Friday, September 19, 2008

i have unbelievable news


i.......have been online since 2 am this afternoon without once disconnecting! praise the wireless gods~ damn unbelievable ok.

right now, i am in my room alone... so nice! i've been doing nothing all alone since the afternoon and i love it :) doing nothing is definitely my thang. well actually that isn't exactly true because i did my laundry. hehe. i also watched an episode of moonlight resonance. don't know whether i'll be hooked but i'm guessing probably not cos i only ever watch hk dramas on tv and i like them better that way. and why am i alone? because plh is home and zy is out somewhere having fun. and why am i not home? because i didn't want to go for HE (which is what i have taken to calling Hubungan Etnik because it sounds less antagonizingly ridiculous but have been chided by plh for un-cheap-afying something so cheap) and i had to walk to engin fac alone if i wanted to follow her bro's car home. i'm damn lazy la. the pot confirm lose to me. so now i am happily doing nothing in the room waiting for miss punctuality aka jess to come rescue me and ship me home tonight. which is likely to not happen for another 2 hours since she said she'd come at around 8.

tommorow, i am going to fix my bangs which were china-fied in conjunction with the mid-autumn festival! because my backside was itchy. stupid ytrim fella. STUPID ytrim fella. i swear i am never ever going to let that fella cut my hair ever again lo. the consequences of impatience and laziness. planned to ask this lady there to cut my hair cos she did it the last time but she was dyeing some auntie's hair and i was too blardy lazy to wait so now my china bangs are like abit lopsided and becomes jagged at the slightest breeze. wtf lah benci. when he was cutting it i already realised it was lopsided so i kept asking him to trim the longer part and he did and i still felt it was longer than the other side so he trimmed it a few times and i still thought it was longer but decided maybe i was wrong cos he's the hairdresser takkan he cannot tell whether its uneven, maybe it was my poor judgement and what if i keep askin him to cut and it becomes too short and slants the other way but in the end i was right and it was lopsided but i was already in um and there was nothing i could do but take matters into my own hands and trim it back to normal but instead i killed it. wahaha, no lah. u think i stupid meh? i just had to bear with awful bangs for 1 whole week. shitness. stupid itchy backside.


you see!!!!
if that is not senget, i dunno what is.
summore  whole face break out like nobody's business.



it has been 4 days since teo left and 2 since ywk. i hate them. very much.

i want to go UK also lahhhhhh!


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