Saturday, August 2, 2008

filling the gap: ccd, ag, ub

hello hello... i'm back in seremban. happy.

i am online and blogging, was watching tv and lazing... instead of studying for a test on monday. lolx. shitass i am such a procrastinator. plh says i'm a bad influence cos i always go to bed early even if i haven't finished studying...lolx. spoil her mood to study so to say. see la, a roomie doing the same course also has it's cons.

i am getting my lappy soon soon soon.


cracked egg on the hostel room table
why am i showing u a cracked egg?
because a monkey infiltrated our room a few weeks back and cracked and ate an egg, munched and cluttered the place with lemon biscuits (which was in a closed container, tqverymuch), ignored a tub of cream crackers and stole, yes STOLE my packet of chipsmore (hazelnut) leaving plh's chipsmore (extra choc) alone. the monkey has taste.

crime-scene documentation.
monkey prints on bedsheet!!!

heard the day after that they also trashed my friends room a few doors away, drinking their milk and eating their instant noodles. super duper WTF. great anecdote for when people ask me how's (residential) college life.


a chinese senior-freshie interaction dinner where all the freshmen were assigned roles to dress-up as. kinda like a costume party la. but very the chinese-orientated lo.

guess what plh was?

ELVIS babehhh~

from left: juk ying toi, michael jackson, leong sam pak, nono

others include geng dim people like bao ching tin, aaron kwok, anita mui, bruce lee, sailormoon, cruella de vil, playboy bunny (guy), yu fa (guy), catwoman, batman, superman, black rose ...etc. etc. i was leslie cheung... not fun at all.

then they made us walk on the streets in broad daylight to some random chinese restaurant.

wtf to death.


looks quite shitty here.
like high school nia.

because i had to prep for annual gathering, i missed the girl's night out on thursday... so sad cos they look like they had soo much fun. SAD. SAD.

the indian dancers :P
left : yoga, dance instructer
right : huili (hoho... i like her, she makes my head look small)

i must be indian in my past lifetime. i love indian garb. lmao

attention, foo chi zhan.
take precautions... this is your qing di!!!
wth he's so hot, he will very well steal plh from you.
on a more serious note, plh didn't know he was there and i have no idea whether he was posing for the photo or he just stands like that naturally. the latter is just as likely.

we have stunned many when they learn we went to kindergarten together.

us with plh's buddy: tay U-nice! lol

my buddy line. 1 missing.

peiyi getting stabbed with a pitchfork

me stabbing yisiang back
haha... i love the pitchfork. it's so cute.

for no reason, a courtyard in the our faculty
lol... very mengada cos i like never go there and almost all my classes are a million miles away from this place la. everywhere else is very drab. sien. law fac is very niceeeeee.... why am i not studyin law? stupid rhetorical q hehe.


the happy family.
they all look so sad cos am is going.

ritualistic pre-sendoff mcD dinner
ai ming, don't cry! :)

she is super tiny ok.
miss ya lots, midget am!
she looks like 4"5 in here :)

speaking of which, i was crammed into this ktm yesterday on the way home and saw this lady who only came up to about my armpit. she was damn kesian cos we were all packed like sardines and it probably made it very hard for her to breathe. i'm so thankful i'm a normal height la... otherwise i'd be stuck staring at people's chests and smelling their armpits. o.O


my brother is berry fat. berry berry fat.

giri?(wth i cannot spell his name), bro and jl stacking stones in the middle of the river.
you shall see why in a moment.

bro and yeepeng? (cannot spell hers either... ju help me. lol) very intent on trying to catch fishies.

tadaaa... barbequing in the middle of the river. very novel! for me anyways.
so cool ok. like as you barbeque , you sit in the water and get nibbled on by fishes. heck, sure better than fish spa :P FOC summore.

all the yum. being a anti-fan of food, loving chicken wings is saying alot.
also... everyone should go eat durian durian at secret recipe!!! damn nice ok?! go eat, go fast fast.

cook, chickens~ cook!!!
jl you cut hair d ma?? lolxx

fatty in the river
zomg, we hiked so far up there weren't a single person in sight save for the occasional hikers.

calendar/brochure shot :)

the fellas still bbq-ing away.

ju n fatso
heart this pic!

ju and fatso again
for some reason, when i set the cam setting to 'foliage' the shutter speed becomes damn slow...
i suppose they suppose that foliage don't move.

wahahah... fucking cute hand-fan!!!!
bought from pasar malam in ss2.
i love it so much, i randomly take it out and fan myself in the room while i'm doing tutorials or studying ( much to plh's stunness of course. "yer... za dao")

-i go study abit-


Ai Ling said...

you're getting fairer. that's scary. XDD

- xinli - said...

im not monkeyyyy~
n i'll be tan in prob half a year on account of having to walk eveerywhere in the sun now :)