Thursday, October 23, 2008



  ooh, look i'm blogging again!

and why? because i am happy today, not that i am majorly depressed all the days i don't blog, but anyhoo i am extra happy today.

3 reasons.

number one.
cruel intentions!!!!! nicest show ever. can't remember when's the last time i watched it but i just suddenly thought of it today and went to watch it again. somehow i'm watching this 1999 movie and i don't really feel it's dated... is fashion going back there or what? dunno.
stuff i like about the movie : the jaguar. the way sebastian talks; there's something appealing about the kinda whiny way he speaks and how he sorta has an accent but he doesn't...can't quite pinpoint it but he sounds good. the pure evil that is kathryn, ( i hate it when some movies make you sympathize with the antagonist. it's like you don't know whether to really hate them or not)  tho  there was a moment of confusion whether she was really all evil at some point in the movie. the many 'awwww' moments. the hothot step-siblings.
favourite scene: when cecille tries to seduce sebastian but gets pushed off the bed. lol. love him with glasses on... no actually love him in all the scenes. :D  why did he have to dieeeeeeee~ [cries] i like him with kathryn better than annette tho... but ryan phillippe still ended up with reese witherspoon instead of sarah michelle gellar so...yea. also, sebastian kinda reminds me of chuck bass. you know, bad boy falls in love but gets hurt because he's actually very sensitive...or whatever.

number two.
ellie had comp movie tickets so we went to watch eagle eye. better than i expected, since i wasn't really into it at all because shea lebouf is in it. why is he in so many movies anyway? what's his appeal. don't get it. hmm. but the movie was damn chi gek. it's another one of those movies about artificial intelligence rebellion. if i lived in the states i think i might be a little freaked out by all the eavesdropping shit. but i like the plot and how aria sent her commands. i'd prefer if shea's character died in the end tho. hahaha. i swear it's not because i hate him... it's in the interest of the plot :P

number three.
bought a top and a skirt for rm17. haha ju i win, beat ur sgd 15 top and pants :P i'm cheap like that. they're both like a champagne sorta colour and kinda have a vintage feel. i'm telling you, too much chictopia is making me luvluvluv the vintage look.




an update on the bangs.

this is me and sue the week i got by bangs cut.


this is me 2 weeks ago.


i have a more perfect pic but i like ginger's agonised expression in this one. lmao. he's like "argh, are you done yet? i wanna go lick my privates or something."



and this is me yawning. bwahaha. i know i look like shit i just wanted to show you my hair that's not black. very subtle, but it's not black and so my bangs don't look as retarded somehow.



this is me yesterday.


alo, it is i, pimplychin and the coolest/comfiest shirt on earth.
ah, how my bangs have grown~ i like the length now, imo i don't look so stupid anymore. but these are things only the owner-of-bangs notices. people probably don't notice the difference [gasp] which means they still think i look as stupid as i did when i just got them cut. god forbid.



some random unposted pictures


this and the next few is from a few weeks back when i went to uncle cheon's house to have dinner with the kl-lims, auntie pei lian and f'ly who came to visit from australia. thought it would be dead boring but it turned out okay... what can i say, i like pretty places, listening to my cousin's half-brit half-aussie accent, and discovering that i not only suck at guitar hero on the computer, i also suck at it on the wii.


in case you should think these are pictures of his house, they aren't. lol. it's huge but not that huge. they're from the lake nearby.


pretty canopy, pretty ring~


pretty roots, pretty shoes.
sorry to disappoint, no pics of pretty me. bwahaha.


rays of sunshine~
i swear my cammy is awesome at taking pics of foliage :) i didn't even edit anything. 
however, it sucks to the max at night shots :(


mummy watching bro swim.
imagined if u lived here and swam everyday and like so glam nia. lolx. aunty pei lian calls this the resort house, very aptly so.


fatso's ass.
swimming away cos i was trying to take a pic of him.


uncle cheon taking a pic of me taking a pic of him.


from left: fatso, niresh, meimei n juju


get what i mean by pretty places?
window-ed walls. check.
indoor koi pond. check.
second storey balcony which overlooks the living room. check.
super high ceiling. check.
air-conditioned patio. check.


from the other end.
am, do you not love how the lamp works like a wide-angle lense?
that's auntie jenty in the corner.


er... last week?
sushi king member promo gorge day.
yes the one where it only costs rm2 a plate for everything.


hello lil miss greedy.
watching the conveyor belt intently for passing treasures :P
then i grew tired of it and decided to eat whatever's on the table.
my apologies to qliang for posting this very unflattering pic of her. lol..


pimplychin makes yet another appearance, and she brings with her oilybangs!
this was the day when i woke up at 9 to discover that they just cut off the water like 30 mins ago. and so i decided to sleep in in hopes that the water would come back on before my next class, following the class i missed because i didn't want to wake up and not have water to brush my teeth and wash my face. but alas it did not come back on for the whole fucking day....or the day after.


below is my half-blog which i never finished.


but i can't. cos there's no fucking water to flush with and the toilet stinks anyway, probably... i don't know... i've been avoiding the toilet since they cut off the water supply- which was yesterday morning [scowls]. i didn't even wash my face or brush my teeth properly yesterday morning and had to go walk to the dental faculty to bathe in the toilet there yesterday night which made me grumpy cos that was my first time there and i now know that the dental fac is effing new lah and the floor is shiny~ and the ceilings are high and the lab is nice. crummy old medic fac. crummy pharmacy department. the sun's out and it's a sunshiny day but my laundry is sitting here in the laundry basket making wrinkles. sad. nose is itchy but i can't scratch cos my hands are not clean and my face is full of pulsating pus-filled pimples...sooo i should drink more water to flush toxins but i worry that i will wanna pee and i don't wanna go anywhere near the toilet. damn sad case. can't wait to move out next year~! bye college-who-won't-let-me-wear-shorts-downstairs-to-have-dinner-in-a-non-airconditioned-dining-hall-and-cuts-off-our-water-supply.



everyone and my attempt at disguising ms.pimplychin.
from left: chui hua, hui li, plh, pimplychin-in-disguise, qliang, ky ying.



and for the heck of it,

IMG_8036 IMG_8038

our laundry hanging in the room because it decided to rain on us the moment our laundry came out of the washing machine. hilarious.


k done bye. i think i'm gonna watch cruel intentions again tomorrow.
this'll be the death of me. i have been back for 4 days and have not studied at all. where can i get anti-procrastination pills?? if not i'll be forced to return to college for my study week. noOoOOoOOo~

 p.s. i was damn freaked out by this pop-up that kept popping up la. what what COM surrogate not working. i thought my lappy got a virus or something. sounds really serious right??! COM surrogate??? like there's a surrogate com in my lappy? wtf. so then i went to google it and it turns out its not that serious- something to do with video codecs that need updating. wonder whether it is ok if i leave it like that... but its quite irritating lah need to click ok all the time. i just wanted to say i love google.

p.p.s. my laundry was all black because i wore black for a whole week because i believe in washing all your blacks together not because i'm afraid the colours would run but because a lot more lint would show if you don't and the only way i can do that without getting an uneven load error in the washing machine is by putting in a large enough load and that doesn't happen unless i wear black the whole week because neither of my other 2 roomies are lazy enough to use the ganas washing machine and i don't fancy keeping my dirty laundry for more than a week. comprehendo? i hope i wasn't coherent at all. bwahaha. so the thing is, if one should pay attention, one would notice that i alternate between white and black (and/or dark colours) every week. omg i am so smart and lazy i know i amaze you.

-addicted to sebastion-