Saturday, January 10, 2009

malacca road trip


blogged 2 weeks ago and published now. wtfla i know.


back in uni! and not here to blog about the sodden affair.

they decided to 'renovate' the floor i'm living in and by 'renovate' i mean they wanted to change the roof and forgot it would rain through so everything in the room was soaked and they had to fix the mess. which also translates to : new ceiling, new desk, new lights, ridiculously-low-ceiling-fan-which-threatens-to-chop-any-jumping-idiot's-head-off, old mattress, old mouldy cupboard, shithole of a room for us to clean up and delayed checking in. damn syiok. had to sleep over at a friend's room and cleaned for 2 hours straight with my 2 other roomies. effing dirrrrrrrty kay!!!!



ladida, so here's what was blogged a few days ago.



i hereby bring to you a pic by pic narration of the malacca road trip. wootness.

here we go now...

(did you notice how tiny the scroll bar tab thing has become?)



first stop,




that's right, 3 couples and a trio of singletons.
gotta tell ya, wasn't awkward. just a little OD-ed on couple sweetness. 
i'm so used to it now, hanging with couples is second nature to me.
bring it on. wtf.



and off we go!
on a magical journey to gawk at underfed animals in captivity~


 DSCF1269 copy 

yes, i suppose you can gawk at me.


handsome masculine... bulls?



taking a shot of the cute pony.



the shot.
cutest thing ever... it kept poking it's head out and let us stroke it. 
and if you are observant, it's got china bangs! or perhaps more haute couture in this case.



china moi ell being hugged by a tiger with vacant holes for eyes. i suppose no one knew how to paint eyes? cos they can't have forgotten... it makes the thing look freaky.



real tigers.
i think there were about 10 of them (in separate enclosures... which had a waterfall and a river! nice) something i noticed the zoo has a habit of doing; having large numbers of the same type of animal but separated into different enclosures (sometimes on different parts of the zoo). overly efficient breeding?



ferosh panther
whenever we passed a panther, leopard, tiger or anything with nice prints, am would say 'wowww, they're so pretty~ i feel like skinning them so i can keep their hides'
call PETA, somebody!


elephant show


funniest exhibit ever. 
he beats the otter who swam laps in the singapore zoo at OCD, hands down.



dried leaves are heaven.



birds that look like someone dunked them in oil to make oil rainbows and sang kancil who looks like a barbequed drumstick.



no comment.



small clearing with the african animals, in the safari.
we walked super far over this great expanse (80%) of the safari which was devoid of animals (in scorching heat, mind you) just to come to a small enclosed clearing where they were all hanging out.

but it was okay because we got to see...


punk teenage giraffe with a penchant for making faces at the camera. check out the 'do.
is that cute or is that cute?


and a zebra pee.
he peed damn long with a continuous stream of high speed urine.
have you seen a zebra pee? i'm pretty sure you haven't, so there.


  moving on, WELCOME TO MALACCA !!!



seriously, i have no idea
point being the malacca river, our own little venice.



queuing for lunch
chicken rice balls!
it's okay i guess, not crazy about it.
you'd think what with the super long queue, that this is the only chicken rice ball place in the area but you're wrong because there's one just down the street and the queue is about just as long.



next up, JONKER WALK

IMG_8160 copy

home of the food, antiques, cute junk and no-cameras-allowed signs



how is it that no one paints their kindergartens or houses this way? it's sooo cute.



being the tourists tat we are.
this is were i got the first 'hey, no cameras please' comment.
wth... but i bought the hat in the end! :D



metal trays with super classic pictures on 'em. doesn't the first one look a little like linda chung?? just a little? the owner of this shop is an old nonya lady who wore a kebaya with a flower in her hair... she issued my 2nd 'hey, no cameras' warning which was confusing because she said i could take pictures but i would have to pay her if i took more than five. couldn't decide whether she was kidding or not so we walked away.



having a little bollywood moment on the streets.



i wanna jump right into it and drive off with an oldie blaring on the radio. it's not even one of those old old dusty antique cars...
it's shiny~
it's bi-coloured~
it's bulbous~
it's got round, hooded headlights~
it's super cute~!
it's a Morris Minor 1000 from the 1960s
betcha didn't know that!
ok, honestly, i had no idea on the make and model...
until i GOOGLEd, that is.

i'm ridiculously terrible at recognising cars. am and ell always say that if i get kidnapped, i will never be able to tell people what car took me (or where they brought me for that matter, since i'm almost equally as disabled in the directions department). people have a blast pointing out random cars on the road and asking me to name the make and model of the car. WTF i'm lucky if i get the 'make' part right, let alone the model. i don't get how you can tell if you don't look at the simbol on the bonnet... they all look kinda the same. the only ones i get right 99% of the time are malaysian cars.

on a side note, am got a miniS!!!
it is ganas and cute and sounds soooooooo amazing.
i bet you are not missing your ahbeng coupe no more, am!



the tourist shot at the hokkien association.
yes, wa si hokkien lang
which reminds me of the expression from high school days = wa si kim jio lang



our accomodation for the night.


it's kinda like a homestay and the place is called APA KABA cos it's in Bandar Kaba. farney or not? most of us had no freakin idea where we were staying until we really reached the place and damn, was it scary or what, driving through small lanes with rundown kampung houses on either side, wondering whether we were gonna stay in one of those houses.



hi, it is i, headless and yellow.
be very afraid.



looking out into the garden from the courtyard. yes COURTYARD. fabness. 
the place, like all other tourist spots in malacca, is full of antique relics throwned all over the place. but the toilets are clean and modern. props to them for understanding the need for that :D


FAIL besar besar.
giving am a healthy dose of all the chemicals she missed out on because her mom wouldn't let her play with the bubles when she was young.


with random antique relics on the reception desk.



cutest oven EVER.
like a toy nia... look at the peglegs and the little oven door :)
i could just kidnap it home and hug it to sleep every night if it didn't weigh a ton.



what did i tell you about the need to be in every frame?
both plh and zin suffer from different variations of the same photo-taking-related disease. zin is in critical stage. obviously. 
btw, i love the table...
it's marble topped and the bottom is actually part of a sewing machine.
awesome shits.



the folks with a sense of direction (unlike some people) taking directions from the owner of ApaKaba...
we didn't take the cars, we walked everywhere.
and i mean EVERYfreakinWHERE.
which was great because the whole time we were in malacca, the sky really wanted to rain but didn't. and that is awesome weather i tell you. no sunburns, no tan-lines, no soggy clothes!



the people walking everyFREAKINwhere.



if you're eating anything famous in malacca,
makan time = queue time


supposedly the best satay celup in malacca.
their walls are plastered with movie stars, singers and food show hosts.
that queue you see took one whole freakin hour. we literally tin gong dang dou tin hak and only got our turn when it was dark out.



taking pictures while queuing... this is me mimicking am's signature lou chou pose.
that being said, i don't think anyone else can pull it off.
look, we're almost inside~~ on the steps now!


aaaaaaaaaaand we're INSIDE!!


but still waiting to be seated...
that's not 'okay' that's 'ling dui'
too lame, don't ask.


then FINALLY we got in!!!


salivating over all the fooooood.
an hour long wait makes one very hungry indeed.



so hungry, they could eat raw kangkung.
just kidding.
my word of advice : take a pass on the kangkung next time unless they're cut up. very messy. not fun.
doesn't help when you're sitting on the wrong side of the table either. read: messed up fringe in pic. the fan and my fringe were not on good terms with each other throughout dinner.



exiting at 8pm, there was still a queue.
the food really wasn't that great.
why is it the reknowned food of malacca?
beats me.
the last time i had satay celup (at another place... (ok that link doesn't have much to say about satay celup, i only mentioned it in passing, but i thought it did and searched my blog for it so i'm linking anyway. hah!)) i gave it the benefit of the doubt, thinking i didn't go to the right place because we didn't want to queue like idiots, but it is just not amazing. i don't think it's even good. very mediocre. i'd pick steamboat over it any time of the day. the only thing i liked about it was the king scallops. everything else is just blah.
reasons why there's a bloody long queue outside?
(the fact that it's famous aside)
they only had like 8 tables, some were small and satay celup-ing kinda takes time.


oh and did anyone notice something weird in one of the photos above?

DSCF1319 copy

stunness to the max when we saw the pic.
even ell who was taking the pic didn't notice him at first.
bear in mind there were loads of people around and we were next to a busy street.
i guess some people are just too desperate to be in every frame...


walking off to our next destination,


see that van whizzing by?
bloody hell.
it wasn't even a hey-ah-moi! type of honk, it was a get-off-the-road-you-idiots! honk.
i hate getting honked at.



decided to get ripped off and went on the Taming Sari Tower.
does anyone still remember what the taming sari is? hang tuah's keris! it's even on wiki can!!


the bunch of us before take off.
(ell sat this one out cos she's already been on it)


as luck would have it, pow zy and my side of the mirror was totally fogged. what the hell is this lah we didn't pay rm10 to look at fogged glass. yes, rm10! and all it does is go up and come down all the while revolving.



the view was alright...
this is a shot halfway up.
you get to see the whole of malacca (i like to think); the museum, the eye, the dock, the houses...etc.


zy and pow ecstatic over his amazing luck.
no, he didn't win the lottery.
he got shat on by one of the thousands of birds hanging out there.
if you heard the din and saw the white gunk-filled floor, you'd be scared shitless yourself, having to walk pass that area.



the next morning we trooped on over to where we had tea the day before...
cause it's that great. 
personally, i LOVE this place to bits.
to bits, i tell ya.
it's a little museum cafe on jonker street with the awesomest laksa... and i suppose cendol as well since that was the reason zy brought us here, but the laksa is what you should be getting at. don't ask me what laksa. they are all freaking glorious. and cheap. wth cheap. got a little hooked on laksa so i had some today... it cost almost twice the amount of the one i had in malacca and it was so blah. RM6++ for a bowl of laksa is supposed to taste slurpslurp-great okay, and it wasn't. so disappointed.



why i love this place (besides from the yum) is the fact that it's full of paraphernalia from yesteryears. tengok itu chandelier! wood panelled ceilings! deer head? -.-"
they also have what i adore about old malaccan double storey houses = courtyards with balconies on the 2nd floor!




hello, old rusty typewriter.
flashback of my first ever header, anyone?
that's a weighing scale in the background.
and check out my highlights!
when you do a DIY dye job at home and your hair doesn't really want to keep the colour, you get nice highlights. it's all good.
(only visible under bright sunlight. what do you expect for under RM20?)



guanyin pose by the girls.
she's sitting in a little bathtub/well thingey.



stairway full of old junk on display.
no surprise there.




the cendols
more than 10 to choose from; plh with mango and yc with god-knows-what, they all look the same to me. they come with loads of gula melaka and a whole jug at your disposal upon request. not stingy with their sweets!



am with our tea-time baba laksa.
shitass awesome piece of work which is sorta like asam laksa but distinctly superior.
i had rendang laksa for lunch the next day and it was equally delicious but in a completely different way (although they also all looked the same to me). it leaned more towards the conventional laksa with coconut milk, except with chicken rendang! syiok.



stealing someone's cendol to pose with, zy in the bg with her new frizzie hair.
speaking of which, funniest story (as told by zy)

hairdestroyer: so... how do you like your hair?
zy: i don't know (hesitant), it looks a little bit lala to me...
hd: well, how old are you?
zy: 20
hd: (sudden revelation) if you're not gonna be lala when you're 20, when will you be lala? at 30??
(which was his way of saying 'being lala is a must when young', or maybe he thinks being able to be lala is a privilege? your guess is as good as mine.)

brought to you by the good people of ytrim (oh you know, the ones who gave me retard-bangs?)



people finishing off the yum.
so wan hing! squeezing around 2 little wooden tables :)




doing a little more touristy sight-seeing
i have no idea why we went on that rm10 tower ride and didn't go in here.


am is that one of those nose-hair trimmers?
damn cute lah!



me, the trashcan and a famosa.
great choice of backdrop ell.



liow getting a pic of the gang with pow n zy at the doorway.


and we join in.



i love her expression here.
i think she was talking, in her defence...



i don't think that ladder goes anywhere but the land of photo-ops.
not exactly my favourite photo but i didn't want to lcimb all the way up there for nothing. okay, fine. it was less than 10 rungs.



being ever the lou da posers.
please somebody whack some sense into us.


trishaws around the stadhuys.
i'm telling ya, 9 out of 10 are sponsored by digi... they are all YELLOW!!! (not yellow, YELLOW!!!) with digi umbrellas. not that i'm complaining, i love yellow... it's a happy colour. imagine if celcom sponsored the trishaws... then they'd all be purple. ech.
i don't have anything against purple but imagine purple celcom trishaws riding around town. not nice k! and for some reason most of the trishaws have blaring loud hiphop/r&b music. not matching at all!

oh oh... AND I MUST TELL YOU SOMETHING AND IT MUST BE IN CAPS BECAUSE I'M IN LOVE WITH IT. THERE WAS THIS TRISHAW PLAYING THE CUTEST CLASSIC MALAY SONG EVER (LIKE P.RAMLEE ERA CLASSIC) AND IT'S CALLED MAT BOND!!!! SO CUTE RIGHT?? i tried to download the song so i could make a road trip video but it's too obscure. SAD. we kept singing along to the trishaw music and it was effing infectious cos this uncle who was within earshot of us started singing along and strumming on his invisible guitar. damnwtf.



damn excited but when we got inside at looked at the map we realised that there are only so many rides. sad sad. so we went on every ride to get our money's worth (even the ones with signs outside saying 'kids only'... not my idea ok.) what's even sadder is the only ride i remember from the last time i was here was under renovation! am and ell chickened out of the high-speed body slides though.



the fellas being kids.
i just noticed i have almost zero pics of the other 2 couples but that's only because they are not camwhores and they tend to drift away in a dreamy state at every chance they have.



freezing my ass off.

lesson learnt: it's best not to wear a ribbed tank over your swimsuit even though you are a little scared about high speed water, inertia and losing your dignity. they ask you to wear swimsuits and not t-shirts or whatever for your own good. reason being, non-swimsuits like my ribbed tank top causes much friction and slows down your ride on body slides. this could be a good thing or a bad thing.

good when the ride is scary and bad when the ride is super scary or not scary at all.

allow me to clarify the  latter statement with very good examples. once i slid down a relatively okay slide with twists and turns and i almost slowed to a stop midway. so i had to push myself forward with my arms and legs when a kid who came down after me actually caught up with me. WTF betul and i was in plain view of everyone who was still on top and they laughed like hell at me struggling like mad to move. example 2 of a very scary ride was the high speed body slide which is basically almost a 90 degree drop and super the high up okay. i quite literally slowed to a stop inside the tube before coming to the open 90degree drop part. so i had to get up from my lying-down position and crawl on my ass over to the edge of the drop. very the scary!!!!!! looking down where no one is supposed to be looking down and pushing myself over the edge... swoosh. instant g-string outta boyshorts. not pleasant.



dangerman, akoman~
they are all my friend!!!!

dia jadi spy bond...
aku jadi mat bond...
orang panggil saya bondbond,
saya jawab bondbondbondbond!!!




p.s. happybirthdayteooooooooooooooooo


-super fun-