Thursday, March 5, 2009

it's raining, but it's not a good day.

i just woke up from the freakiest nightmare in a long time.

it was raining, so i went to nap because that is an unspoken rule and breaking it is unspeakable.  (i was doing my laundry beforehand, so it cancels out this being a good day regardless of the nightmare since it also rained on my clothes.)

this morning, i dressed nicely and put on some makeup because i was told we were taking pictures for the editorial team only to find out that the photographer forgot to bring his camera. ish. ordinarily i would just take a picture myself and make them accept it but seeing as i don't have my camera, i can't. the reason being my mom... because she's going to need it when she goes to sandakan this weekend with my bro (of course, without me. 'yay').

so, my nightmare. oh it was freaky alright.

two instalments. because i woke up from one and then figured i was too traumatised to study right away so i went back to sleep and had another one. whoopee. i really want to tell you exactly how i remember it, but as all nightmares i happen to come across, they sound really stupid even at first degree. i have super duper scary nightmares of giant sewer rats and witches and stuff... which all sound pretty dumb right now but i swear it was effing scary in my dream at that moment in time. all i can say about this one is, people died and others were evil.

i can also tell you then ending because it's quite funny la. haha.
so get this, i was in a giant boat with leg paddles like the swans except it wasn't a swan it was more of a boat and about 10 people were in it. then i forgot why but i didn't have a life-jacket on and everyone was paddling really fast. somehow the boat spun out of control and we whacked the bank of the ambiguous-body-of-water and i could feel this tingling pain under my ass and my feet where it touched the water. i was puzzled for a moment before i discovered it was bloody corrosive and  shitla my ass and feet were getting burned off!!

then i woke up and found that it was only pins and needles from sleeping too still with my feet forming an upright triangle.

how real life manifests itself in your subconscious... the white stripes once played in my taman bball court because the radio went off when i was still asleep. oh and i was attacked by a tyrannosaurus rex because my alarm was a roaring t-rex.

k, i should really start studying for tomorrow's test now... :)

p.s. someone searched yahoo for paulian spirit and came to my page. die la i. i'm fourth on the list wtf. right below the school's wiki entry wtf wtf. so now i'd like to say i was really only jesting. you know, just incase other people google it and take me seriously.


-rude valets-

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