Sunday, March 1, 2009

january in a nutshell

disclaimer: blogged aeons ago, as is my style. wanted to just delete this draft but figured it would be a waste. so here it is.


surprise! i am not dead. :)

(although i did catch a fever. my throat is killing me right now.)


so... where should i start?

today... no wait, today isn't january. but i couldn't care less. about 30 mins ago, this nigerian fella asked me whether i was from mainland china. WTF. but it is sorta understandable since the whole time he was talking to me i just kept nodding and smiling at intervals. still. mainland china. go ahead, laugh all you want.

and how about my latest bout of bad luck? let's see...

  1. top top top of the list is the whole credit hour ordeal.
    (you can skip this, it's really boring... just me ranting.)
    first they asked us to take around 25 credit hours (are they trying to murder us?) including all the rubbish university subs like entrepreneurship, information skills, islamic civilisation (god i can't wait!) and two english subs. yes, two. 3 credit hours each which makes 6 hours a week of english thank you very much. wth.
    then the department finally gets the drift about the uni restricting their students to a max of 21 credit hours (wow, it must be a super obscure rule that no one discovered until they assigned us with all those subs) so then nobody could register their courses online properly. the brilliant people of the department then said 'hey, just drop APK + TITAS!'. which means, the 6 hours of english is way way more important than learning how to be an entrepreneur slash expert on islamic civilisations.
    there's only a 26 student lecture for one of them. the one my friends and i decided to take... so then we have to fight to be the quickest to register for that english online. of course, being the procrastinator extraordinaire, i was too late. which also means the rest of my friends are all in that class (1104 presentation) and i had to take another (1103 professional writing). it sucked being left out... but the lecturer was awesome. she was young, pretty and loved lingerie (as told by her... see how cool she is?). anyway, from what i gather at the one lecture i attended, she's the kind of person that doesn't just teach what she's meant to teach but kinda changes your whole insight on life... that sort of thing. the one saving grace of this situation.
    but the story doesn't end there, (woah, this could be a whole blog post on its own at the rate i'm going.) turns out 2 out of 3 english subs available for our choice clash in their exam date and time. and 1103 is one of them. so i had to drop it and readd APK to my list. fantastic! the thing is, there are so many public hols on the APK day and the whole sorting out thing took so darn long that i am now having my midsems and i haven't attended a single class. -_-" what's more, zy who's also taking APK says there are only 2 or 3 classes left to attend. SWT.
  2. i kept losing at mah jong during CNY! super duper suay ok. every time i play, someone keeps bao-ing. once, plh even bao tin wu... which means she got 4 fei at the beginning of the game!!! what are the chances?!!?!?!?!
    my angpow money~
  3. our room became the showroom for open floor day. madness ensued.
  4. i keep having recurrent pimples at the corners of my mouth so i have to be super careful when i eat. *scowls*
  5. i got voted to act in a sketch for our department's family day... as a mother. wth. i managed. and i was good...or so they tell me. lmao.
  6. i was randomly picked to attend this assertiveness workshop thing. out of the 66 people in my class... i got picked! what is this crap?!?! so what if there are 13 others joining me?? 4-7pm tuesday a.k.a. the fullest day ever. we finish lab at around 3 damn it.


moving on to cheerier things in life,

smorgasbord of pictures from january!!!




it snows!!!
london snows? so what?! malaysia snows too!!



or rather....foams.



and just for the heck of it.
chicks dressed like hookers groping daniel lee. 
measuring a 6/10 on the disturbingometer.





final years doing the backdrop prep at grand seasons while we sat around.



me and little red riding hood.
if you think she looks like a pirate, that's because her costume was supposed to be a pirate's, arrrrr. 



lets see... cinderella, snow white and the fairy godmother.
they were pretty serious with the costumes for the drama.
a musical!
plh sings!



the ballroom dancers.
i want a costume too!!!
maybe when it's our year to organise, we'll make it themed or something. eh eh?
many, many years ago, i really wanted to be gogo yubari. but i don't think anyone will get it now. maybe alice? or or a ninja turtle. wakaka just kidding.



weee... love this part of it.
pay no attention to the other dancers who are hugging themselves. god forbid they had any bodily contact.



with a fellow serembanite/serembanian/serembanese/ whatever.
because i look nice here.



from left: jiajen, yeetheng, liwen, chailing, kyying, ME, qingliang, plh, sue
shah, din, zaf


i look like i have ringlets!
but it really is the door handles.



the girls.



he looks like he's taking a break from bombing buildings.


girls being girls
'omg, that picture is nice' 'no i look ugly there, delete it' 'nooo, i like it'
just guessing.



my buddies peiyi and ailing.
woahhh, check out the pimple. so huge and red, globs of concealer can't hide it.



the pageant girls.
plh, sue, huili, ME, ky



fingers in the way - nice effect.


ky, this is the other ky! :)
i think i'll refer to her as kyy, just to avoid confusion.


snow white herself.



chui hua 
she played the piano, i the violin.
colours of the wind.
i didn't suck.... as bad as i though i would.



sim n i



the queen, jolin and supermodel sue.



kindly direct your attention to me looking great in the background.



theme : enchanted.


and this is what our room looked like after they were done with it.



they had people dress up as the characters and someone played that snow white song on the harmonica. they were all very gung-ho about it. can't say that much about the 3 people who actually lives in the room.




some people at the sports day.
it was basketball. i played netball for my year! and we got second or something. lmao.





making a riot in a little restaurant.
reunion dinner amongst our year.



off to bp.
effing sunny day.


but that's what shades are for.


... making the world look pretty and peaceful.



my reunion dinner fortune.
talk about vague.



doing shen's two-row grin.
i  look like i'm looking away but i swear i am looking at the camera.
ah, such is the fate of the slit eyes. 
the other day, i was talking to this 5 y/o while lying down and he suddenly asked me ' why are your eyes like this?' whereby he squinted his eyes until he could hardly see.
he also said, ' i like to eat my bei si '... so i think his words can be dismissed.


ju and han. 
if you'll notice, we were given 3 drinks each; red wine, chinese tea and punch.
it was a little confusing, deciding when to drink which.



bro's bday fell on the reunion dinner day
that's strawberry yogurt cake. twas pretty.



the lipstick advocate and pale-faced i who could really use some.



ju's cacat-pinky peace, pen and i.
i'll bet she can do the english tea cup hold without much thought.
and how come i can put on so much make up and still manage to look barefaced in pictures, i will never know.



shen's super cool watch with penny's face reflected in it.
see if you can figure out how to tell the time.



me with mom being annoyed at my over-eating brother.


seee.... fat betul.



ju and chrysanthemums. pretteh.



my late grandma's twin sis and my granduncle.
they happen to live just next door.



ju and pen trying to get a nice pic with the freshly painted wall.
it's so green, you could use it as a green screen.



me taking a picture of ju taking a picture of me.



'i wanna go take a picture with the choi san ye!'
'yer, very paiseh d wor'
' i don't care, we don't live here! hah'
at bp mall :)



cute cute persian kitty.
child of the bp house.



cute marmaladedua and i



and while we're at the cuteness, hayden's bro.
effing cute.



last but not least,
a sign on the roads of batu pahat...



okla. sien edi.




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