Sunday, August 10, 2008

i is with laptop

woohooo~ my laptop is canggih babehh. i am now trying to blog with this windows live writer thing because it looks like it's pretty user friendly. like i don't have to purposely sign in to blogger and all. 

ishhh... pc turned off itself to install updates and i lost my half-done post. so that's a con for blogging from here... bigbig con.

i was saying, for the whole of today, i shirked my stat tuts and went to play with the new lappie, especially the webcam :) then afterwards went out for a steamboat dinner which ended up being somewhat dramatic with horrible food. but we managed. we're us after all. 

omg. i just burnt a pot of bat jan soup that my popo purposely boiled for me cos i went to reheat it and forgot about it completely until i smelt the stench of burnt food. cham. imma eat everything that's still edible and wash the pot and pretend i drank it all. yes.

back to the topic, imma show you my webcamho pics :P




this is :


me trying to look shocked but looking somewhat retarded cos it's really hard to capture something that blinks on and off in a few milisecs. really now, i'm not down or anything.



me being annoyed because i couldn't get the whole shocked look after more than 5 tries.



me having a eureka moment on realisation that there are other things to play with other than the emotion effects. i.e. filters, frames n distortions!



me in dreamy mode



me blowing dandelions...which is really a task because it's very hard to take a pic of yourself blowing something without looking pretty darn stupid. i don't look stupid do i?



me being seductive o.O



me getting a visit from a constipated black crow.



me being annoyed again because the crow messed up my hair.



erm... utter zadaoness effect but with the wrong facial expression.

the annoyed look kinda stuck.



me giving you the finger. eff you!!!



me being a member of the star trek.



me being a member of the star trek that's getting sucked into a warp.




me doing what i do best.



me showing you my tonsils



me being the freakiest demon you've ever seen.


me loving the falling snow~

so winter sonata. lmao.


ok that's all... la di da.

very pointless post.

just to test out this livewriter thingamajig.

apparently my pics all come out exactly the same as here and without the little border thing that's on all my previous pics. hmm...

k byebye.


-when's it gonna snow here?-


ailing said...

jealous la!

timcvm said...

what laptop did u get?

- xinli - said...

a hp pavilion dv3000
and i know that because its written on the lappy. haha :)