Tuesday, March 17, 2009


and i am still awake.

receptors are chemical groups on the external surface of the postsynaptic cell.

i think i’ve read that at least 50 times over without actually reading it.
which is quite pointless because its an introduction line. sigh.
have you ever read half a page in a book only to realise you were daydreaming and have no idea what you just read?


little bursts of euphoria at the comments left on the week without my cammy.
if i’d known people where gonna read it i’d have written something better. it doesn’t really suffice, that post. i wasn’t in the correct mood anyway…after the whole rant.

fragments, there’s something so complex in its simplicity that’s a wonder to me.
the people involved, everything.


i don’t know why i’m so melancholic today...yesterday. it might be the norah jones i snitched off a coursemate’s thumbdrive. i’ve been listening to it the whole day.


wish people would comment on the posts more… rather than in the cbox. it gives me something to read when i revisit… rather than feeling like no one reads my posts. and all you silent readers out there, say hi k?


and because i’m possibly incapable of posting just words,


ghosts below my window


p.s. frankly, apart from being 'so beautiful' (tis the truth) amazing grace reminded me of my late grandmother's wake. and the epilogue, my dad. excuse me while i go cry myself to sleep now. 

- the hallway smelt of durian -


Lim Julie said...


1. you should contemplate getting really red lipstick since natural colours dissolve into nothingness on you.

2. i did not get masks cuz i tot they were freaky+ex+hard to travel with

3. ya we is old now. ppl we remember as primary sch kids are teenagers now =(

Lim Julie said...

p.s dont go to the blog under this account of mine. its a blog for a module im doing. its full of crap they force me to spew out.

Ray[m]ond said...

chill.babe. LIFE GOES ON.

ruth said...

hey....im leaving u a comment..hehe
love ur blog..the secret will soon be revealed to u though its no big deal...
now i understand what u felt when u heard amazing grace:)

xinli said...

1. i is scared.

2. i don't really want one anyway :)

3. hahaha, you saying that made me go anyway. why don't you blog then???

yep, it goes where the cendol brings us.

the suspense is killing me!

Anonymous said...

Though it's a "RM 15" dress, it still looks sweet, nice & elegant on u.. where u bought it btw? hahhahaa...

btw, wen yun here la... hahahhahaha ^^

Anonymous said...

btw, i posted comment on the wrong post. just realised. wahahaha... ^^ sorry ya.

Alison said...

I agree (on ppl prefer to comment on the cbox instead of the comment page) its easier to just type there that have to click on the "post a comment" then type.

Y dont you delete you cbox. And I shall delete mine too.. hahahahaha :P

you jump, i jump. hahahahahaha

xinli said...

eloo!!! its ok. thanks for dropping by :)

i thought of doing that but i like it too much. its pretty. haha.