Friday, April 24, 2009

you know it’s a hot day when…


your ass is wet from sitting too long. swt. (pun not intended)

you have mcflurries delivered in the dead of night.

you are actually thankful for cold showers.

your roommate swipes a container of ice from the dewan makan at lunch.

you yell at the air for no apparent reason.

you start sweating in the shower stall before you’ve even finished drying yourself.

you feel like your legs are burning off because you decided to wear black pants in daylight.

you snap at people.

your roomies start worrying about you when you are actually just inside the shower refusing to get out because you know nothing good will come out of it… except maybe de-wrinkling.

your first words to anyone and everyone is “HEN RE AHHHHHH!!!!” (“DAMN HOOOOOOT!!!!”)

you roll over in an afternoon nap only to hear that ‘sszzchh’ sound which is actually your back plastered to the bedsheet with sweat.

you see moths everywhere. ok well… i don’t know whether it’s got anything to do with the heat cos it doesn’t really make sense to me but seriously, at least 3 different moths (and loads of other small tiny insects of variable species) will fly in at night. (ok maybe it has to do with the fact that my room is one of the few sources of light at night. now that i think of it, that makes complete sense)
just the other day, i found a moth (the small triangle white type not the big butterfly looking giants)  squashed on the back of my nightie. like squashed squashed. flat. with guts and all all squished out. i do not want to know how it got there or when. i very painstakingly, nose all scrunched up and everything, detached the flattened moth from the nightie and threw it in the washing machine.
and apparently moth juice… stains.






yeahhh, all that within two weeks.

something i’ve learnt is that *sigh i am not made for tight exam schedules. yesh i can not sleep for the longest time [lying to self cos actually sleeps a lot during the day] but i simply cannot do that whole flip-through-everything-and-commit-it-to-memory shit. and i study REAAAALLY SLOW. and i don’t have a sense of urgency until it’s 2 hours from the paper and i realise i haven’t done all i’ve set out to do. and it sucks lah it sucks very bad when you look at the paper and think “damn this is an easy question!” and yet have no idea how to go about it cos you remember staring blankly at that slide for the longest time and finally decided to give up. what is this lahhhhhhh. this is you not studying properly during study week. noooOOOooOOOooo~

and what the hell is with biochem today?!?!?! why you have to ask us all the stuff i didn’t read and the SAME question you did during continuous assessment?? ketone bodies, i totally blew that topic off!!! 10 marks byebye. what is anaerobic glycolysis (so easy right?) 7 marks byebye. vitamins… 10 marks byebye. AND don’t get me started on the essays…

please don’t let me get a C. please don’t let me get a C. please don’t let me get a C. please don’t let me get a C. please don’t let me get a C. please don’t let me get a C. please don’t let me get a C. please don’t let me get a C. please don’t let me get a C. please don’t let me get a C. please don’t let me get a C. please don’t let me get a C. please don’t let me get a C. please don’t let me get a C. please don’t let me get a C. please don’t let me get a C. please don’t let me get a C. please don’t let me get a C. please don’t let me get a C. please don’t let me get a C. please don’t let me get a C. please don’t let me get a C. please don’t let me get a C. please don’t let me get a C. please don’t let me get a C. please don’t let me get a C. please don’t let me get a C. please don’t let me get a C. please don’t let me get a C. please don’t let me get a C. please don’t let me get a C. please don’t let me get a C. please don’t let me get a C. B- also can lahh. don’t want to fail either. pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease!!!


on the bright side, there was mutton curry for dinner :)

does nothing to help the heat (if not make it worse) but i like mutton too much to care so hah!


ooh ooh and how awesome is college, they are giving away lemon biscuits and choc wafers for supper in conjunction with study week/fortnight/month!



am now going to watch house to make myself feel better because i don’t care anymore!!!!!!


who am i kidding?

i will never stop caring. this is me. sad but true.

[cue mad laughter]




p.s. haha i just realised all my timing in the dawn post is super the screwed la cos i just made it up from memory and apparently i have very bad memory. so yeah… now u know i haven’t been sleeping in the mornings.



Thursday, April 16, 2009



0400 you hear the birds chirping.

0430 the morning azan fills the air… and does not cease for quite some time.

0500 and the horrid cawing of crows (i assume) begin as they fly back from wherever they go in the evenings.

0530 the noisy cars start to fill the road.

0600 and the first rapid passes by.

0700 we have daylight!



if you haven’t already guessed,

i watched the sky turn bright today :)


despite actually waking up at 7++ every morning (almost, hehe), this is the first time i’ve seen the break of dawn from my room window. normally i just haul myself off the bed (most reluctantly), put up my hair and head out to wash up. by the time i’m back the glare is horrible and i can’t see anything in the mirror but my silhouette.


i’m glad i didn’t sleep
because i got to watch the sun rise



and it was the most beautiful thing ever.



it really was that shade of lilac.



- the magic happens at 6-

je ne veux pas ├ętudier



i don’t…

i really don’t.


(what the hell am i doing here blogging!!!)


today i studied all by my lonesome self.

and i was okay.

but now am depressed.

because sighhhh i didn’t really study at all :(

not that i did yesterday.

but there was ruth…


and there were brownies :)


now there’s just my notes and the little pink cow.


i’m okay with that… except for the fact that i didn’t study T.T



i miss this











































































and this



i could go on and on and on.

but i just wasted more than an hour sifting through photos :(


i feel better now :)


i like the exit signs on my floor.

they remind me of this show with macaulay culkin in it.

it’s about libraries and exit signs.

i think it was good, though i can’t remember the title or storyline.

something about being trapped.

dr. jekyll and mr. hyde






i just walked into the toilet and all three shower stalls were occupied.

did someone forget to tell me it’s shower-at-3am day??




fingers crossed.

it shall rain on the 30th.

no, it will POUR.




- mais je dois-

Saturday, April 11, 2009

when the skies are blue



you feel you have to go out and jump around the garden, poke your nose into blossoms and annoy the cats.



i don’t have the greatest heart but it’s a happy one.



sometimes snails live inside.
if i were a snail, i too would live in a yellow flower :)



mucking with ginger.

i am not balding.
figment of your imagination.

really now,
i’m not.



how blue is blue?

how green is green?

how many bananas can i eat in one sitting? :D

to be frank,
the flower doesn’t really smell good.
it doesn’t smell of anything.
just aesthetically pleasing.



the things my brother does…




just because.

there’s beauty in imperfections.




it rained afterwards and i napped.
what more could i ask for?


- sniff -

Friday, April 10, 2009

thursday again


only today’s better because i have zero classes. ZERO! typing the sentence itself fills me with joy :D


physiology, i shall tackle you bright and early tomorrow morning okay. do not feel neglected… you can have my whoooole day tomorrow… i mean today… after i wake up that is.





i sooo failed at defeating physio and this turned out to be a pretty crappy day considering the prospects.

i woke up at almost 11 so there goes ‘bright and early’.

i had no water to drink and was too lazy to go buy some from downstairs because i knew i was gonna go down for lunch an hour later anyway. so i just didn’t drink until 12.

then i forgot to bring my bottle down to refill :(
sloth vs. thirst
sloth triumphs.
i did not go back down.

went to hang my laundry only to discover that somehow the washing powder did not dissolve. white specks all over my black clothes… or over all my light-coloured clothes as well but i couldn’t see it so i’m just going to pretend they are non-existent.

suddenly felt VERY lethargic. went to take a nap… merely hours from waking up T.T super fail.

jess called so i went out with her for a little bit (still thirsty here). spotted a desserts stall so i got some bubur cha cha. i have no idea why i chose that i just felt like it but obviously it was a wrong choice because bubur cha cha is thick, gooey and sweet. dumped it after a few spoons.

had to go down and climb back up (you would know why if you’re from firstcoll) to the photostat shop only to discover it was closed for dinner.

had to cool myself down so i went and showered (if you can even call it ‘shower’. more like a strong stream of water… a pipe over your head. yeah, my shower stalls have no shower heads. if you stand just at the right position where the water hits your toes from approx 2m high, its damn painful.)
people were occupying the stall with the strongest water supply (no fun ‘showering’ under a tinkling tap) so i walked over to the other end of the floor :(
then when i was all done and wanted to leave, i pushed the door out because you know how sometimes the door slot-lock thingy gets stuck cos the door’s not closed properly? anyway… then the door got jammed. like the doorway was too small or something. –_-“
and someone was outside brushing their teeth. not wanting ppl to find out i was trapped in the stall i tried opening it as quietly as possible. FAIL.
but i got out in the end. i’m here aren’t i?

then then then i discovered that ruth’s birthday bash is going to be on 23rd instead of the 24th. miscommunication. 24th is biochem day. hello 3 credit hours and loads to cram!
so it turns out i can’t go!!!!!
i was soooo looking forward to it too.
damn sad la.


tomorrow is bound to be a horrible day.

yesterday a whole lot of people ponteng lab (dry-lab = video-watching), me included… duh.

the lecturer was infuriated, vowed to report to the head of department.

i think we’re old enough to handle the personal consequences of truancy without such interference. it should be our right to decide what classes we want to attend… why oh why must they be so concerned about trivial matters like this? it’s not like we’re disrupting the class with our absence.

anyway, facing the music tomorrow. which is why i’m studying superhard for tomorrows tutorial (of the same subject). killer tutor alert!!

we’re done for.



-see ya-

Monday, April 6, 2009

turning 21


is supposed to be a really big deal.


don’t see why.

i’m not much of a birthday person. never was.


but anyway first off i wanna go on a thank you roll for everyone who wished me… may it be on fb, sms, here, msn or in person, THANK YOU. you helped make my day! never underestimate the power of those two simple words.

oddly enough, i got a lot of wishes from random (that doesn’t mean you’re not important :)) people and surprisingly none from a few people i expected them from. yeah. that’s you, you and you. now you’re reading my blog!

for those who forgot and wished me the day after, it’s okay. thanks for remembering anyway :)

and for those who still haven’t. wth?! i’m officially unfriending you guys.
(edit: when i wrote this, teo u still hadn’t wished me… but since i know why now, aiya forgive u la. i am so gracious)

nolah, kidding. but that doesn’t mean i’m not pissed ok. i’m not even sure how pissed i should be but i’m thinking ignoring-you-for-the-rest-of-the-month pissed.

maybe i should make it ‘year’.

no no no, i am a kind and forgiving person.


yeah, right.


happy thoughts happy thoughts.





celebs: round 1; dinner with the girls at 1u.

(why do i even need to say that, almost all my friends are girls. i am doomed to a life of singledom forever ~ever ~ever [echo]         CHOI! )


but i like my girlfriends. they are happy people!



gawd, chuihua you look scarey here.
i like. lol.



we is matchy matchy, kyy and i.
this is my birthday uniform!
you will see why later.




btw, i don’t like 1u. walk until wanna die.



group photo!
qingliang, chuihua, huili, kyying
plh, ME, sue.

(i don’t know whether it’s because my name is stuck together {for the last time ppl, get it right!!} but i tend to write/type everyone’s names that way too. i think it looks nicer, no? )



wishing on ‘cake’
originally the cake was the right way around but then i said
“wait! i wanna look at the pretty side!”
kicks self.

would you believe it if i told you this was my only cake for my 21st.
and its not even a proper cake…
my mom asked me if i wanted one when i got back for the weekend but i said no. because well, i am not a birthday person.
now i feel a bit pathetic.



but the cake was good!
a little too cheesy but in xinli’s books, nothing is too cheesy!


then i got back, showered and went to sleep at 11pm cos i was dead tired.
(i am a loser, cannot issit now?)

…only to be woken up by them barging into my room at 12 demanding me to drink horrible things specially concocted for me.

then ruth called to say she can’t come… so she could surprise me by bursting into my room and going into a full on yakkyakk session.

…and gave me big red kisses…
among the others i got from the boliao gang.
(i say this with affection)



then they made me go knock on ppl’s doors to thank them for wishing me. boo


the 38-est people in the world and me.
can i get any uglier?


but you will never see it (here, at least).




then on the 2nd of april, i woke up and went to my lectures. waaa so interesting.


made jess bring me to the stylo designer grand prix show in the afternoon.


i took this after, so it’s night now.
seee, we are ze VIP okays. (courtesy of munyee)
and ze blurry wordz sez ‘red carpet …something’ zi can’t readz it zeither.
but it says red carpet!
[attempt to sound glam]


it was held in the depths of lake gardens, kl…

involved getting through all this to arrive.


like semenyih nia.


the road not taken brought us into a little tent with chandeliers.


<3 chandeliers :)
excuse the awkward angle and bad photography, i was trying to get a quick pic of them without looking too jakun. sorrylah, i haven’t been to a real fashion show before okay. let me be jakun for a bit can ah?

i brushed shoulders with the joyce of kbf!
i stood like 2 metres away from amber on the red carpet!
i saw all these local celebs that i normally see on tv!
i don’t know their names but i’ve seen them on tv countless of times so they are celebs ok shaddap tqvm!
i saw soooo many cute guys and male models!


i was complaining about the sudden appearance of mosquitoes in the room when one flew across and i slammed it with my palm onto plh’s notes. not strong enough that i squished it’s guts out, just so that it was a little disorientated (or i broke it’s legs/wings. either way, it wasn’t gonna fly no more). then she squinted at it, said  “what a tiny mosquito!” and proceeded to dust it off out of the window. and by some slip of the hand, her notes fell out as well. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. it’s sitting out there now, on a ledge… so near, yet unreachable. BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA.


besides, it being my birthday and all, i think i am entitled to all the jakun-ism i can muster.


we got in just in time to see jonathan cheng’s finale walk. boo.


when we found our way to our seats and made ourselves comfortable,



these blinding spotlights came on.

luckily, the very well fashion-versed jess came prepared with bigass shades!
so we popped them on and proceeded to look glam.


watching models strut their stuff


blinding, is the spotlights.


finale for…err… this is… i don’t know. karl ng?
didn’t really like it.


but the model’s tat damn cool la.
me likes.



waaaaa… i love this pic i took.
it looks so pro ok?!?!


my favourite collection of the lot.
actually i only saw 3 but this is my fave :)
beatrice looi.

yellow and blue


pretty innit?
makes you wanna frolic in the meadows and shit (noun, not verb).


thus ends the fashion show pics…
no camwhore pics cos very shy and feared being overtly jakun.
it’s my birthday but there’s a limit to everything.


off to dinner at pasta zanmai with jess, mon, ell!!!


can camwhore here cos we’re back in comfort zone again. bwahaha.



salmon ikura pasta!!!!
jess and ell boycotted me cos i chose something they both couldn’t share because they both hate greens or ikura or salmon or.. i don’t know! they just didn’t like my dish.
but it was damn nice!!!!
the huge ikura popped in your mouth unleashing juicy goodness.
mmmm… i can almost smell the savoury scent of yum.



although i’m not that great of a food photographer, here it is again!


for dessert, we have ice scweam.
i scream,
you scream,
we all scream…
for ICE CREAM!!!

despite my ecstacy, it was only okay.


and finally, pics taken not with inanimate objects.





ghostly apparitions


and the family portrait.



the epilogue:

thanks everyone for spending time with me before/on my birthday. thanks for making me laugh, thanks for letting me have good food (god, did the college food taste really bad or what after those few days), thanks for remembering, thanks for singing happy birthday to me, thanks for the presents!!!


p.s. i forgot to post about presents! i’ve still yet to receive from a whole lot of people but currently what i have is a shitload of accessories from f21 (so i can stay forever 21 and not grow any older, amen), a shopping spree sponsored by none other than moi, clothes and a holidaydayday to melbourne!


-21 years young-