Friday, March 27, 2009


haha like its a day after blogging last! swt.


random sentences.

ready, get set… go!


i ripped my white flats today… new shoes-no guilt. muahaha.

there’s a tiny mouse in the room! o.0 maciamana?

going back in a few hours!!

i have a huuuuge red pimple smack in the centre tip of my nose. what an achievement! [curtseys] [bows]

have not studied for biochemistry test on monday.

my birthday is next week. 2nd april. don’t pretend you don’t know. wtf. buaypaiseh a.k.a. tak malu.

have not done anything for monday’s presentation. yes, the same monday.

left my keys in behind the toilet door when i went to go poopoo. :S

have not done laundry this week cos it keeps raining unexpectedly and we are busy busy lazy lazy. no clothes to wear soon!

jihooooooooooooooooooooo~! thats not even a sentence really but wth.

saw monkeys on the way back today… they’re cute when they’re not trying to attack you.




oklaaaa no time edi…


note to self:

things to blog about (next week maybe?)

1. jess’s convo/fashion show!!!! GLAM, OK?!?!?!

2. choir, dance and stuff.

3. slumdog millionaire :)

4. parasympatomimetic drugs, meowsers.

5. and more!




need to pack… off in 15 mins.

see you on the other side!!!!  
(melebih-lebih… as if i’m going somewhere distant. 45 mins away nia… hahaha)



1 comment:

Lisa ^^, said...

Ahaha Lu lagi buay paiseh la.
Advertising your birthday. Ahaha. I do remember when it is. Well, the reason for that is cos you were born the day after April Fool's - a day too late, me thinks!! XD