Wednesday, August 13, 2008

very the boliao

hoho... guess what i did today that made me very happy??!

1st scenario : our anatomy lecture has switched to another lecture hall because it's getting renovated. woot!

reason for excessive happiness - old lecture hall was built in the 60s with wooden tables and wooden wall panellings and new lecture hall is super cun with very sloped seatings (which might not be so great if u plan to sleep during lectures) like movie theatre and super cool flip-table things that don't flip but swerve in a very ergonomic fashion into position. seriously it's very cool la and/or i have grown accustomed to the dinghy old place so anything else seems like heaven. i swerves wei. like so wonderfully angled that it wont hit the person next to you while swerving although it looks like it will. that place la. it's so movie theatre-ish i felt like taking out my water bottle and putting it into the little cup-holder thing movie theatre chairs have... only it doesn't exist in the lecture hall.

downside is, we'll only be here for august or so long as the old lecture hall is still under renovation. heck, i hope the old place collapses or whatever so they will have to prolong the renovation. bwahaha.


2nd scenario : sometime between watching the cutting up of a frog and watching the drumstick twitch, suddenly starting craving for durian durian. decided to go on the walk back from lab, jumped into a taxi with plh, sue n huili and lo and behold, we're in mv eating durian durian. damn syok. after which we wen to eat asam laksa~~ which i already had on sunday,wth, but still very nice~~~ i'm officially over the durian durian but still very into asam laksa. of which i'll probably be very sick of after about 2 months maybe? since i'll anyhow go eat anytime when and if i feel like it.

whoever said i wasn't a fan of food. zomg tummy is damn flabby... but still 43kg. cis. who knew all that walking would do nothing.


-asam laksaaaaaaaa-

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