Friday, March 27, 2009



haha like its a day after blogging last! swt.


random sentences.

ready, get set… go!


i ripped my white flats today… new shoes-no guilt. muahaha.

there’s a tiny mouse in the room! o.0 maciamana?

going back in a few hours!!

i have a huuuuge red pimple smack in the centre tip of my nose. what an achievement! [curtseys] [bows]

have not studied for biochemistry test on monday.

my birthday is next week. 2nd april. don’t pretend you don’t know. wtf. buaypaiseh a.k.a. tak malu.

have not done anything for monday’s presentation. yes, the same monday.

left my keys in behind the toilet door when i went to go poopoo. :S

have not done laundry this week cos it keeps raining unexpectedly and we are busy busy lazy lazy. no clothes to wear soon!

jihooooooooooooooooooooo~! thats not even a sentence really but wth.

saw monkeys on the way back today… they’re cute when they’re not trying to attack you.




oklaaaa no time edi…


note to self:

things to blog about (next week maybe?)

1. jess’s convo/fashion show!!!! GLAM, OK?!?!?!

2. choir, dance and stuff.

3. slumdog millionaire :)

4. parasympatomimetic drugs, meowsers.

5. and more!




need to pack… off in 15 mins.

see you on the other side!!!!  
(melebih-lebih… as if i’m going somewhere distant. 45 mins away nia… hahaha)



Thursday, March 19, 2009



is my favourite day of the week because i’m not taking presentation 1104! muahaha. which means, while the rest of the gang rough it out until 7, i can idly sit in my room, blog and procrastinate studying for tomorrow’s test.
(why am i always talking about my tests i’m such a nerd… even sree tagged me as nerd in fb. :(()


thursday this week will mark the end of the bloodcurdling screams and angry shouting i hear every night.

no, i am not falling into stress-driven madness. everyone in the block hears it.
and no, my college is not haunted.

they keep practising for a stage drama: Akan Ku Bunuh Cinta.
wah very ganas d ok… (actually i don’t know any better, i mostly only hear the shrieking and they're going into competition today!!! so that means no more practising!!! YAY!


thursdays are also great because tomorrow’s a friday and that means i get to go home and laze and eat non-orange/yellow-coloured food and laze and worship the idiotbox and laze and take day-long naps and laze and watch the latest ep of boysbeforeflowers and laze and…well you get the idea.

yippedy doo dah yippedy day!


it also means i get to go play with my catses!






p.s. please excuse the dump i live in. 


- they finished the durian, finally -

Tuesday, March 17, 2009



and i am still awake.

receptors are chemical groups on the external surface of the postsynaptic cell.

i think i’ve read that at least 50 times over without actually reading it.
which is quite pointless because its an introduction line. sigh.
have you ever read half a page in a book only to realise you were daydreaming and have no idea what you just read?


little bursts of euphoria at the comments left on the week without my cammy.
if i’d known people where gonna read it i’d have written something better. it doesn’t really suffice, that post. i wasn’t in the correct mood anyway…after the whole rant.

fragments, there’s something so complex in its simplicity that’s a wonder to me.
the people involved, everything.


i don’t know why i’m so melancholic today...yesterday. it might be the norah jones i snitched off a coursemate’s thumbdrive. i’ve been listening to it the whole day.


wish people would comment on the posts more… rather than in the cbox. it gives me something to read when i revisit… rather than feeling like no one reads my posts. and all you silent readers out there, say hi k?


and because i’m possibly incapable of posting just words,


ghosts below my window


p.s. frankly, apart from being 'so beautiful' (tis the truth) amazing grace reminded me of my late grandmother's wake. and the epilogue, my dad. excuse me while i go cry myself to sleep now. 

- the hallway smelt of durian -

Sunday, March 15, 2009



working backwards from the play, we have MPA2 (majlis penganugerahan astar fasa dua) UM might just beat singapore at acronym and abbreviation usage. btw, astar is also an acronym.

so, MPA2: an awards ball for my residential college.
theme: masquerade ball.
venue: crowne plaze mutiara hotel.

intrigued aren’t we?



 yes, that is a trench coat in the background.

garden party?



the fountain was too pretty not to take pictures with.
pharmacy ladies :)



alot of people actually came in masks…


some in wings at that.


i was late,
showered, threw on a dress, dried my hair and smacked on make up
in a matter of 30 mins.


how was i to know everyone would be so gung-ho about it?


yesla, yesla… that is the same RM15 dress and heels i wore for pharmnight.
forgive me for being cheap.



spot xinli.
zy’s behind me,
the rest are chicks from biomedical sciences.



i took this!
looks candid, no?



no one i know.
just too lau da to not document.



ct, final year senior
pharmnight mr. congeniality



minnuan and funwee with her elaborate feathered ornament.



shuiling and shirhwa with their masks…



and darth vader with his headgear.


for the rest of us who came without masks,


sentenced to donning carnival paper masks.
they were a doorgift/souveniers.


or we could just steal masks off other people…


there’s that option :)



though it probably looks better on her at any rate :)
her sis got it for her from europe, ju why you never buy for me de?????



stephanie upon discovery that zy is wearing the exact same dress.
classic moment.



ambience shot.



food shot.
lol i love this lah.
what are the chances of seeing a gold dragon bowl of szechuan soup at a uni event?
the szechuan soup in it wasn’t too great though… 
sharksfin, fake or real, is better.
but in general the food was quite good.
they even had lin zi longan tong sui in the end…
at a uni event.
a chinese dinner.
no, i’m not over it.



magic show!
totally did not get this illusion because i was too far away. 
we kept expecting him to levitate her but he didn’t.
i think the point was him balancing her on one chair. big deal.



zy and sylvia.
that’s what you call going all out!
she should have won best dressed…


instead, i did.


nolar, just kidding.
no chance of that happening here.



this dude on the other hand won best dressed male.
you should see his side profile… that mask sticks out at least 8 inches.



there are intermittent pics of me with my hair up and down because

i came with my hair down


…then dropped by the ladies and thought i’d look better with my hair up



which i did…
chailing and i.
don’t think i put enough make up on :(
didn’t have time :((


then it was too cold so i let my hair back down


man, is that mask ugly on me or what. lol.
so so salah.



me with wendy and the ice sculpture.
yupyup, ice sculpture!!
wendy’s awesome, she got anugerah tunas harapan or something.



funwee and dick tracy slash phantom.


kayla, chailing, farhana, shirhwa and beeharn
loved her mask and ballgown!


and here i shall end abruptly because i lost interest… :(
i am sadlah because cammy was absent form this event.

was thinking about posting about MPA1 but i’m ugly in all the pics.

our room was part of the opening performance.
involved dancing and being egyptian.
no kidding.

wouldn’t you like to see it…






my mom and brother went to sandakan and all they got were…
magnets and less than 5 pics.
so much for surrendering cammy for the better good.
and ju, that is damien. he’s 14!!!
and olivia is 16!!!!
we is growing old.
i’m still remembering them as little kiddos.



-i’m turning 21 soonsoonsoon-

Saturday, March 14, 2009

the week without my cammy


turned out to be very eventful and abundant with photo ops. sobsob.


it's thundering outside and there's electricity when they said there wouldn't be (cos of electrical maintenance on my floor). i slept uber long today and was out the whole day yesterday.

went to midvalley for post-test celebs (mylifeissoboringpleaserescueme) and to get umbrellas cos mine broke and i lost ruth's, she who graciously lent me her one and only umbrella which i very thoughtlessly left in the bus. on this very day, i discovered umbrellas are hard to come by. very very hon yau indeed. of course, all umbrellas in branded stores are excluded. i'm not getting a RM50 umbrella tqvm. wth, even watsons had none. what is this... watsons! btw, i'm only interested in those silver ones which do not have some act-burberry print underneath.

anyway, we rushed back from midvalley for an easter play by pkv (persaudaraan kristian varsiti)


[blogged last thursday :P]


-don't you just hate how they have to malayify everything? like how they call principles drug action and peripheral nervous system - prinsip-prinsip dan kesan ubat in the time table. swt. it makes for a better acronym but confusion on my part.

they also call an online database- pangkalan data dalam talian. [smacks forehead]
this i got from an informational skills (KM) text. which is, if it interests you, a subject  we study in malay when everything related to the application of it is in english. it never fails to amaze me how ingenious these people are.

am also hugely annoyed by the new dress code notice they put up all around the faculty.

what’s the sense in requesting for formal wear when anything collared and non-jeans is considered loop-hole formal? everyone is just gonna wear a polo tee and khakis or cargos. how formal is that?
and maybe even one of those lala shimmery graphic tees with collars, that’s loophole formal. sigh.

what the hell is wrong with jeans anyway? i don’t get it, i never got it…remember how they used to ban it back in highschool events? camps especially… if you’re gonna trip and fall down a hill, i think a pair of jeans would provide more protection a pair of trackbottoms.

oh and the dress code also states – no gloves unless you’re in a lab and it’s surgical gloves.

is it just me or is there NOTHING WRONG WITH WEARING GLOVES?! if anything, it covers you up more which is probably a good thing by their judgement. maybe i’m ignorant and its a blatant fact that gloves are somehow horribly wrong. enlighten me if you can. otherwise i really really don’t get it at all. who would want to wear gloves anyway??? don’t recall seeing anyone wearing biker gloves to lectures… either way, it was totally unnecessary.



ok, back to the easter play i was talking about :



twas really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really good


i very nearly cried thrice; once during worship when they sang amazing grace. i don’t know why but it was so so touching and it wasn’t PMS because that was two weeks ago when i almost teared at this excerpt from malaysian dreams in suetli’s post

i wish our upbringings did not create such a huge silent gap between us, i wish our country is less defined by race & religion, i wish what we were nurtured to be didn’t tear us apart, i wish not another malaysian heart to break because of this silent wall….

only to LOL at the faildog seconds later.

the second time was when marie was on the hospital bed. if they dragged that scene a minute more i would’ve bawled. so sad. and then the final one was during the epilogue when he talked about losing the people we love… when it took too much effort swallowing the huge lump in my throat, i just stopped listening to him altogether. T.T

sigh, you probably don’t know what i’m talking about but this is for when i reread my posts.

anyway, why i love fragments (besides making me tear):

  1. great plot. something most plays lack. i had no idea what was going to happen next… except for the last scene because we all know coma patients wake up eventually ;)
    i liked the PTUM (UM mid-autumns fest) play last sem for their elaborate costumes and dance but i could predict the ending 5 minutes into the show.

  2. it had depth. nevermind that i’m not a christian, the issues were relevant regardless of religion. i think everyone came away with something to think about, even if it isn’t jesus.

  3. acting. fantastic. i think i might have a crush on william. now, if only my conscience was that sweet.

  4. props. very minimalistic and it doesn’t try too hard. loved the lightbulbs overhanging the stage; symbolic and chic. second to the lightbulbs is the LRT set-up, wobbly poles and all… it worked.

  5. music. it was so awesome that the background music was played live from amongst the audience. and they had a korean violinist in the live band. haha racist betul but you can’t deny it’s cool.

  6. the director lives on my floor so i’m very proud. hahahahahaha. this isn’t even valid because i don’t exactly know her. but she’s from A300!


so proud of you too ruth!
i’ll come cam-in-hand for your dance next :)

sigh… all these christians. their faith is so moving.


was planning to blog my whole week but i then it’ll be another uber long post which will tire your scrolling finger and make it harder for me to revisit the memories.


stay tuned

edit: oh oh... i found a vid on youtube

-who will make you whole?-

Thursday, March 5, 2009

it's raining, but it's not a good day.


i just woke up from the freakiest nightmare in a long time.

it was raining, so i went to nap because that is an unspoken rule and breaking it is unspeakable.  (i was doing my laundry beforehand, so it cancels out this being a good day regardless of the nightmare since it also rained on my clothes.)

this morning, i dressed nicely and put on some makeup because i was told we were taking pictures for the editorial team only to find out that the photographer forgot to bring his camera. ish. ordinarily i would just take a picture myself and make them accept it but seeing as i don't have my camera, i can't. the reason being my mom... because she's going to need it when she goes to sandakan this weekend with my bro (of course, without me. 'yay').

so, my nightmare. oh it was freaky alright.

two instalments. because i woke up from one and then figured i was too traumatised to study right away so i went back to sleep and had another one. whoopee. i really want to tell you exactly how i remember it, but as all nightmares i happen to come across, they sound really stupid even at first degree. i have super duper scary nightmares of giant sewer rats and witches and stuff... which all sound pretty dumb right now but i swear it was effing scary in my dream at that moment in time. all i can say about this one is, people died and others were evil.

i can also tell you then ending because it's quite funny la. haha.
so get this, i was in a giant boat with leg paddles like the swans except it wasn't a swan it was more of a boat and about 10 people were in it. then i forgot why but i didn't have a life-jacket on and everyone was paddling really fast. somehow the boat spun out of control and we whacked the bank of the ambiguous-body-of-water and i could feel this tingling pain under my ass and my feet where it touched the water. i was puzzled for a moment before i discovered it was bloody corrosive and  shitla my ass and feet were getting burned off!!

then i woke up and found that it was only pins and needles from sleeping too still with my feet forming an upright triangle.

how real life manifests itself in your subconscious... the white stripes once played in my taman bball court because the radio went off when i was still asleep. oh and i was attacked by a tyrannosaurus rex because my alarm was a roaring t-rex.

k, i should really start studying for tomorrow's test now... :)

p.s. someone searched yahoo for paulian spirit and came to my page. die la i. i'm fourth on the list wtf. right below the school's wiki entry wtf wtf. so now i'd like to say i was really only jesting. you know, just incase other people google it and take me seriously.


-rude valets-

Sunday, March 1, 2009

little things


...which make my day

a picture post :)
aren't they all?



(unexpected) mail in the post.





messages like this.





pretty colours.






ice cream.
the one pictured above wasn't that good.





but this one was.
raspberry ripple + mint.





when it rains outside...





and i'm not doing laundry.




pretty highlighted notes.
if you don't know yet, my OCD is highlighting.




blooming flowers.
because they are happy.





when it's 3am and bright out.





doing my nails :)





pink skies.





getting freaked out while flipping through my notes.






little bouquets from home.






good food.




and last but not least... kayaking with ruth :)
don't have a picture of that though...
hanging out with ruth reminded me how much i actually missed english.
it sounds so sad-case, i know.

revelation of my current thoughts : sometimes we are too busy doing things we think we should be doing and forget to make time for what really matters. then again, it's all about perspective. just because the tsunami never happened, doesn't mean i care less. we're all gonna die anyway. it's just a matter of time.

i'm going to be happy everyday from here on out, or at least try.



- creature comforts.





oh, and one little thing that made me really disappointed today,

i was just sitting down in front of the tv when brittania high credits were rolling on tv2... then i saw mitch hewer in the cast list! naturally, i googled and was sorely, sorely let down.



this is mitch during his maxxie days.
say yum.



and this is mitch in brittania high.
say ewww.
just goes to show how important hair is to a guy.


it's almost 5am.
'night then.
hope i blog more often :)