Monday, November 24, 2008

i draw, you are amazed.

hello, guess what i did today???
i youtubed! cos one of my subscriptions uploaded a new video.
whowhowho? EclecticAsylumArt, that's who!
imagine elvis presley on velvet with cheese puffs :) he is amazing. period.

i am also amazing. period.

don't believe me???!?!?!





see see see, i draw!
this is from lesson number 5.
aaah, isn't that the most impressive sketch you have ever seen?
the rough, flowing shapes... the sheer lack of colour and definition~
simply breath-taking.
(on another note, notice my very the imperfect complexion? i already photoshopped most of the pimples away and i still look shitty! blehhh i am the pimple monster.)

make no mistake, i did not watch from the 1st ep, bwahhaa cos i'm lazy... so i just jumped to his prepared steps without printing and....



this is midway through step 4...
me thinks it's already gorgeous.
(my fingers so hitam cos i adjusted the contrast to show you my work:P)


but i'm not done yet!



who issat?

the sexxehh marilyn monroe babehh~
notice the hair??? isn't it nischee~ i'm super proud of the hair cos if you follow the steps it doesn't look like that at all but i managed to make it look like that. bwahahha.
well it's not perfect... i kinda screwed up the proportions a little bit so my MM has a longer chin than she should have :P guess i have to work on my eyeballing skills :)


but it's still awesome, okay!

all that with a 2B pencil from the first abstract piece of art...
if you are not amazed, go away. i don't like you.
if you are, tell me how awesome i am!!!
i demand it.
i spent over an hour on this okayyyy...

thank yewww EclecticAsylumArt.
if you are super free like me, try it!

now then.
does anyone want to buy my magnificent piece of art??
when i die, all my stuff will cost millions and you will never be able to afford it!!!!! bwahahahah.



watch this and you will die of cuteness overdose.
but harry and charlie will forever be the cutest :D

she sounds exactly like the girl in the schnee-schno-schnoppy song!
notice when she says 'crocodile'??
j'adore the part when she says "who was very bad!"
(in all honesty i'm not entirely sure whether she was stressing the 'very'. lol)
also, 'giraffe' sounds so atas in french :)
and now i know circque du soleil is referring to the sun...




3 of my favourite things all rolled into one.
1. johnny depp
2. tim burton
3. alice in the wonderland

can't wait for 2010!

trivia: did you know the young johnny depp is on tv nowadays? some teen drama o.0 like beverlyhills90210 era teen drama. bwahahhahah. watch it! on fridays i think :D


ps. aiming is back and she is skinneh! and i stroked her chanel!! and we're baking tomorrow!!! and it's gonna be tastehh!!!!



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