Thursday, April 16, 2009


0400 you hear the birds chirping.

0430 the morning azan fills the air… and does not cease for quite some time.

0500 and the horrid cawing of crows (i assume) begin as they fly back from wherever they go in the evenings.

0530 the noisy cars start to fill the road.

0600 and the first rapid passes by.

0700 we have daylight!



if you haven’t already guessed,

i watched the sky turn bright today :)


despite actually waking up at 7++ every morning (almost, hehe), this is the first time i’ve seen the break of dawn from my room window. normally i just haul myself off the bed (most reluctantly), put up my hair and head out to wash up. by the time i’m back the glare is horrible and i can’t see anything in the mirror but my silhouette.


i’m glad i didn’t sleep
because i got to watch the sun rise



and it was the most beautiful thing ever.



it really was that shade of lilac.



- the magic happens at 6-


ruth said...

beautiful indeed...

Poh said...

what's the secret of keeping awake? coffee isnt helping for me. =)

xinli said...

watch it with me before i leave this place for good!! let's plannnnn.

well you're awake now aren't you? guess you're doin pretty good already :)

i don't drink coffee. coffee is baad (i'm sure poyo will disagree)

take naps, brightly lit room, uncomfortable chair, distractions :D

ruth said...

ok i wanna watch it with u... hw bout tomoro? will come to ur room after my church cell group?

Lisa ^^, said...

It looks beautiful.....*sighs*

Hard to believe it's from outside your room and not photo-shopped and edited and fake. :P

God's paintingsssss ;P

all the best for exams babe!!