Tuesday, December 9, 2008

twilight rant



if you are female and have not read or watched twilight yet, seriously, what have you been doing?


this is a post about Twilight : both movie and book.

i'm not gonna rant about how cute or sweet edward is.

no, i'm not kidding or being sarcastic.

wth, yea?

what is this craze that as caught on everyone so much so that people start greeting others in msn by CAPPED SHRIEKS OF EDWARD CULLEN'S CUTENESS (yes that's you pen) and sms-ing me in the dead of the night, IN CAPS OF COURSE, while they are reading the book (sigh am) ??!?!

i can't quite tell why i'm not affected. might have been because i watched the movie before reading the book. not impressed by the movie and spent half the book trying to erase the picture of robert pattison as edward cullen because i wanted my own edward cullen. not a fan of pattison, brit or no brit i still think they could've done better casting someone more deadly charming than him. hated the way he portrayed edward as mildly retarded... he's supposed to be suave and all that shit, not someone who talks like they're dyslexic. but it is not to be....... :( i couldn't help but picture the damn robert pattison while i was reading so now, i'm not that impressed by the movie or the book. WHY?? i can't help but feel like i'm missing out on something important and i can't do anything about it. so sad. maybe this isn't my genre? or maybe i would never have fallen in love with edward cullen regardless of whether i watched the movie or not   o.0       i will never know and all i can say now is i am neutral towards this whole thing. which is sad, really.


p.s. am going to singapore in a few hours and i still haven't packed. go me!


-edward schmedward-


PeNNy said...

sue me!
love edward cullen!
anyway, remember get me something from spore..
love you always

Lisa ^^, said...

Ah. Robert Pattinson IS HOT!! Sorry. haha You have the book???? Gimme gimme gimme!!!!! ;P

xinli said...

sigh... what is wrong with all these people. lol

sorry lisa, i don't :( heard it's sold out in most major bookstores.