under renovation. heck, i hope the old place collapses or whatever so they will have to prolong the renovation. bwahaha.


2nd scenario : sometime between watching the cutting up of a frog and watching the drumstick twitch, suddenly starting craving for durian durian. decided to go on the walk back from lab, jumped into a taxi with plh, sue n huili and lo and behold, we're in mv eating durian durian. damn syok. after which we wen to eat asam laksa~~ which i already had on sunday,wth, but still very nice~~~ i'm officially over the durian durian but still very into asam laksa. of which i'll probably be very sick of after about 2 months maybe? since i'll anyhow go eat anytime when and if i feel like it.

whoever said i wasn't a fan of food. zomg tummy is damn flabby... but still 43kg. cis. who knew all that walking would do nothing.


-asam laksaaaaaaaa-

Sunday, August 10, 2008

i is with laptop


woohooo~ my laptop is canggih babehh. i am now trying to blog with this windows live writer thing because it looks like it's pretty user friendly. like i don't have to purposely sign in to blogger and all. 

ishhh... pc turned off itself to install updates and i lost my half-done post. so that's a con for blogging from here... bigbig con.

i was saying, for the whole of today, i shirked my stat tuts and went to play with the new lappie, especially the webcam :) then afterwards went out for a steamboat dinner which ended up being somewhat dramatic with horrible food. but we managed. we're us after all. 

omg. i just burnt a pot of bat jan soup that my popo purposely boiled for me cos i went to reheat it and forgot about it completely until i smelt the stench of burnt food. cham. imma eat everything that's still edible and wash the pot and pretend i drank it all. yes.

back to the topic, imma show you my webcamho pics :P




this is :


me trying to look shocked but looking somewhat retarded cos it's really hard to capture something that blinks on and off in a few milisecs. really now, i'm not down or anything.



me being annoyed because i couldn't get the whole shocked look after more than 5 tries.



me having a eureka moment on realisation that there are other things to play with other than the emotion effects. i.e. filters, frames n distortions!



me in dreamy mode



me blowing dandelions...which is really a task because it's very hard to take a pic of yourself blowing something without looking pretty darn stupid. i don't look stupid do i?



me being seductive o.O



me getting a visit from a constipated black crow.



me being annoyed again because the crow messed up my hair.



erm... utter zadaoness effect but with the wrong facial expression.

the annoyed look kinda stuck.



me giving you the finger. eff you!!!



me being a member of the star trek.



me being a member of the star trek that's getting sucked into a warp.




me doing what i do best.



me showing you my tonsils



me being the freakiest demon you've ever seen.


me loving the falling snow~

so winter sonata. lmao.


ok that's all... la di da.

very pointless post.

just to test out this livewriter thingamajig.

apparently my pics all come out exactly the same as here and without the little border thing that's on all my previous pics. hmm...

k byebye.


-when's it gonna snow here?-

Saturday, August 2, 2008

filling the gap: ccd, ag, ub

hello hello... i'm back in seremban. happy.

i am online and blogging, was watching tv and lazing... instead of studying for a test on monday. lolx. shitass i am such a procrastinator. plh says i'm a bad influence cos i always go to bed early even if i haven't finished studying...lolx. spoil her mood to study so to say. see la, a roomie doing the same course also has it's cons.

i am getting my lappy soon soon soon.


cracked egg on the hostel room table
why am i showing u a cracked egg?
because a monkey infiltrated our room a few weeks back and cracked and ate an egg, munched and cluttered the place with lemon biscuits (which was in a closed container, tqverymuch), ignored a tub of cream crackers and stole, yes STOLE my packet of chipsmore (hazelnut) leaving plh's chipsmore (extra choc) alone. the monkey has taste.

crime-scene documentation.
monkey prints on bedsheet!!!

heard the day after that they also trashed my friends room a few doors away, drinking their milk and eating their instant noodles. super duper WTF. great anecdote for when people ask me how's (residential) college life.


a chinese senior-freshie interaction dinner where all the freshmen were assigned roles to dress-up as. kinda like a costume party la. but very the chinese-orientated lo.

guess what plh was?

ELVIS babehhh~

from left: juk ying toi, michael jackson, leong sam pak, nono

others include geng dim people like bao ching tin, aaron kwok, anita mui, bruce lee, sailormoon, cruella de vil, playboy bunny (guy), yu fa (guy), catwoman, batman, superman, black rose ...etc. etc. i was leslie cheung... not fun at all.

then they made us walk on the streets in broad daylight to some random chinese restaurant.

wtf to death.


looks quite shitty here.
like high school nia.

because i had to prep for annual gathering, i missed the girl's night out on thursday... so sad cos they look like they had soo much fun. SAD. SAD.

the indian dancers :P
left : yoga, dance instructer
right : huili (hoho... i like her, she makes my head look small)

i must be indian in my past lifetime. i love indian garb. lmao

attention, foo chi zhan.
take precautions... this is your qing di!!!
wth he's so hot, he will very well steal plh from you.
on a more serious note, plh didn't know he was there and i have no idea whether he was posing for the photo or he just stands like that naturally. the latter is just as likely.

we have stunned many when they learn we went to kindergarten together.

us with plh's buddy: tay U-nice! lol

my buddy line. 1 missing.

peiyi getting stabbed with a pitchfork

me stabbing yisiang back
haha... i love the pitchfork. it's so cute.

for no reason, a courtyard in the our faculty
lol... very mengada cos i like never go there and almost all my classes are a million miles away from this place la. everywhere else is very drab. sien. law fac is very niceeeeee.... why am i not studyin law? stupid rhetorical q hehe.


the happy family.
they all look so sad cos am is going.

ritualistic pre-sendoff mcD dinner
ai ming, don't cry! :)

she is super tiny ok.
miss ya lots, midget am!
she looks like 4"5 in here :)

speaking of which, i was crammed into this ktm yesterday on the way home and saw this lady who only came up to about my armpit. she was damn kesian cos we were all packed like sardines and it probably made it very hard for her to breathe. i'm so thankful i'm a normal height la... otherwise i'd be stuck staring at people's chests and smelling their armpits. o.O


my brother is berry fat. berry berry fat.

giri?(wth i cannot spell his name), bro and jl stacking stones in the middle of the river.
you shall see why in a moment.

bro and yeepeng? (cannot spell hers either... ju help me. lol) very intent on trying to catch fishies.

tadaaa... barbequing in the middle of the river. very novel! for me anyways.
so cool ok. like as you barbeque , you sit in the water and get nibbled on by fishes. heck, sure better than fish spa :P FOC summore.

all the yum. being a anti-fan of food, loving chicken wings is saying alot.
also... everyone should go eat durian durian at secret recipe!!! damn nice ok?! go eat, go fast fast.

cook, chickens~ cook!!!
jl you cut hair d ma?? lolxx

fatty in the river
zomg, we hiked so far up there weren't a single person in sight save for the occasional hikers.

calendar/brochure shot :)

the fellas still bbq-ing away.

ju n fatso
heart this pic!

ju and fatso again
for some reason, when i set the cam setting to 'foliage' the shutter speed becomes damn slow...
i suppose they suppose that foliage don't move.

wahahah... fucking cute hand-fan!!!!
bought from pasar malam in ss2.
i love it so much, i randomly take it out and fan myself in the room while i'm doing tutorials or studying ( much to plh's stunness of course. "yer... za dao")

-i go study abit-