Tuesday, September 30, 2008

born in the 80s

barely, but hell yea!

these are all stuff from an email, how many can u remember? i only picked out ones that i do though...


cheapo chocs that successfully bluffed us into getting them every single time.
if u remember as well as i do, they tasted horrible but had amazingly cool free toys inside!!! and by amazingly cool, i mean cheapo plastic thingamajigs.
don't lie, i know you loved 'em too.



okay i don't get this one, just thought it was cool and super retro. no memory of it whatsoever. does anyone remember this thing? maybe it's from the early 80s. i only recall that tetris thingey. damn chi gek -.-"
kids those days... so easily amused.



wooo... definite buy! i think they actually did taste good. plus free tattoos!! swt.
i think they're still sold in shops, except maybe they don't taste as good anymore. i remember buying one a few years back which felt like it disintegrated in my mouth. ech. and and remember super ring?!?! it used to be soooo good, albeit the excess of artificial colouring. now they're like so...empty. i mourn the passing of yummy super ring days.



hello little square flag erasers!!
most commonly used in eraser fights. 20cents apiece was it ? there is no way you never owned one of these at some point in your life. i doubt anyone bothered to remember what flag belonged to what country though.



the multi-functional pencil case with magnetic clasp!!
comes complete with it's own eraser compartment, pencil sharpener, pencil slots, double layers, and much MUCH more!!!
wahahaha... mine was pink. i think.



and who can have the previous without owning one of these 1st huh? rustiness and cluttering with stickers is also a must. i think the point of this pic was the lot of pencils though i can't tell because the email was in chinese T_T



next up we have this baby piano~ did you own one?



jelly jelly~ everyone gives these out on birthdays.
don't tell me you didn't [gasp].
oh and children's day ;)



love love LOVE these sticky bubbles that don't pop. they smell funny but they're awesome! :) and even if they do pop, you can have a good time scrunching it up and popping the ball of snot it becomes.



super mario!
you do not have a childhood unless you've played super mario.
i never knew where all the secret invisible coin bricks were and which pipe lets you into a secret underground coin mine.... :(



HE-man Thundercats~
awakens the steroid-popping man in you! loljk
i'm also a great fan of dino riders, transformers, dragonflyz (wtf), my little pony, care bears...


and of course, the awesomest cartoon ever...TMNT
but i think my favourite was dino riders cos i remember my grand uncle would shout through the house for me when it aired. "NAINONINER~!" swt


the smurfs :)
i wonder why they don't re-air the smurfs anymore. i keep seeing he-man, transformers and stuff back on tv but no smurfs :(



actually i don't remember this being around at all but people say it's friends with that fishing game which i was addicted to. you know, the one with plastic fishies in a pond opening and closing their mouths. damn syok la the game. can play forever and ever by yourself.



candy top cookies - a staple snack.
used to pick the little cream tops off to eat before munchin on the biscuit part.


and last but not least,


back to the future~!!!
michael j fox, was it? anyways it was damn cool.
what sci-fi was in the early 90s.
they even had the follow up series where the doc would demo science experiments, you know, make clouds in a bottle and shit like that.


kay... now i need to go start to read up on my chem because i have a test on monday and i NEVER payed attention to the lectures (i have discovered a new talent- the ability to stare at the projection for one whole hour and daydream). also, because i spent the last 2 and a half days watching moonlight resonance nonstop. sejak bila xinli watch hk dramas?? wahahahaha. absolutely the epitome of drama k, they make shouting arguments look so natural and make you wanna strangle the antagonists sooo bad. eff you damn hong yi and ka mei!!!! where got people so evil one?


-sloth is i-


Anonymous said...

yumyum candy top cookies...

.mick. said...

When u gonna post new post gal? ur blog has become my interesting story board and its entertaining mi much, thus its a chance for mi to know much more things that totally out of my world...envy-ing... anyway hows ur life in UM? its been ages we haven contacted haha sorry for it coz im definitely bc recently for fixing my college stuffs... 1 more thing which ' Get in active always young pretty gal^^'

Lisa ^^, said...

Oh.My.Gosh. I remember almost all of those thingys!! Damn. Brings back great memories....haha ;P