Thursday, March 19, 2009


is my favourite day of the week because i’m not taking presentation 1104! muahaha. which means, while the rest of the gang rough it out until 7, i can idly sit in my room, blog and procrastinate studying for tomorrow’s test.
(why am i always talking about my tests i’m such a nerd… even sree tagged me as nerd in fb. :(()


thursday this week will mark the end of the bloodcurdling screams and angry shouting i hear every night.

no, i am not falling into stress-driven madness. everyone in the block hears it.
and no, my college is not haunted.

they keep practising for a stage drama: Akan Ku Bunuh Cinta.
wah very ganas d ok… (actually i don’t know any better, i mostly only hear the shrieking and they're going into competition today!!! so that means no more practising!!! YAY!


thursdays are also great because tomorrow’s a friday and that means i get to go home and laze and eat non-orange/yellow-coloured food and laze and worship the idiotbox and laze and take day-long naps and laze and watch the latest ep of boysbeforeflowers and laze and…well you get the idea.

yippedy doo dah yippedy day!


it also means i get to go play with my catses!






p.s. please excuse the dump i live in. 


- they finished the durian, finally -


Ray[m]ond said...

[LOL]N.E.R.D the word li tagged by,smmore in fb lagi.omg

Lisa ^^, said...

ahaha You watch Hana Yori Dango? I thought it was translated Boys Over Flowers? haha I watched Season2 of the Japanese version without watching Season 1. It wasn't bad though. The guys were pretty HOT :P The girl was kinda annoying though.
Yer....Can go back le. Me this week can't. Got work to do. Aishhhhh saad :(

xinli said...

hehe i watch the korean version (it translates either way)
the boys are cuter!!
you should watch it!!!!!!!!!

but you can't marathon it cos it's still running in korea :(

i'm not going back next week soooo... :(:(

Lisa ^^, said...

I heard they were hotter! ahaha Neeeeed to get hold of it! *evil grin*

Sigh. Not going back this week again either. Saaaaadddd!! *sobs*