Thursday, December 25, 2008

merry christmas



hope everyone had a great time!



-pan pan pan-

Sunday, December 21, 2008

holiday with me


hang on i'm having a premonition.

ohm... (don't ask me why i need to ohm when having a premonition. it's my thing. i'm not exactly whoever-alyssa-milano-was-in-charmed, raven or alice cullen. i ohm when i see the future ok?! get with it.)


ok, i predict this post to be super lengthy and chockful of pictures... muahaha.

super lengthy because i have a thing for writing in detail about nothing in particular and chockful of pictures because i own a digital camera and so do my friends!

but first i need to collect my pictures from other cameras first. boohoo. it's a little scary anticipating the whole ordeal of sifting through the pictures. hell, we went to malacca for a grand total of 2 days and there are a bajillion pictures from only 3 of the cams.



i wrote a good half of this post about half an hour ago and while i was downloading something and when it finished downloading, a pop-up requesting for a restart came up and the xinli who was coincidentally pressing the return key okayed the restart and it restarted! and i didn't SAVE!!!! @#%@#^%*&$#

the worst thing is that window asking whether i wanted to save before exit popped up and i stared at it in bewilderment for a good 2 secs, which was all the time it needed to just go ahead and exit and restart anyway. WTF.

so now i'm gonna try and remember what i wrote cos it was damn funny, i swear. and you just missed it. boohoo for you.



starting with the ritualistic exodus of the AXE trio (wahhh see i just made up a super lame acronym for us, guys!!!) to the jesses' where we eat, hang out, party, karaoke and be stupid.

i can't help feeling a little weirded out though, because it's so near my uni and i'm like going back to that place although it's the holidays when i should be doing everything i can to get away!!! btw, results are out and i did okay. no doubt the worst among the lot, but it's okay... and it will be ok so long as i don't find out how amazingly well the others did. lol. face it, everyone's just a little kiasu inside :)

i was planning on this being a short excerpt but i discovered when i was done choosing the pictures to post that it's gonna be way too long to be short and so it will be a post all on it's own. singapore and malacca will come another day.


upon arrival, we went to makan at sushi zanmai, the gardens


'just in case you forgot what i looked like'
which is what a lot of people like to say although it's highly unlikely in this case 'cause it has only been, what, 2 1/2 posts away from my face? ignoring the fact that my face is in the header and in the 'about me'. speaking of which, has anyone realised that it has stopped loading the picture of me smiling at ginger? so now when you mouse-over, all you can see is me pouting at ginger instead of me smiling then kissing ginger. i have no idea where that picture disappeared to and it wont be fixed for a while cos it doesn't really bother me and i can't remember what folder i put the original picture in.



it was pretty the yum :)
everyone tires of sushi king some day and that day has come for me.

who doesn't love sushi that looks as good as this?


what are those giant, juicy balls of red and those chunks of succulent orange??!?!?!
slurp slurp.



ell vigorously jabbing at moles popping out of the DSlite and me being blank.
whack-a-mole is fun and all but it sure doesn't stand a chance against the cute, silly, cute, exciting and cute Wario Touch, something the jesses are damn pro at. it's this super randomly cute timed game where you have to do effing random things like pluck hairs, make a blow-up doll do sit-ups, paint nails for an old man and tickle wrestlers till they lose. ok, well that didn't come out as cute as i had in mind but whatever.

i almost wanna buy a DSlite for myself just so i can play this game whenever i'm bored. bwahaha.


jess damn gan cheong over a game of drumming with jeewei who's either very pro at this or isn't very susceptible to big facial expressions because she certainly looks relaxed.


'how come their gadgets look more fun than mine, hhmmm?'


i'm hungry, it's 4.31am.


here's jess being glam with the xmas deco at midvalley gardens midvalley i-can't-recall. it's got chandeliers and bird cages!!! luv


ell being pretty and me looking like i'm 4 months along.
*big frowny face which symbols alone are incapable of producing*


and then we have the partying, sort of.



non-smoking, not as great as it's made out to be. because without smoke, you can smell armpits and shoes and sweat and all that jazz.
good thing i don't have a great sense of smell.

but we are us so here's the pictures anyway.


a must-do : camwhore in the car
hello, we is pretteh pretteh.



looking a little like i'm balding here but whatever, at least the hair isn't flat.
ell cute as usual :P



anything goes, even jess's dad's specs.
retro ok.



group pic at a red light. wtflol.
i know, we are asking for it.



looking like we're having fun on the dancefloor but really not because the music was bad and people smelled and this couple who was snogging for a good 5 minutes behind me keep bumping into me. note: red and white couple behind am.


IMG_8042 copy

us taking a breather on the top floor before we decided- screw euphoria, and left. 
(i know, what cacat legs i have)


from this point onwards,
xinli is bored and will just be captioning pictures which are all over the place.
truth be told, the bored-captioning began way before this point but this is where it officially begins, kays?



had dinner with their parents - BAK KUT TEH!
which is nearly the only type of pork i eat next to ribs and the minced stuff they put on noodles. pork is smelly. i once wrote a poem on pigs when i was 7 or 8. it rhymed with perfection. poems rhymed then.



jesses doing their hair. bwahahahha check out the dude's 'fro.
jesslyn came away with what looks like she went in with -_-" but in reality she now has roots like a granny! lmao. oh well.
jessmine got her hair cleopatra-ed and we kept calling her bai ling (much to her dismay; where dismay is an understatement cos she dunfoon-ed for a bit afterwards. lol. i'm guessing she doesn't really like the "vagina-flasher") i think she's made peace with her hair now. at least it's low maintenance, i.e no ugly roots.



the three of us hanging around in some green tea place waiting for the jesses.
my hair is so cute!



me sucking in my cheeks to make my face look slimmer.
result: emaciated.
that's us at green/red box (why do they bother with the 2 colours anyway?).
i'm telling ya we're all playing a fool but the jesses are damn serious when they are singing okay. eyes-closed, hand-feeling-air seriousness. and they're good. i mean, if it's not mariah or beyonce, they are not singing it.



oooh look!!! jessmine has on mismatched cons! NICE. can't believe i went out with her all day and all night and didn't notice them at all until i was looking through the pictures a moment ago.
if you're like me, you would notice that this picture is smart-blurred like in photoshop except it isn't! her cam has this face smoothening function which is sorta like an in-built auto blur tool. this, i could use... next thing you know, cameras will be coming out with in-built healing functions which detects imperfections and heals them!!!! i will HAVE to get that cam.



am and i drooling over the yumyum molten choc cake with vanilla ice-cream (we didn't get it because we were full)
i swear i am getting fatter by the day, what with the whole non-food-fan transition into food-fan. heck i couldn't fit into a pair of pants the other day and my bangles don't go all the way up to my upper arm anymore!!!! [gasp] that is scary...healthy, but scary!!! sadly, my right boob still doesn't fill the cup properly. wth.



ell posing and accidentally sucking in both drinks. lol.
if you haven't guessed it, it's chilli's : the place with humongous servings.
i still can't get over the fact that i spent 50bux the last time i was at chilli's and didn't even eat half of what i ordered. shitty shitty. this is why i can never eat at jogoya or whatever buffet without wasting money.



YUM at the paddington house of pancakes.
it's a wonder how people can overprice things so and still get idiots to eat em. i mean, it's just flour and eggs and fruits... how much can that cost? oh well...



and here we end with the ever cute darrel~
say GLAM!


malacca next cos i have zero pics from singapore as of now.


-eat eat eat-

the notebook





i just watched the notebook yesterday night/morning and i cried like fuck la can. i cried when they cried, i cried when they laughed and i cried when they were doing neither.

like when noah was building the house... [cries]

and when i realised it had blue shutters... [cries]

and when allie introduced herself to the kids... [cries]

and when allie said yes to lon... [cries] why, allie, why????!?!!!~

i can't believe i didn't watch it earlier, its been sitting in the computer for like more than a year now (the last time i opened it to watch, i got bored before the opening credits finished, where the dude was rowing a boat so i just went ahead and watched a comedy. ADD much?) so if you're watching and you're bored by the opening credits, please continue watching because it's damn worth the 30 seconds of boredom.

it's the absolute sweetest movie !!! what's twilight to this? nothing. it was so sweet i took 3 hours to watch the 2-hour movie cause i kept rewinding to replay all the happy parts. lmao. i'm like that... so i always take ages to watch anything on the computer

and i just wanna say it has the best ending ever!!! [wipes tears :)]



p.s. i'm so proud of myself for recognising dan scott of one tree hill as the coal digging fella! i'm the absolute best at recognising tv stars on the big screen :) read- jane doe of grey's anatomy as mrs cullen.




Tuesday, December 9, 2008

twilight rant




if you are female and have not read or watched twilight yet, seriously, what have you been doing?


this is a post about Twilight : both movie and book.

i'm not gonna rant about how cute or sweet edward is.

no, i'm not kidding or being sarcastic.

wth, yea?

what is this craze that as caught on everyone so much so that people start greeting others in msn by CAPPED SHRIEKS OF EDWARD CULLEN'S CUTENESS (yes that's you pen) and sms-ing me in the dead of the night, IN CAPS OF COURSE, while they are reading the book (sigh am) ??!?!

i can't quite tell why i'm not affected. might have been because i watched the movie before reading the book. not impressed by the movie and spent half the book trying to erase the picture of robert pattison as edward cullen because i wanted my own edward cullen. not a fan of pattison, brit or no brit i still think they could've done better casting someone more deadly charming than him. hated the way he portrayed edward as mildly retarded... he's supposed to be suave and all that shit, not someone who talks like they're dyslexic. but it is not to be....... :( i couldn't help but picture the damn robert pattison while i was reading so now, i'm not that impressed by the movie or the book. WHY?? i can't help but feel like i'm missing out on something important and i can't do anything about it. so sad. maybe this isn't my genre? or maybe i would never have fallen in love with edward cullen regardless of whether i watched the movie or not   o.0       i will never know and all i can say now is i am neutral towards this whole thing. which is sad, really.


p.s. am going to singapore in a few hours and i still haven't packed. go me!


-edward schmedward-