Friday, November 28, 2008

pigs can fly




... and typewritten stuff. meluvs.


btw, i'm so healthy i wanted to brag.

i bought a purple dumbbell to match my purple yoga mat although they will probably not be used together but i don't care, they are the exact same purple and matching things are pretty. so there. imma have toned arms. promise. (but just so you know i don't always keep promises.)

i went to the gym yesterday!!! ran and cycled and did abs o.0 and arm lifts (hope i didn't sprain anything... but it's not hurting now so i should be okay yea?) then we went to secret recipe to eat like cows. vegetable soba (YUMtheBEST), greek salad(so-so) and high-fibre cheesecake (which is a healthcake in case you didn't know. oh and a yummy one at that). see how healthy i am???!?!? i didn't even yamcha~

then then for today's breakfast i had tesco's wholegrain fruit cereal with fresh milk. went for yoga in the evening~ I AM HEALTHY!!!! bwahahahhaa.



ok well, i still wake up after 12pm and by 'breakfast' i mean 'the first meal upon waking up' but let's take baby steps with this whole health thing k. baby steps.



-eat granola with me-

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

i ya




went to giant yesterday with am to grocery shop.
what is am without her big dramatic poses,



display tent ransacking,




and ugly children's footwear abusing??



IMG_8315 what issit then, can you buy me this blow-up kayak boat??
maybe when i get a house with a private pool, eh?
which will be never unless i marry a dying 90 year old billionaire...
or win the lottery.
that's also an option :)




back to the topic

(and i want that to be large but i'm using live writer and i have to change it to heading to do that and we've learnt from the previous post that that will lead to it being aligned to the left for whatever reason so let's just imagine it being extra large with blinking lights thrown in... ya know, since we're working with your imagination, it's possible.)


(imagine... a brownie-like font...which smells like brownies.)
(what! your imagine is too sucky to imagine fonts that smell??? peesh)


don't they look yummeh...
they are yummeh.
choc cream on top courtesy of ellie who copies recipes off marthaS. lol.
want some??
too bad, all gone.


molten choc cupcakes!!!
i love her cupcake holders.
red. like my nails.



molten innards~
doesn't it look tastehh?
it isn't.
cos i think the melty part inside called for milk choc but we used dark baking choc so it was bitter as hell... and not even in a tasteful kinda way although it was hersheys...
better luck next time.



watched Quantum of Solace and it was crap. i have four words to say about this movie (and probably the one before although i didn't watch it) :


i'd comment about the plot and the action sequences and all that but really now, nothing matters more than the fact that...


what were they thinking?!?!? committing the mistake of casting him once is stupid enough. twice? wth. don't know whether it was because i didn't watch the first instalment, but i found it NOT engaging at all. like in the middle of a conversation or car chase i could start day-dreaming (with the cinema speakers at full blast mind you)... apa ini.

pierce brosnan on the other hand is charming and a joy to watch although he's also old and wrinkly...but an endearing-handsome type of old and wrinkly not the fugly-droopy-daniel-craig type of wrinkly.


who said mama mia was boring???!?!?! huh huh? everyone was so hippie and wonderful...


could watch it again... but the lead gives me a sort of peter-parker vibe... which i don't like.

next up, sex and the city... DARKNIGHT!!! (am i the only one who hasn't watched it yet????) and and GOSSIPGIRL~


-can't wait for wildchild-

Monday, November 24, 2008

i draw, you are amazed.


hello, guess what i did today???
i youtubed! cos one of my subscriptions uploaded a new video.
whowhowho? EclecticAsylumArt, that's who!
imagine elvis presley on velvet with cheese puffs :) he is amazing. period.

i am also amazing. period.

don't believe me???!?!?!





see see see, i draw!
this is from lesson number 5.
aaah, isn't that the most impressive sketch you have ever seen?
the rough, flowing shapes... the sheer lack of colour and definition~
simply breath-taking.
(on another note, notice my very the imperfect complexion? i already photoshopped most of the pimples away and i still look shitty! blehhh i am the pimple monster.)

make no mistake, i did not watch from the 1st ep, bwahhaa cos i'm lazy... so i just jumped to his prepared steps without printing and....



this is midway through step 4...
me thinks it's already gorgeous.
(my fingers so hitam cos i adjusted the contrast to show you my work:P)


but i'm not done yet!



who issat?

the sexxehh marilyn monroe babehh~
notice the hair??? isn't it nischee~ i'm super proud of the hair cos if you follow the steps it doesn't look like that at all but i managed to make it look like that. bwahahha.
well it's not perfect... i kinda screwed up the proportions a little bit so my MM has a longer chin than she should have :P guess i have to work on my eyeballing skills :)


but it's still awesome, okay!

all that with a 2B pencil from the first abstract piece of art...
if you are not amazed, go away. i don't like you.
if you are, tell me how awesome i am!!!
i demand it.
i spent over an hour on this okayyyy...

thank yewww EclecticAsylumArt.
if you are super free like me, try it!

now then.
does anyone want to buy my magnificent piece of art??
when i die, all my stuff will cost millions and you will never be able to afford it!!!!! bwahahahah.



watch this and you will die of cuteness overdose.
but harry and charlie will forever be the cutest :D

she sounds exactly like the girl in the schnee-schno-schnoppy song!
notice when she says 'crocodile'??
j'adore the part when she says "who was very bad!"
(in all honesty i'm not entirely sure whether she was stressing the 'very'. lol)
also, 'giraffe' sounds so atas in french :)
and now i know circque du soleil is referring to the sun...




3 of my favourite things all rolled into one.
1. johnny depp
2. tim burton
3. alice in the wonderland

can't wait for 2010!

trivia: did you know the young johnny depp is on tv nowadays? some teen drama o.0 like beverlyhills90210 era teen drama. bwahahhahah. watch it! on fridays i think :D


ps. aiming is back and she is skinneh! and i stroked her chanel!! and we're baking tomorrow!!! and it's gonna be tastehh!!!!



Sunday, November 23, 2008

dum de de dum dum



the finals are over, the holidays are here and its time to kick back, relax and LAZE!

HELLOOOOOO! it's xinli we're talking about here ~ what's a holiday without lazing? nothing! the very essence of holidays- lazing. it is. a holiday devoid of lazing is like buttered toast without sugar, a garden without rabbits, a frangipani tree without frangipanis... tragically wrong  :D


i can't believe i haven't blogged in over a month!!! no actually, i can. (suddenly felt a little dawnyang-ey there. meh)
so anyway~ let's catch up, shall we?
i'm gonna write all sortsa crap with nothing in chronological order so be very confused!  or not. you probably couldn't care less. but let's assume you do.

let's talk about CHANEL first!

here's the lovely am showing off her lovely chanel box. so glam ok!
glammer than a zangtoi banana choc cake, which isn't very glam really. overrated.
something chanel (and pink DSes) isn't.
in her hands, she holds what could fund my 4 years of study in um. wtf. i is feeling damn cheap. why liddat???? [cries]

nerdo chanel-ninja!
for people who are not buaypaiseh like am, be careful of what you do on webcam ok because there is something called the printscreen button :)
but of course if you are, webcam with me!!! i will love you!
yo so gangsta!
notice me directing the shot^^

what's all this chanel crap about?
grab a towel to keep your drool at bay and witness the glamness!
i am going to am's to stroke her chanel...TOMORROW???


the missing and dead cat has reincarnated and returned to the house of mad-animal-lovers! if you don't know, marmalade died and marmite got lost... :( butbutbut now they have come back! :) well, not they per se but other kittens in the exact same colour and pattern. awwwwwwww. call it coincidence, call it fate... but it so happens only these two out of the many kittens in the back-lane have taken a particular liking to our place. and ginger loves the marmalade-lookalike! (marmalade was ginger's bro).... so endearing right right right? no one in the house has admitted that we've taken them in but popo feeds them all the time. lolx. we don't buy catfood for them tho... they are scraps-kitties. so technically they aren't ours. yet.

marmite nombor dua.
what separates the new black kitty from marmite is the lack of the wormy tail (but its still long!), skinnyness and photogenicity. i'm okay with that! this fella looks prettier in pics :) (gingerpuss still wins hands down tho) but i still love my marmite because i'm loyal like that, unlike people who abandon ackeeb for the saab when all ackeeb has ever done was to love unconditionally! tsk tsk tsk.

marmalade nombor dua.
skinny like marmalade but has a horrible meow. likes to pretend he's our cat by coming into the kitchen to make noise during dinner time despite numerous spankings. loved by ginger who licks the fella when he's around. cue another awwwwwww.



this is me waiting for a shuttle in front of my residential college. 1st residential college, which means this is the 1st one built in the whole of UM, which means its the oldest, which means it is crappy .... but that's another story.

when i look at this picture i well up with hatred and i will tell you why. on the day before my pharmaceutical organic chemistry, which i hate (why am i taking pharmacy again?), i burst into rashes. like... ALL over my body. immediately after dinner. seriously. i was scratching by the end of dinner while waiting for the others to finish. initially thought nothing of it then it started getting really unbearable itchy...all over. then it got red... but we laughed it off cos a few days ago i commented on plh's fongmok saying i have never heard of fongmok before i met her although everyone said it's damn common and we all agreed it was karma. yeah. so anyway, fongmok is supposed to go away after a few hours but the fucker was there in the morning and the day after. what is this!!! i couldn't sleep the second night cos i subconsciously started scratching myself in my sleep, triggering more itching fits. woke up scratching at 3am and couldn't re-sleep. @#$@%@*($%$!@#!!!!!! took a freezing cold shower at 5am in an attempt to numb the itchiness away. success! 

mental note: take effing cold showers when you are attacked by rashes.

speaking of mental notes, i have also noted that i am allergic to something (probably in my dinner) but i don't know what cos dinner was ayam kurma and some sorta cooked pineapple with kunyit to yellowfy the already yellow pineapple (what is with malay food and their obsession with turning everything into shades of yellow,orange and red??), stuff i eat all the time but do not end up an itching insomniac. bleh. so now i am in danger of re-eating whatever i am allergic to and falling into a state of rashful-fugliness. imagine having a bulging rash on your eyelid which makes your already nondescript double eyelid merge into a single eyelid. so sad case.

but this is not the point. i am not full of hatred for the rashes, i have accepted them. karma? ok, whatever. i am upset because... i waited for more than an hour for a fucking shuttle to take me to the clinic in 12th college and still did not end up getting there via shuttle. so anyway (i think i'm channeling happyslip's auntie), that was my first time attempting to ride in the shuttle because well, the bloody shuttle doesn't go to the medical faculty so i have no reason to take the shuttle until now. during that one hour, more than 15 shuttles passed me. why did i not manage to get to 12th?

1. fucker was going into the terminal next to my college.
2. fucker was coming out of the terminal which exits after the bus stop i'm at.
3. fucker ignored my partially-paralysed-birdlike flapping arm for no good reason.
4. fucker does not go to 12th (takes route2).

why do things like this happen to me? huh huh??? how come other people can just hail the first shuttle and get there with no obstacles?? as if itching like mad wasn't enough. i forgive all the shuttles committing 1,2 and 4 but what the hell is wrong with fucker #3?! you are not going into the terminal, you have no idea whether i'm taking route 1 or 2 but you can just look at me flailing at the bus stop and not even slow down?!?!? what the hell is wrong with you?!?!?!?! i hope you crash your new shiny air-conditioned shuttle and lose your job.

now, i swear at every shuttle i see passing by from my room window.

btw, i took a shot to my gluteus medius at the clinic and was all cured. i love injections. o.0 
the doctor had a damn farney name - dr. myint myint thye. lolx! i hope she doesn't google her name one day and find this... provided i spelled it correctly.


i like choki choki. do you like choki choki?

it is snowing, and the moon is out.
ok, fine. my lens is dirty.

behold, this is me walking back from the hospital in the rain after a day out cos we took a bus that stops at the hospital which is no where near 1st college. twas fun. honest i'm not being sarcastic despite my tendencies. ok, it sounds really pathetic but it's not that bad really when you normally take this walk every single day at least four times a day in the scorching sun (or pouring rain, depending on Sky's mood...occasionally if we are good girls, he lets us have cloudy and cold :)).



darling ruth in her room, which is gorgeous...and in 12th college.

i do not like her (because she lives in 12th). do you recall, i live in 1st, i.e. first college in UM? she lives in 12th, i.e. last college in UM. hence it has 9 floors and elevators. 1st has 4 floors and stairs... lots and lots of stairs! oh joy.
words cannot describe my ecstacy.
meh, i like the design and how it looks ever so slightly ikea-esque (to mee la!). see how the desks are baby blue and the beds are baby blue and you can't see from here but the cupboards are baby blue as well! not my favourite colour but it beats cheap-shellac-brown with cellotape marks. I WANNA LIVE HERE! then i would have to wake up at 6am for my 8am classes and wait for the fucking shuttle to 1st college and walk up to the medical faculty from there. cos life's like that. i would so stay in college for the whole 4 years if my room looked like that. you haven't seen my room have you? i'll spare you... cos i don't want you to feel sorry for me. boo i exaggerate but it's partially true.

because the previous pic doesn't do her justice, this is another!
ruth~ ni rombe allege ireke! like me, only less :)
because obviously my allege-ness is unrivalled. bwahahahah.



so anyway (auntie!), the other day some fella from the spi editorial emailed me for an interview without knowing my name. -_-"

hello so sorry i dont hv/noe ur name...i am rozanne from the SPI editorial board...

very insulting k. have the decency to find out. it can't be that hard can it. there are things called 'records' and 'teachers'. i suppose i am invisible in spi... T.T
i was so insulted i decided not to do the interview. take that! i shall deprived you of my very inspiring answers to your mediocre run-of-the-mill interview questions.
... nola just kidding, i'm not that mean... it's just that i was in the middle of the finals and i thought i would come back and do it at home but the computer kong-ed on me. oh well, i guess i won't be immortalized in the next paulian yearbook. boohoo.

but i will answer them here!

Congrats, ............. on your excellent results. How does it feel to be an all-rounder?
(notice the blank at which i am supposed to fill my name?)
it feels like i'm a liar because you are asking me to pretend i am an all-rounder. no sorry to disappoint, i'm a bookperson. i don't do sports or whatever. does knowing how to sew contribute?? then okay, i am an all-rounder and it feels awesome.

Did you expect such results? You were also an ...............(pls state any posts u held while in school). How has this helped you achieve those results?
(sigh...research?) oh dear me no, i didn't expect to get 4.0, since you know, i'm the laziest person on earth... no you wouldn't know, would you?
being secretaries for so many clubs helped mold me into the very apt procrastinator that i am today since all the reports only had to be passed up at the end of the year. as does regurgitating all the stuff you learn for stpm. see the correlation? last minute work is the best!

How did you prepare for your examination? Any tips that you would like to share with your fellow Paulians?
i slept a lot. sleeping is food for the brain. if it helps with your conscience you can sleep with your textbooks. i suggest the sofa.

What was your inspiration to be an all-rounder? What kept you reaching for your goals even when the going got tough?
ahhhh... my inspiration. THE PAULIAN SPIRIT! [shoots self]
when the going got tough, the tough got going... so it wasn't hard anymore cos tough was gone. kwim?

What are you currently studying? Finally, any advice for your fellow Paulians, that they too may be inspired to excel as you have?
i'm studying pharmacy! super fun okay? i advise all my fellow paulians to flunk their exams and party hard!! weeeeeeeee~

Juz wanna ask ur opinion..what is the Paulian Spirit to you? Do you think it is still felt strongly among Paulians? What do you think can be done to keep this spirit alive in every Paulian?
subjectively, the paulian spirit means arrogance, narcissism, egoism and lau-da-ness. yes, i believe many paulians still embody the paulian spirit. (unfortunately)
preach paulian spirit daily over the school radio and inside the library and during recess and in classrooms and during functions.

Thank you so much for your time and all the best for your future undertakings.

impressive no?


did i mention i like choki choki? and i'm going to singapore! :)

dum de de dum dum.



my popo is the cutest!
she kept saying she looks horrible cos her clothes are crumpled and all :)
ah ju do you miss popo?




-fucking shuttles-