Sunday, September 21, 2008

GG !

yes yes... addictive

elo elo i just watched the 1st ep of season2. wth, i know everyone has seen it cos it came out ages ago... always outdated (starting to watch moonlight resonance when tommorows the finale) cos i'm cool like that. shaddap.

just wanted to say omg so juicy!!! loved the part when marcus pulled an ed-westwick and switched accents just like that [snaps fingers] brit babehh, hate his look but that just earned him an extra 50 points. lol. love that the ep is blairchuck-centric with some of shirtless nate. woot. clothes are still lovely-serena's whiteparty outfit!, plot is very bizarre... lord? come on! wahaha... ed ed ed ed! still the evil brooding hotness.

yay to the happy couple

-drama come to mama-

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