Friday, August 15, 2008

holiday's here


now i can go home and laze and laze and WATCH TV! ah, my beloved tv... how i've missed you~ lol i'm making it sound as if there's no tv here for me to watch. there are... quite a few actually. but they have those hospital-waiting-area-stuck-in-a-row chairs - not comfy. and everytime i pass the tv room (1 floor down), some random chick/s will be watching some random malay drama on tv1/2/3 but lately that has given way to some random olympic competition. as i type, there's probably a group of people in every tv room in the whole of UM watching whatever olympic game is on at this time. blah. only interested in pretty gymnastics and gymrama and swimming and diving and synchronised swimming and... hurdles? haha very graceful what.

there's a pair of bright pink underwear in the corridor outside my door and it's been there since noon. dunno who dropped it there o.O they should throw it in the bin.

i had papaya today, very good for digestion and i feel like shitting.

we're having 3 tests after the hol week! jialat. cannot laze with a good conscience.

ooo.. another thing i'm looking forward to is wearing shorts day in day out and not having to change into long pants just to go down and eat dinner. bwahahaha... shorts !!! i wanna wear shorts to lectures lehhhh... formal wear with shorts. nice no??? takblehpakai.

sofaaaaaa~ mummy's coming home!!

p.s. wifi here sucks pretty bad. like wanna-pull-out-ur-hair-in-frustration bad.



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