Sunday, August 17, 2008


put on your sunday clothes, we're gonna ride through town
in one of those new horsedrawn open cars~




can anyone not love wall-e?


not such a great fan of eve, i lean more towards the die-hard roach :) oh and also the cleanliness-obsessed bot. gahh, cute. loved all the classic songs placed in futuristic movie like this, the wacky dysfunctional bots and wall-e's junk collection~ pixar is amazing for being able to infuse so much emotion and cuteness into a bunch of metal parts, especially a piece of rusted garbage collecter. i mean, look at it's big wet puppydog eyes.... awww. and since when did eletronically generated robotic voices become so adorable?

and, and what's with the short movie with presto the magician and his bunnyrific accomplice at the beginning? cuteness overdose man. not that i'm hating it :)


btw, i'm soooo out i have yet to watch dark knight! and i just only found out about a majorly dramatic shooting which happened in seremban a few weeks back o.O apparently this action-movie-esque shooting took place in era-square involving the murder of a restaurant owner by a professional hitman. WTF HOW COME I DIDN'T KNOW?!?!?!?! why didn't anybody think to tell me??? kick-ass drama okay. 4 shots were fired and this dude who was getting into a car to go home got shot in his leg before he got into his car cos the hitman thought he was gonna go chase after him!!! is that or is that not action-movie material?? like damn pro ok. go shoot people to death in the midst of a crowd and still manage to make a clean getaway. blood and gore galore. HOW COME DRAMATIC THINGS LIKE THIS CAN HAPPEN IN SEREMBAN?!?! suffice to say, i'm never going to era-square at night again in case i get caught in a cross-fire and die.

... after typing that, i realise it's so bizarre even i can't take myself seriously.

and did i mention i hate ulcers? sigh. it's like they have a vendetta against me or something. stupid ulcer decided to pop up for a visit (for a non-predetermined period of time) on the left of my tongue where it brushes against the side of my teeth wtf at all times. bloody annoying lo. honestly i dunno what i did to deserve this... okay fine, i do. i bit it. happy?


anecdote of the day:

i saw my cat looking over his water bowl for quite some time so i went over to check out what was so interesting about the water in his bowl. imagine my surprise when i found a semi-transparent fish swimming inside the bowl; cos for one, we don't keep fishes in the water bowl for his amusement, two, there's no way he could have caught a fish from the fishbowl outside and transferred it into his water-bowl and even if he was awesome enough to have done that, we don't even have that type of fish in the first place! super amazing la. maybe ginger secretly wants to keep his own fish in a fishbowl?  damn vigorous lo the fish, wriggling left and right super fast. waa so intriguing, must lean in for a closer look right?

... jeng jeng jeng~    

...what is it? 
it's a disconnected lizard tail squirming in the water!!!! omggrossstunness.

ginger is so dead.


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