Friday, November 28, 2008

pigs can fly



... and typewritten stuff. meluvs.


btw, i'm so healthy i wanted to brag.

i bought a purple dumbbell to match my purple yoga mat although they will probably not be used together but i don't care, they are the exact same purple and matching things are pretty. so there. imma have toned arms. promise. (but just so you know i don't always keep promises.)

i went to the gym yesterday!!! ran and cycled and did abs o.0 and arm lifts (hope i didn't sprain anything... but it's not hurting now so i should be okay yea?) then we went to secret recipe to eat like cows. vegetable soba (YUMtheBEST), greek salad(so-so) and high-fibre cheesecake (which is a healthcake in case you didn't know. oh and a yummy one at that). see how healthy i am???!?!? i didn't even yamcha~

then then for today's breakfast i had tesco's wholegrain fruit cereal with fresh milk. went for yoga in the evening~ I AM HEALTHY!!!! bwahahahhaa.



ok well, i still wake up after 12pm and by 'breakfast' i mean 'the first meal upon waking up' but let's take baby steps with this whole health thing k. baby steps.



-eat granola with me-

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