Sunday, December 21, 2008

the notebook




i just watched the notebook yesterday night/morning and i cried like fuck la can. i cried when they cried, i cried when they laughed and i cried when they were doing neither.

like when noah was building the house... [cries]

and when i realised it had blue shutters... [cries]

and when allie introduced herself to the kids... [cries]

and when allie said yes to lon... [cries] why, allie, why????!?!!!~

i can't believe i didn't watch it earlier, its been sitting in the computer for like more than a year now (the last time i opened it to watch, i got bored before the opening credits finished, where the dude was rowing a boat so i just went ahead and watched a comedy. ADD much?) so if you're watching and you're bored by the opening credits, please continue watching because it's damn worth the 30 seconds of boredom.

it's the absolute sweetest movie !!! what's twilight to this? nothing. it was so sweet i took 3 hours to watch the 2-hour movie cause i kept rewinding to replay all the happy parts. lmao. i'm like that... so i always take ages to watch anything on the computer

and i just wanna say it has the best ending ever!!! [wipes tears :)]



p.s. i'm so proud of myself for recognising dan scott of one tree hill as the coal digging fella! i'm the absolute best at recognising tv stars on the big screen :) read- jane doe of grey's anatomy as mrs cullen.





Lisa ^^, said...

Damn!! I've been wanting to watch that movie for like AAGGGGEEESSSSS!!!
I have the book, read it, and I sooo wanna watch the movie...:(

xinli said...

then you NEED to watch it!!!!!
absolute neccessity!
i'm sure u'll love it.